Pulling the Lever on Justice

The anti-death penalty brigades are trolling Delaware. The pro-law enforcement community is rallying. Who will win? Most discussions will focus on the politics, the idea of the one innocent person, racial disparities, or even back and forth discussions about the effectiveness or costs. All are worthy points. Discussing the meaning of justice is not a particularly trendy, but it is fundamental to the discussion. The idea of justice is proportional punishment as opposed to Hatfield McCoy type vengeance cycles. It is an eye for eye and tooth for a tooth not you knocked my tooth out so I take your eye out, you take my eye out so I kill you. You killed my child so I wipe out your entire clan. Justice protects the innocent and even the guilty. It says that when someone steals they repay plus a penalty for the harm done to the victim. The Scripture says if you catch a thief, he shall repay 7 times. You do not cut his hand off and maim him for life. You do not toss him in prison for life. Often times, without justice there is no place for mercy. On the flip side, justice keeps society from devolving into disorder. Just like Draco’s code of blood creates terror and oppression, no effective system of justice is the complete break down of civilization. People who say penalty has no deterrent value are just plain out to lunch with no money. Our murder rate is lower since the return of the death penalty. It also has a very good rate at stopping repeat murder. Every law has deterrent value, it is just a question of how much? What happens to a society that does not value justice? The rule of law becomes a casualty. The foundations of order erode over time. The rule of law is one of the four foundations to any civilized society. Every major civilized society has at its foundations a strong social order, usually the family or tribe, a strong influence of faith, the rule of law and a respected government, and a capable economy. In America, we call it Faith, Family, Freedom, and Free Markets. In Singapore, they call it traditional Asian Values. In Africa, they call it African Traditional Values, in English. In various nations, it has various names, but the concept is near universal among successful nations. I contend the best way to strengthen our weakening society is one block at a time. What ever strengthens justice is good for the whole. How is it just for one to savagely kill another for pleasure or profit, but be allowed to keep his own life? How is it just for Jeffrey Dahmer or Charles Manson to murder out of routine and get to live? Senator Peterson, how is that moral? How would it be moral for Osama Bin Laden to get up every morning rejoicing in his victories against tens of thousands of innocents civilians? There is no justice that we can render. This is why we have to commit such people to the justice of a higher power beyond this life. The Hebrew Scripture tells us that the land cries out for justice when innocent blood is shed. A nation that refuses to prefer the blood of the innocent over that of the killer is one that institutionalizes injustice.

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  1. First our elected officials want to restrict what firearms we can own and how many bullets we can have in a magazine in response to the Newtown, CT tragedy. Now Simpson and Peterson want to abolish the death penalty in Delaware. Putting this in perspective, the AG, Delaware Governor, legislators have done nothing to specifically address school safety other than make a proposal that is already a Federal law.

    Republicans have a concise proposal directly addressing school safety issues which has neither been considered or even discussed as a viable option to what is already proposed.

    The current Governor, AG, and legislators want to restrict our options guaranteed under the 2nd Amendment to defend ourselves, with the proposed gun control bills.

    We have no proposals that directly relate to protecting our school children and if they or anyone else is murdered the death penalty may no longer be an available sentence under Simpson and Peterson’s proposal.

    We have an AG who is only concerned with the number in his conviction column even though it’s a meaningless number. The AG appears to be tough on crime with his “98% conviction rate” but it’s meaningless because the convictions are plea bargains, the criminals get no jail time. If we examine the numbers only 2% of the criminals convicted end up behind bars in Delaware.

  2. “Justice” in Amerika has come to mean: “You die if the President says you do”.

  3. I appreciate these two comments which show how badly the republicans are broken….

    Although independently offered, they are still within the same party and together show the world exactly how much Republicans are dysfunctional….

    Briefly put, one person argues that capital punishment has caused crime to drop, then the other bemoans that a 98% conviction rate is too lenient, because people are getting off without being jailed. It is something new these Republicans have recently discovered. It is called “probation”

    Could it quite possibly be, that the crime rate is lower because fewer people are being jailed, and are now choosing instead to stay on the narrow path to God’s salvation?

    Democrats apparently have it right…. Republicans are extremely dysfunctional….. So if we aren’t killing people fast enough, digging ditches, and bulldozing in the bodies, …. if Democrats are “supposedly” softer on crime than Republicans?… just why is crime down?

    Because Democrats rule… Republicans drool…. It was just shown by the dichotomies posted above… 🙂

  4. Justice is always discussed (erroneously) ONLY in terms of ASSUMING that the following facts are true, then we should do X.

    The real problem is that we don’t know if the facts are true and the legal system that is susppoed to bring forth the truth and establish the facts is hopelessly broken.

    Everyone should go home. Go get a hobby.

    If you are not going to fix the courts, why pass laws?

    If you are not going to work for reform of the courts, then why bother pushing for one law over another?

    Liberals want to pass more laws but they don’t want to punish anyone from breaking them.

    Conservatives believe in law and order but don’t care if the courts are working properly or not.

    Nothing you are doing means a hill of beans if you don’t bring the courts out of the 18th centure and create a system that actually produces “justice” – meaning the truth with consistent, understandable, fair laws and rules CONSISTENTLY applied.

  5. … appreciate these two comments which show how badly the republicans are broken….

    Although independently offered, they are still within the same party and together show the world exactly how much Republicans are dysfunctional….

    Then why do does the GOP hold the House of Representatives, thirty governorships and control of both houses in twenty-six states? Answer me that, Mr. head-in-the-sand.


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