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Some people dared exercise freedom of speech and advocated for a pro-business mayor of Newark. Hundreds of jobs were on the line and their side won. Now some people are decrying the notion that a group “bought” the election by spending a mere 45k. What really happened? Some people got motivated, worked the streets, bought advertisement, and made contact with like minded individuals on their own. The last time I checked, that is their right. I am glad to see people stand up and fight for their future as they see it. Labor and business joined with private citizens to fight the anti-job mafia in Newark. I say, good for them. Dover wants to tear down one of its parks and recreation buildings when space is at a premium. It can’t afford to spend 80k to repair it, but watch out for proposals to spend millions to build another one. Talk has already started. Senator Rand Paul R-KY is at it again. He is sponsoring a 4th amendment protection bill. I stand with Rand. GOD bless him. The people of Afghanistan have spoken in their council of leaders. 2500 from all across the country were summoned by President Karzai. He said he would not sign the status of forces agreement without their support. He wanted a consensus from the country. They overwhelmingly approved the training and anti-terrorist forces and urged it be signed quickly. Now he says–I didn’t really mean it. Who are these guys anyway. I agree with one local who says he sounds like he is losing his mind. I think it is just that he doesn’t know how he will make money off it. Call me cynical. The people of Afghanistan have some legitimate complaints they want addressed, but they support America’s presence here. President Karzai is out on a limb of his own making. Iran says it will slow down its nuclear program in exchange for relaxing sanctions. The people in the area, the Gulf states and Israel are very skeptical of the agreement. The people in favor of it seem to have the least to lose. I don’t know what that says. I guess it is better than war. We shall see. It is too bad that the agreement does not include not taking that money released for terrorism and proxy wars. Iran has enough money to fund wars in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel’s Palestinian majority areas, but not enough to help its people. Then again we do that too. Republicans are searching like Diogenes for the perfect candidate. In reality, a good candidate grounded with real issues who has a great organization and messaging beats a perfect candidate most of the time. Technique and organization matter as much as the candidate. Republicans need to start campaigning in the 21st century. President Obama got that. He won because he reached his voters again and again and we did not start until around August/September. That is party work. He did it for 2 years and we did it for 4 months. By the time we started, his voters had been contacted 3 or more times in person, by phone, and electronically. Those are my thoughts.

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  1. “Republicans are searching like Damocles for the perfect candidate.”

    Okay, now that’s just downright funny right there. I’m not going to tell you to whom you meant to refer, because by getting the reference wrong, you are probably more accurate.

  2. The dominant thinking of the GOP is to try to find the perfect quarterback for a football team, while the rest of the team stinks and the coaching staff doesn’t know what they are doing and barely shows up for work.

    You can have the greatest quarterback in history but the football team is still going to lose unless the rest of the team and support staff, including special team, is also very good.

    As David says, better to have an entire team where everyone is pretty good, works well together, knows each other’s plays and style and movements, with good plays and good training, then to have the greatest quarterback in history at the head of a mediocre team.

    However, if you are the mediocre team, you might prefer to blame the quarterback than to change.

  3. Republicans need to start campaigning in the 21st century. President Obama got that. He won because he reached his voters again and again…

    BO may have introduced some modern campaign techniques, but at the end of the day he won because it was the Socialist-Democrats’ turn to win, after eight years of Bush. He won the second time because the GOP ran a Massachusetts ‘establishment’ liberal, a candidate who couldn’t carry the base, a man who was almost indistinguishable from Omaba. Essentially, Romney was a Democrat.

    And if the GOP listens to the likes of Chris Matthews, Joe Scarboro, Lawrence O’Donnell, Wolf Blitzer, et.al., and nominates the ‘moderate’ Chris Christie, they’ll lose again.

    You can promote a conservative platform and expand your voter demographic. However, you have to have core principles- core beliefs- and actually believe in them.

    Since it is obvious that the ‘stimulus’ didn’t work, that Omabacare doesn’t work and continued government expansion won’t work, the ’16 election should be a slam-dunk. If the GOP nominates someone with the guts to tell it like it is.

  4. This coming election, I’m voting for the best candidate whether it’s a GOP, IPoD or DEM, although I’ve yet to see a democrat in Delaware that I would vote for.
    It is not about the party, it is about the individual and their honesty and integrity.

  5. I guess it is better than war. We shall see.

    It is looking like the whole thing isn’t escalating like AIPAC/Zionists, the Israeli government and the Saudis have been wanting it to for years. They must be pretty frustrated with Obama, although it was the American people that stopped it. I’ve read explanations for the rejection of acts of war by the American people having to do with anything from Obama being “anti-Zionist” to Obama engaging in a huge year long conspiracy to make AIPAC look like an anti-Semitic caricature of itself. Right. That’s probably why the Muslim Manchurian candidate had Rahm Immanuel as his chief of staff too. Talk about conspiracy theories, Zionists and racial supremacists need to take some responsibility for the fact that they did something stupid.

    I’m not sure where it goes from here, if everyone is gradually getting too scared to try false flags or gradually realizing that the old marketing of WMDs in everyone’s underpants probably isn’t going to work either. It may be that once the “We’re bombing anyway, don’t tell them it’s us!! Gah, the Obama administration must be antisemitic or sumpin’…” Israelis or the “We’re going to send terrists to the Olympics if you don’t comply.” Saudis are done throwing their temper tantrums that everyone will simply have to get used to a balance of power.

    It is too bad that the agreement does not include not taking that money released for terrorism and proxy wars. Iran has enough money to fund wars in Lebanon, Syria, and Israel’s Palestinian majority areas, but not enough to help its people. Then again we do that too.

    That’s a balanced view.

    It’s generally just intelligence agencies serving oligarchs vs. other forms of organized crime serving other elites, etc.

    And we need to stop “doing that too,” given that banksters and corrupt politicians are now telling us that we’re essentially bankrupt due to a supposed lack of the debt/money that they’ve been creating out of nothing.

  6. Since it is obvious that the ‘stimulus’ didn’t work, that Omabacare doesn’t work and continued government expansion won’t work, the ’16 election should be a slam-dunk.

    By who?

    I guess it is the GOP’s turn. I’m not sure how many more cycles this thing has in it. At this point it would seem that America is balancing itself against the fact that every other nation (e.g. China) is more likely to implode and not really building itself up from a firm foundation. So it may be that everything, all around the world, will implode at once due to some cascading series of events that will look like a trigger in retrospect. When in fact, it could have happened any other day too. In other words, the EBT cards stop working because JP Morgan is no longer able to be in the food stamp business and Americans don’t have to worry about trampling each other to death at Walmart Inc. in order to buy some cheap Chinese stuff anymore because their petrodollar fueled economy has “realigned.” Who knows. It’s possible that it could happen before the next election cycle and then all the reality shows on the political stage would have to change… mainly because people would have to try to focus on reality instead of binging on forms of entertainment. (Reality like viable currencies, infrastructure, energy, water, food, etc.)

    I’d rather have people focus on that now, without any financial “collapse.” But apparently that’s just me and a few others. So within the political system where “pets” are groomed it’s likely to be more “I’m not a witch.” vs. “bearded Marxist” or “war on women… now I feel gay!”/”No, you’re soft on defense!” stuff. That’s the most likely scenario if people believe that they can continue to afford more entertainment in the next election cycles.

    If the GOP nominates someone with the guts to tell it like it is.

    The irony is that Romney Inc. probably could have won the election if he stuck with his original “red tie” debate mode. But he was a true blue blooded moderate in the end, surrounded by so many theoretical experts in winning elections that they didn’t even bother to follow through and actually win an election.

    But it’s probably for the best that they didn’t win, for a number of reasons. And given Obama’s hopium and the low “Banksters build it but you don’t.” standard he sets, that’s saying something.

    “You didn’t build that.” –Obama

    No, it was probably the bankers that financed the roads that have to be sold to multinational corporations later that built it. Because they’re real busy, building.

  7. Building and stimulating… apparently there’s nothing that they can’t do with more ponzi and papers, huh?

  8. Here’s the article I was thinking of when I wrote that some people are getting “pretty frustrated”:

    Over the past year, Obama has engaged in systematically weakening Israel’s position both regionally and in Washington. …
    Beyond that, the Obama administration has significantly expanded the prospect of war between Israel and Syria by leaking Israeli strikes against Syrian targets that posed a threat to Israel’s security.
    The US has also weakened Israel’s capacity to take steps short of war to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear weapons possessing state by leaking key components of Israel’s covert operations against Iran’s nuclear program.
    In the US, the Obama administration has targeted Israel’s American supporters. This has been advanced, first and foremost, by actively weakening AIPAC. As Lee Smith explained in Tablet, the administration has taken three key steps to neutralize AIPAC as an effective force in Washington.
    Obama appointed outspoken critics of the US-Israel alliance to key positions in his national security team. First and foremost in this arena was his appointment of Chuck Hagel to serve as defense secretary.
    Finally, Obama discredited AIPAC, painting it as an unthinking warmonger by forcing the group to lobby Congress to support his helter-skelter rush to war against Syria. The coup de grace was Obama’s sudden abandonment of his plans to bomb Syria, which left AIPAC high and dry, looking like an anti-Semitic caricature of itself.

    The culmination of this long process of delegitimizing Israel as a warmongering, ungrateful ally and its supporters as turncoats who are forcing the US to endanger itself for the benefit of the Jewish state was the administration’s hysterical campaign against Israel and its supporters in the lead-up to Saturday’s signing ceremony in Geneva. ….
    His goal is not to prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. It isn’t even to facilitate a rapprochement between America and Iran. The goal of Obama’s foreign policy is to weaken the State of Israel. Link

    If that actually makes sense to you then you need to study what’s actually happening in the world more.

  9. So it may be that everything, all around the world, will implode at once due to some cascading series of events that will look like a trigger in retrospect….

    Which may well happen. And everyone would start from scratch.

    A good start; restore Article I., Section 8., without the ‘General Welfare/Common Defense’ preamble. See Madison’s ‘Federalist # 41.

  10. I think this might be the main problem: “To borrow money on the credit of the United States.” From who? And why, if the “united states” can issue its own currency?

    Maybe Congress should just do what the international bankers are doing and create it out of nothing every time people agree that they need to create more debt/money. Then the debate over how much should be spent in the public “interest” without interest or how limited the government should be could take place. (I.e. the “socialists” and the “capitalists” could finally have their little debates in an authentic way without being guided along by the Masonic hidden hand of people like Marx or “capitalists” being incorporated and guided along by 33rd Liberty Street.)

    But as things stand the differences between socialists and capitalists are less and less (both agree with letting banksters trickle trillions out of the country, etc.) even as “the base” of each party becomes more and more discontent with their lack of an ability to have representation in their government, given that it’s actually banksterism that rules the day. This goes back to before Ronnie Raygun decided to market the creation of exponential amounts of debt/money in the name of national defense. Although he was a good entertainer in chief, seems to me. And now Obama has to find a way of marketing the creation of even more debt/money than all the other presidents. Surprise.

    Shrug. As long as the freedom to connect is maintained on the internet (RIP Aaron Swartz) it’s likely that it’s going to undermine current power structures anyway. If not through Bitcoin, then through another crypto currency… it’s already begun. Or if not through Youtube beginning to undermine the utterly corrupt banking/corporate media of the virtual Pyramid Scheme Inc. and the idiotic “journalists” incorporated in it, then through another form of social media. It’s all already beginning. Interesting to note that there’s a fair amount of synergy between trends that are being produced by new forms of information technology and the philosophy of the Founders, especially Jefferson.

  11. “Since it is obvious that the ‘stimulus’ didn’t work, that Omabacare doesn’t work and continued government expansion won’t work, the ’16 election should be a slam-dunk. If the GOP nominates someone with the guts to tell it like it is.”

    The stimulus didn’t work because it was too, as many economists said at the time, and it was structured in such a way that it didn’t stimulate much; tax cuts never do. Obamacare is working quite well if you get outside your conservative bubble; run on that one and lose dramatically. And “continued government expansion” is an outright falsehood, as government employment has dropped quite a bit since Obama took office.

    Garbage in, garbage out.

  12. Stimulating people with the banker’s ponzi to create wealth could work in theory but usually doesn’t work in reality, mainly because corrupt politicians never actually cut spending or save debt/money in the “boom” years in order to have some ponzi sitting around in the “bust” years. (The assumption being that everyone wants the economy to keep growing, I guess.) Not to mention the fact that politicians are more corrupt than normal people and tend to be psychopaths, so the “stimulating” impact of the debt/money being spent hardly even gets to the average person. It’s not like it’s being invested in the common wealth or spent into existence on infrastructure in general, no matter how many times some corrupt politician stands in front of a bridge that’s about to collapse or train tracks that are about to cause a derailment and what not. It’d all be headed to the “Third World” if left to these demagogues, stimulus or not.

    That’s why Obama Inc. and his bankers have stimulated Tiffany’s, high end luxury items and Wall Street while providing Jamie Dimon with new cuff links. And that’s about the extent of it:

    One thing… that is undisputed is what the market itself says about where the QE money ends up when it is being spent by its recipients. And that story is so simple even a Keynesian would get it.
    Stated briefly, luxury retailers such as Tiffany, Coach and LVMH are now up 500% since the Lehman lows, and about 30% above the prior cycle highs. On the other hand, regular retailers such as Macy’s, Kohl’s and JC Penney are barely up 100% from the crisis lows, and still more than 30% below the last bubble highs. Shopping With Bernanke: Where QE Cash Ends Up Tells Us Who Benefited

    Obama to bankers: “You did build something. No one should begrudge you more bonuses.”

    Obama to the middle class: “You didn’t build that. You probably need a little stimulus with ponzi.”

  13. Interesting comment:

    Wake up people.

    The policy to date has not been KEYNESIAN!

    When you think Keynes then ask yourself “Is this a policy that FDR would have followed?”. Clinton-Bush-Obama policy has NEVER been Keynesian.

    Keynes would have pumped money into the struggling middle class in order to fuel DEMAND. He supported TRICKLE UP economics is these circumstances.

    It seems there is a conspiracy of idiots to distort what represents a Keynesian solution to our economic slump. Link

    They might have a point.

  14. Nobody on December 2, 2013 at 12:26 said: “The stimulus didn’t work because it was too [small], as many economists said at the time,”

    It is impossible for government stimulus to ever work.

    If you scoop buckets of water out of the shallow end of a swimming pool, run around and pour it into the deep end, you will not change the level of the swimming pool, except that you will spill some of the water (waste) and get very tired running around accomplishing nothing.

    No stimulus can ever be big enough, because it is fundamentally flawed.

    if you scoop water from the shallow end of the pool and pour it in the deep end, you will answer the problem is you didn’t do it enough. Just keep doing it and eventually it will work.

    The idea of government stimulus is literally insanity. Believing that should be sufficient evidence to commit someone to an asylum.

  15. “The idea of government stimulus is literally insanity. Believing that should be sufficient evidence to commit someone to an asylum.”

    So should pathological lying, lecturing people on things that they are professionals in(and you have no experience in), and thinking that pouring water into a pool is somehow relevant to the stimulus bill.

    But I don’t see anybody dragging you off to the crazy bin.

  16. The central issue with the idea of government stimulus is that the government has no money.

    How much stimulus to the economy can you create when you are BROKE, you have no money, and not only that you are $17 trillion in debt?

    If the government actually had real money to spend, then we could start to consider the remote possibility that spending that money might have some impact on the economy.

    But the dominant, central, overwhelming issue is that the government has no money to spend.

    The government is $17 trillion in debt and can only spend money that it takes from someone else, by either taxation or borrowing.

    So the government has to suck money out of the economy before it spends money — after deducting the waste and overhead and bungling and money misdirected by political rather than economic goals.

    Therefore, anyone who thinks that government can stimulate the economy has truly lost his or her mind.

    But there is a reason for this:

    Whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad.

  17. Let’s try this: Your brother or sister needs some help temporarily.

    So let’s try this: You borrow $1000 from your brother, waste $200, then give $800 to your brother.

    Is your brother better off?

    After you took $1,000 from your brother then gave him $800 back, is he better off?

  18. Let’s try simply discussing the policy instead of fabricating fallacious examples. But I guess that would require you know to what you’re talking about, wouldn’t it?

  19. “The idea of government stimulus is literally insanity. Believing that should be sufficient evidence to commit someone to an asylum.”

    Right. Except it works, and has worked many times. Your inability to understand it does not invalidate reality.

    Now comes 10,000 words of so of logorrhea I won’t bother to read, justifying your own ignorance. You’re like a yappy little dog. Go bother Pat Fish — I understand she likes noisy little dogs.

  20. Don

    Have you seen your comments on the President of the country you live in?

    They are the definition of a personal attack. You personally attack others on this site frequently. You possess no moral high ground here.

  21. if you scoop water from the shallow end of the pool and pour it in the deep end, you will answer the problem is you didn’t do it enough.

    Your idealism is almost as bad as Keynes’ and Nobody’s. There is no pool when bankers are trickling trillions in and out of the country/pool. Note that the rising tide of “federal reserve notes” that’s supposed to float all boats seems to be heading out these days… so it may be no time to play on the beach.

    Anyway, you don’t think that Ronald “Bohemian Grove” Raygun helped people by stimulating the economy with warfare spending and entertaining talk about Star Wars?

  22. Right. Except it works, and has worked many times.

    It could work in theory but in fact, it usually doesn’t work. And even if it does work from one perspective, “working” is a matter of perspective. (E.g., spending on the warfare side “works” from the perspective of the Right but not from the Left. Etc.)

    Perhaps given the way Americans seems to be losing their grip on reality, politicians could try to save the ponzi of the bankers in the “boom” years and then put it in a big hole for workers to dig up in the “bust” years. More jobs, saved or created in the boom/bust cycle that is itself often partially created by bankers… etc. Maybe it could be framed as a reality show: The Hole. Then Americans might go for it. The standard of living would be lower and lower and “hunger games” might ensue because people wouldn’t actually be creating wealth and infrastructure or pretty much anything that other people valued in reality. They would only be creating what corrupt politicians and their feudal lords of ponzi valued. Ironically, they would be “working” for the illusion of the creation of more work for peasants and serfs.

    After all, people are already willing to go to a bank to have hundreds of thousands in money or a “line of credit” created out of nothing to get a mortgage and then work most of their life to pay that debt/money back to a bank, at interest.

    Shrug. I guess the whole throwing money down a hole thing and then having people dig it up would be too obvious.

    In any case, where have Keynesian ideas actually worked?

  23. The true value of Bitcoin

    It might not be Bitcoin per se, although I’ve already made a lot of “money” on it. It’s sad that 65% of Americans are apparently living pay check to pay check at this point. It’s due to the lawyers, the politicians and the bankers. Just saying.

    In any case, there is “value” in the idea of “We the people…” creating money out of nothing. Always has been. It’s probably going to be interesting as the synergy between Jeffersonian ideas and the internet continues. Anyone else notice that the populists or the “libertarians” are the only people actually getting anything done these days?

    Maybe the entertainer in chief will eventually get his little website stimulated and “working” by spending millions more on it. But I doubt it.

  24. The central issue with the idea of government stimulus is that the government has no money.

    You don’t think that the government should issue or create money?

  25. Don: Because Jon Moseley is a pox upon your blog. Or hadn’t you noticed how many people no longer comment because he dominates every thread?

  26. Falcor
    Like a true warrior, you come to the aid of a fellow progressive liberal.

    “Have you seen your comments on the President of the country you live in?”

    You haven’t seen anybody attack anybody else lately on this site and you won’t
    You certainly toss the word President around lightly. A president does what is best for the nation and that is not what is happening in America.

  27. “You certainly toss the word President around lightly. A president does what is best for the nation and that is not what is happening in America.”

    As you ought to know, a President is the person elected president. You don’t get to decide whether the elected President is actually a president. Try making a factual argument instead of reaching for hyperbole every time you get annoyed.

  28. “It could work in theory but in fact, it usually doesn’t work.”

    Keynesian spending has helped end every recession since WWII. But then, that’s what happened in the real world, not the theoretical one you blather on about.

  29. Keynesian spending has entailed that the reserve currency of the world can “trickle down” on serfs in order to make it seem like it’s working. (And the main way whatever remains of the wealth produced by sacrifices made in WWII is being maintained is record suicide rates among veterans, record opium in Afghanistan… and records amounts of narco/petro dollars and organized crime networks all the way around. Etc.)

    Americans that have been “trickled down” on are beginning to find that they’re the serfs and peasants of bankers and corrupt politicians too. Next thing you know they’ll need a loan from the IMF in order to stimulate themselves to the point of economic exhaustion in “boom” years, before corrupt Keynesian politicians and their bankers create “bust” years again.

    Because in the REAL WORLD, corrupt politicians usually never save enough ponzi in the boom years and just keep spending it. It’s true, they could cut back on it in theory. Or they can just keep spending when they have the reserve currency of the world to loot and shift and place on the backs Team America. But if there is another cascading failure in the debt/money system of corrupt politicians and their LIBOR lawyers and bankers, then it will become clear to serfs that lawyers and bankers and politicians don’t have their best interests at heart again. Surprise.

    Which is why serfs need to look into ways of having representative government or short circuiting the Federal Reserve Inc. (in Delaware) by creating money out of nothing for themselves instead of leaving it to bankers and puppets like Obama with his supposedly stimulating hopium or Raygun with his… ray guns.

    If we’re going to have an entertainer in chief, best to hire an actor for the job. Anyway, I’m doing well. It’s just the average people that keep having to work harder and harder and if anything were to happen with the national “debt”/money that they’ve been incorporated in, well… etc. There again, when they begin trampling each other at Walmart Inc. in order to buy some cheap Chinese stuff that they don’t need with money that they don’t have then you can see why the elitist banking cults and the secret society networks have the attitude that they do. Yet I still take a Jeffersonian view of we the sheeple that get sheared or slaughtered when it’s time to make a killing. What do you suppose that he would say about Keynesian justifications for lawyers and bankers centralizing power over others in the name of national defense or helping everyone out? Because bankers and lawyers usually just want to help everyone create wealth. And from your perspective, that’s probably the reason that they invented ponzi in the first place, huh?

    In any event, I guess the illusion is that when you have the reserve currency of the world and petro/narco dollars to spend into existence more and more due to winning a World War* then it seems like Keynesian ideas work. Because they do work for a while. So then you keep doing it in a great big Boomer generation, until it begins to fail to work. I.e. until the WWII vets are trying to visit war memorials that have been closed due to a lack of debt/money and so forth. Every indication seems to be that we’re coming to the end of even the illusion of Keynesian ideas working, if anything. I would argue that Jeffersonian ideas have a longer lifespan, don’t entail building up a huge Empire based on brutality… and generally result in more liberty for more people. (And not just more liberty for secret society members and the bankers on 33rd Liberty Street, etc.)

    *So what’s the plan to maintain the ability to keep real water flowing into the American pool based on the use of petro/narco dollars as currency… are you planning on winning another World War or establishing a new reserve currency sometime soon in order to make Keynesian ideas “work”? Because if that’s what needs to happen, it seems to me that Keynesian ideas haven’t actually worked for anyone but oligarchs and some American peasants that happened to be born at the right time for stimulus with their currency to “work.” (At least for those serfs that didn’t die in one of the wars for Pax Americana or come back limbless to closed war memorials and so forth. Or at least for the young black men that haven’t been incorporated into Corrections Corporation of America based on the hopium that Obama sold them. If this is “working” out for most American serfs… then I wonder what a failure of stimulus spending by the central warfare/welfare state being created by central bankers would look like?)

  30. Keynesian spending has helped end every recession since WWII.


    Meanwhile, back in reality… oligarchs and their bankers usually aren’t actually helpful little helpers just trying to help all their serfs out through the creation of more debt/money. Perhaps Keynesian ideas could work, provided that you found politicians that weren’t corrupted by power (Or people that weren’t drawn to power/money because they are psychopaths and already corrupt.).

    There again, that’s probably why it usually doesn’t seem to “work.”

    Either way, history shows that both Republicans and Democrats believe in partnering with banksters to engage in stimulus spending… they just don’t like it when debt/money cannot be spent and borrowed (at interest) into existence out of nothing in ways that they would like it to be spent.

    If it was a representative form of government spending money into existence instead of borrowing it into existence then perhaps it could work. But it’s probably not going to work for long when people have to be told that they’re essentially bankrupt and owe trillions of dollars to foreigners every time “their” government spends more debt/money to stimulate them. After all, when people keep on being told that they’re in debt and essentially bankrupt then they may want to shut down their own government to prevent it from spending more money. And that’s not going to be very stimulating.

  31. I was half agreeing with you… given that stimulus can “””work””” to create boom years in the debt/death cycle that central planners/bankers are trying to manipulate for the good of all. There again, perhaps anything could be perceived as “working” for a while provided you have the reserve currency of the world and enough petro/narco dollars to get peasants stimulated to death with. Another day, another veteran commits suicide… that’s the warfare side of the warfare/welfare state being stimulated and financed by criminal banksters “working.” At least to those that support that sort of thing, e.g. Krugman.

    Slightly off topic: Apparently Bitcoin is beginning to be accepted in Afghanistan now…

    That’s ironic.

    If decentralization through crypto currencies and drug legalization continues it’s possible that Obama may be one of the last careerist/”Who do I assassinate now.” presidents groomed by the CIA and the establishment:

    It is perfectly congruent with White House image-making for Obama these days as president to seek the counsel of Parsons, who rose as a Republican, and the Democratic eminence Brzezinski. The situation is near-perfect also for the nation’s Trumps and other Birthers. They can grandstand all they want about seeking records. My prediction is they would find some material capable of embarrassing Obama, but on the whole would not like the implication that he was nurtured by the establishment.
    Such relationships are relevant not simply to Obama’s school applications, but also to his reputation as a constitutional scholar and Nobel Peace Prize winner. Most important, they would help explain a number of his presidential policies that have puzzled supporters focused primarily on his campaign rhetoric. One such policy is the Obama administration’s eagerness to hire Wall Street bankers and regulators such as Timothy Geithner, despite their role creating the nation’s 2008 economic collapse. Geithner, former leader of the New York Federal Reserve. That is a private bank despite its misleading name. Geithner, a darling of Wall Street, was the only one of Obama’s top economic appointees to continue through the first term until 2013. Geithner was needed to negotiate the White House “fiscal cliff” settlement that broke Obama’s 2012 campaign promise to raise taxes only on those making $ 250,000 per year. Meanwhile , the Obama administration refused to prosecute banksters who caused the 2008 financial collapse.

    Instead, Obama’s team aggressively sought to imprison government whistleblowers for long jail terms on spy charges. The Obama Justice Department has launched, for example, six current prosecutions of former-government employees on spy charges for leaking information to the media, a topic examined later in this book.
    (Presidential Puppetry: Obama, Romney and Their Masters (p. 83). Eagle View. Kreig, Andrew (2013-07-03))

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