President Visits Troops in Afghanistan

He says he’d rather be nowhere than with the troops. “I know it’s hard on your families,” he says. “Sometimes during the holiday season, you feel the absence of someone you love most acutely.” –Politico live feed of President Barack Obama

8 thoughts on “President Visits Troops in Afghanistan”

  1. Nah, he would rather be with his commie buddies from Chicago or in the hood with all the malcontents.

  2. I can’t argue with someone who can read minds. I am grateful that he is doing his job and meeting with the troops including the commander down to the private. It is good for morale.

  3. All this recent posturing is just damage control after he got kicked in the teeth November 2nd. Fortunately we’ve learned from hard experience not to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Our troops know it’s just another photo op and are grinning and bearing it.

  4. It is his job. He is elected to serve 4 years and I expect him to do it. I am just giving him credit where it is due. GOD knows that I don’t shy away from the other way.

  5. I’m deeply touched. Now if he would just resign or extend the tax cuts or even maybe repeal Obamacare, I’d even be more deeply touched.

  6. I would prefer the President visit the troops with a plan to win the war. The President wants to end the war there is a big difference.

    I believe the holiday is the 25th not the 3rd of December. God forbid he miss sunny Hawaii.

    I sent out a package to my oldest son’s best friend from High School and he is a Marine Pilot F 18 and he will be in Afghanistan for 9 months with 2nd Anglico. If you can do the same to a service member, please consider it.

    Mike Protack

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