Rand Paul’s Drone Position Supported by Overwhelming Numbers

Only 13% of the American people surveyed by Gallup recently, support drone strikes on against American citizens on American soil while 79% oppose. 65% support them as a weapon of war on enemy soil against terrorists or enemy forces. Significant majorities do not want them used on American soil even against terrorists. In other words, we stand with Rand. So much for the dummies who pretend to be political analysts and John McCain who thought the American people could not distinguish between the two concepts.Most intriguing is the fact that a similar survey in February, gave 50% to 45% opposition. Now with a month of debate, it is 79 to 13%. Leadership matters. Engagement matters. It is why our side has to stop ducking issues and engage them intelligently.

5 thoughts on “Rand Paul’s Drone Position Supported by Overwhelming Numbers”

  1. That poll looks like the opposite of an MSNBC poll.

    Maybe that shows the power of Blue Team and Red Team forms of entertainment in the minds of most lemmings. That’s probably why people have to produce their entertainment in primary colors, invoke primal instincts,, etc.

  2. The MsNBC viewer internet poll is only of viewers and surfers who go to their website. It is not met to be scientific for the general population. I am sure it represents their Obama loyalist base of viewers.during that particular program. If you would have put Bush Justice department, it would be 90 to 10 the other way. I hate to say it, but 70% of MsNBC viewers for the prime time post Mathews are lemmings.

  3. Anyone who supports such action is tacitly supporting the state as cop, judge, jury and executioner, and thus is too stupid to render a rational ‘opinion.’

  4. I know, Bush and the term “justice” shouldn’t be used in the same sentence. (Notice how well their profitable partnership with the Bin Ladens went… who are we supposed to assassinate without trial, again?)

    It’s just an interesting juxtaposition between people more interested in reality, those more interested in entertainment and their production of the material of satire (e.g. MSNBC and Fox News) in the end.

    I guess from the perspective of “the base” that watches MSNBC it must feel like Obama CARES so deeply about them at some deep personal level that he would never let them be assassinated without trial if the banksters or other special interests (inc.) wanted it so. (Just like he would never force them to buy a product from the financial services industry while redistributing wealth to the .0001% as quickly as possible to inflate corporate profits one more time while finishing off looting the American economy.)

    No word yet on exactly why the “intelligence community” told Obama to assassinate that sixteen year old Muslim kid while telling Gibbs to play pretend that their drone program didn’t even exist. There again, MSNBC viewers probably believed that too. Obama Inc. should have polled their “base” of MSNBC (inc.) voters on whether or not they thought the drone program existed after trotting out a corrupted caricature of a person like Gibbs to say that it didn’t to try to get a handle on the market for abject stupidity and ignorance in the future. And then they could mix that demographic in with the single woman vote that they marketed small dinner parties with celebrities to last time.

    If people are willing to be sheeple to be either sheared or slaughtered at will by their real ruling class, i.e. banksters and Big Corporations (Murder Inc.?)…. then out with it. Actually, they don’t even really have to keep all the manipulation and marketing that goes on “top secret” anymore, as ignorant and stupid as those willing to be “the base” for the Republicans and Democrats are.

  5. …but 70% of MsNBC viewers for the prime time post Mathews are lemmings.

    This metaphor has been an insult to lemmings, given that they usually have enough sense to know when birds of prey are circling above them and usually have enough of a herd instinct to be on the look out for each other instead of fighting with each other while trying to imagine that the birds of prey CARE for them.

    Perceptions are reality for all, until it’s time for a meal.

    But the lemming myth is what you get with entertainment produced by Disney (inc.), it would seem. It’s also what we lemmings will get with our current forms of Masonic/pyramid scheme type of entertainment. For instance, the theatrical production of a fiscal cliff produced by $ecret $ociety bankster networks partnering with utterly corrupt politicians won’t always feel like just more Red Team and Blue Team forms of entertainment for those being thrown off of it.

    Migrate! Rebel? Wait… everyone else is too busy with fighting over the last seeds with each other even as many grow thinner and the shadow of debt that birds of prey feel like they are owed begins to fall on more lemmings. Oh well… can’t fault the new generation of lemmings that are trying based on what they know of the systems typical to the ruling class for trying, I guess. Some are still trying… even after being sold more hopium last time they demanded change.

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