Proposed Amendment From IPoD to Delaware’s Constitution for the Office of Inspector General

Author Wolfgang Von Baumgart Sponsor: AN ACT TO AMEND THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE OF DELAWARE TO DEFINE, CREATE AND MAINTAIN AN INDEPENDENT OFFICE OF THE INSPECTOR GENERAL 1 The Constitution of the State of Delaware ( with two-thirds of the members of both 2 houses concurring in two successive sessions of the General Assembly ) is hereby 3 amended as follows: 4 Article XIX 5 Inspector General 6 Section 1. Inspector General to have special conservative powers. 5 There shall be established an maintained an independent Office of the Inspector 6 General which shall be vested with special investigative and prosecutorial powers over the 7 State, its political subdivisions, agencies, instrumentalities and assigns. 8 Section 2. Duties and Powers. 9 The Inspector General shall have the power of special internal investigation of any 10 form of wrongdoing or defective performance of any agency or individual component 11 thereof as outlined in section 1 as well as full prosecutorial powers and other such 12 administrative remedies to effect correction as necessary. Page 1 of 2 13 The Office of Inspector General shall conduct all such investigations objectively and in 14 the greater public interest and in a nonpolitical manner in a general legal framework of 15 constitutional protection and sound management of public resources. 16 The Inspector General shall be fully charged as a conservator of the peace within the scope 17 and purview of his authority as in Article XV of the Delaware Constitution. 18 Section 3. Term of Office The term of office of the Inspector General shall be limited to two four-year terms. 19 Election of the Inspector General shall coincide with the general cycle corresponding to 20 the second year of the term of the Governor, and shall be elected on a nonpartisan basis. 21 Section 3. Qualifications 22 The Inspector General shall be at least thirty years of age and, have been a citizen and 23 inhabitant of Delaware for two years before the day of his election unless he shall have 23 been absent on public business of the United States or of this State. 24 No person affiliated with a political party shall be a candidate for or serve in the Office of 25 Inspector General. 26 Section 4. Establishment 26 The General Assembly shall have the power to create and the duty to maintain this 27 office through appropriate legislation. 28 Synopsis: This legislation creates a state constitutional amendment establishing an independent Office of Inspector General. WvB/IPOD/01282008 amended 05302012_144EDT WvB Page 2 of 2

7 thoughts on “Proposed Amendment From IPoD to Delaware’s Constitution for the Office of Inspector General”

  1. Most states including Massachusetts which was the first state in the nation to have an Inspector General do not elect the person. The position is an appointment made by the unanimous vote of the Governor, State Auditor, and State Attorney General.

  2. How about one of the 3 versions of this same topic be chosen and eliminate the other two. IMHO two of the three are a total waste of this sites bandwidth.

    I also believe the owner of this site David Anderson or moderator speaking on behalf of David Anderson should make a disclaimer about whether this site endorses such a proposal.

  3. WC

    I am an Administrator and these are separate posts that cover different actions in the legislature. If David has a problem with this, believe me, he will call me. You may however, e-mail him and complain. Leave my work alone!!

  4. Nitpicker

    The State of Delaware’s definition of “Conservator of the peace is, in the new Delenese English is, You can be conservator of the peace, when the corrupt good ol boy system say you can and then only if you’ll do our bidding.

  5. Don, maybe it’s one of those old English spelling things. Maybe it was supposed to be:

    Conservator of the Piece (such, of the action)

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