Rail Splitter Society Meeting

Rail Splitter Society Meeting, Wed. January 24, 2018   
  1. A.   Donyale Hall—State Senate District 17 Candidate
Donyale Hall states her case in crucial Kent County campaign   
  1. B.  William Dilks Sr.—State Rep. District 24 Candidate
William Dilks is jazzed and ready to campaign  
  1.  Anthony Delcollo—Report from Dover
Budget, Reg 225, Delaware Constitution, mental illness and guns, more   Location, Time, and Date University and Whist Club 805 N Broom Street, Wilmington, DE Wednesday, January 24, Doors open 6pm, speakers 6:30pm     Meeting Agenda
  1. Donyale Hall, one of two excellent Republican primary candidates competing in State Senate District 17, presents her candidacy.
  2. William Dilks: healthcare operations expert; Jazz musician; concerned citizen and father; and now, District 24 State Rep. Candidate.
  3. The very excellent State Senator Anthony Delcollo will answer our questions about all things Dover (good, bad and inexplicable).
    The Rail Splitter Society of DE is an independent Republican organization dedicated to  freedom, rebuilding America and building the Republican Party. We are free and open to the public. We meet the 4th Wednesday of every month unless otherwise announced. See you Wednesday, January 24 Bring others. God Bless America   Rail Splitter Society Executive Committee