President Obama Should Replace Biden

…With Bev Perdue, the unpopular governor of North Carolina.  Why, President Obama picked V. P. Biden because he complimented the ticket in areas where then Senator Obama lacked.  Now President Obama lacks in another area.  The left no longer has a crush on Obama.   He needs someone who is strong and principled to signal to the base that he intends to fight in his next term, but not so far on the left that it dooms the ticket to look like a new version of the Marx brothers–Karl and his unknown evil sibling.    Governor Bev Perdue is pretty bad from my perspective, but she is a strong leader.   She is the thin blue line of liberalism holding back conservative government in North Carolina with veto after veto.  The Senate is veto proof, but the House has a 4 Democrat padding in the minority that could hold her vetoes.  She set a record with 10 vetoes this session.  She is a social liberal big time, a spend thrift, but campaigned pro-business.   She would instantly rally the base but not frighten Wall Street liberals.  She has bona fide stature  fighting Republicans on the budget even though she was over ridden that President Obama lacks.  She has vetoed malpractice and tort reform.  She has vetoed pro-life legislation, which would give important information to women so they can make an informed choice. That veto was just over ridden as both chambers were able to get the one vote they were short in the original passage to go veto proof.   She vetoed regulatory reform to make business easier and people’s lives less complicated. She is the Maginot Line for the hopes and dreams of the hard left.    President Obama needs to regain his standing with women to have any hope of reelection.  He needs to rally the progressives.  He needs to keep in line big Wall Street donors.  Bev Perdue does all of that and keeps NC a swing state instead of a red state.  NC is becoming increasingly important for the President to keep with Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, and Pennsylvania slipping away.  The math becomes very difficult to win without taking Republican states like Virginia and North Carolina in the upper south.  He can’t go for his buddy Governor Kaine because he talked him into running for the Senate. As an aside, Republicans could learn from the NC effort.  Pass popular legislation and let the Democrats reject it.  Her approval numbers have sank to 25% and now even her own party flipped on at least half of the vetoes. I figure that liberals are always giving us advice.   I just returned the favor.  The Democratic National Convention is in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Could we see a September surprise?  If the President’s numbers are any where near what they are now, I say yes.  My advice to my fellow Republicans is do not take this election for granted.  President Obama has a path to victory even if the leader of the American Conservative Union does not think so or the RNC Chairman flat out guarantees winning Pennsylvania.  It will be a fight, the traditional playbook will be tossed out, we should expect surprises.   We have to think out of the box to prepare for them.  This election is too important to get cocky over well over a year out.

5 thoughts on “President Obama Should Replace Biden”

  1. The states Our Little Red Star would carry today:

    For sure- CA, VT, CT, RI.

    Probably- MA, NY, NJ, DE, IL, OR

    That’s it…and that won’t cut it.

    Bye-Bye, Little Red Star

  2. There are two problems with dumping your running mate, without a good prefabricated excuse (Mr. Biden has decided to retire after an honorable lifetime of service to his party and nation).

    First, it puts “blood in the water.” The one and true moment when the Bush Administration was fatally compromised was not after the 2006 elections, but after Democrats bullied Bush into replacing his Defense Secretary. When the opposition starts dictating who makes up your cabinet, you are done. And Biden is at the top of Obama’s cabinet.

    Second, it shows the American people that the very first decision you’ve made as a potential chief executive…your running mate…was flawed, in fact a disaster. The idea of replacing Biden with a governor who has become as unpopular in her state as Obama has is just not a good idea.

    It probably won’t happen.

  3. I disagree. Like any business taking on serious water, the only way to have restored confidence is to put it under new management. The problem was that Bush should have gotten rid of Rummy in 2005. He already suffered the losses in 2006. The fact is the best thing for the country was that change. We would still be struggling in Iraq with a force too small instead of leaving with victory (If the Iraqis lose it, that is their fault.)

  4. I am a die hard Republican from the beautiful southern state of North Carolina!! I live in Gastonia, N.C., 13 miles from Charlotte where the Democratic convention will be held next year!! This red state will return to red in 2012! I would hope that President Obama would not even think of picking our Gov. Beverly Perdue as an option for vice president ! She is the absolute worst gov. the great state of North Carolina has ever had!! V.P.Biden needs to be jerked off the ticket next year and go back to the state of Delaware!! If President Obama wants any hope of winning next year he needs to put either Mrs. Clinton or Gov. Cuomo of New York on the ticket! My Republican dream ticket would be Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey for president and Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida for v.p.!! CHRISTIE/RUBIO 2012—GOD WILLING!! GO U.S.A.!!

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