Pundits, Candidates And Loudmouths Vs Trump

It seems that daily these pundits, candidates and loudmouths prophesy Trump’s doom. In the meantime Trump gains percentage points and delegates. The more percentage points and delegates Trump receives, the louder and meaner the adversaries get.

This shows that the American people are not fooled, they won’t accept the lies and rhetoric of GOP establishment insiders and refuse to take the bait. Watching Foxnews has lately become amusing as they give as much earned media time as Cruz and Rubio want and very little to Trump lately. Rubio’s whole platform now has become a ranting and raving platform about Trump. It seems for the GOP that issues are no longer the primary concern of debates, nor are they important enough to debate

I watched the CNN GOP debate on Thursday and watched half in amusement and half in horror as the debate never started. Instead, two rabid dogs attacked Trump for two hours and called him everything but a candidate. The moderators didn’t even attempt to hold an honest debate where issues mattered. Today on both CNN and Foxnews, I watched Rubio rant about Trump continuously, while no national issues were discussed. I don’t know about you out there in the public, but I want to know what either Cruz or Rubio will do if they are elected. They will probably rant for four years blaming everything on Trump.

If these candidates think this type of behavior will win delegates, they are mistaken. Neither Rubio or Cruz appeared to be presidential material in the eyes of the American public, in Thursday’s debate

3 thoughts on “Pundits, Candidates And Loudmouths Vs Trump”

  1. It appears that Republicans are following the lead of Sussex County Independents… If the party has left you, time to leave the party… Trump still has the “Republican” name attached, but we all know when possible, he will scrap the Republican name because the voters have spoken. They want a Trump party…

    Time for the Republican establishment to either get on board or be left behind.

  2. Well the Republican Party wants everything their way, or they will destroy anybody. Now they are doing it to their own front-running candidate for president. Courtesy of Reince Priebus. You’re correct on this one Kavips, they will probably shott themselves in the foot once again.
    They are by far the most ignorant political party around.

  3. I love all the hoopla over Rubio- who probably won’t even carry his own state. If he can’t carry Florida, how can he win a national election?

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