Post-Inaugural Challenges

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

There is an art to the peaceful, orderly and effective transition of power. The problems of partisan politics should (at least in theory) be supplanted with the problems of governance, as political ideology has its stark limitations when applied to complex economic, social, environmental and technological problems. Accordingly, the time for rhetoric and slogans is over as the time for creativity, innovation, insight, effective management and common sense dawns across the nation. In essence, we need less noise and more signal – less distraction and more focus.

Personalities aside, the incoming President and the entire nation face massive challenges on an unprecedented scale, as the exponential function applies both graphically and psychologically.

The President and the nation collectively face the following adverse scenario:

1) Financial insolvency via a growing national debt approximating 20 trillion dollars, coupled with a projected raise in the debt ceiling.

2) A relatively stagnant economy coupled with a highly unfavorable trade deficit.

3) A weakened geopolitical and geostrategic position in an increasingly unstable world.

4) A grossly ineffective educational system.

5) Obsolescent infrastructure and urban decay.

6) Concentration of power and influence in the hands of self-serving special interest groups at public expense.

7) An increasingly hyperbolic, polarized, inflamed and political climate, aggravated by extremism, exclusion, obstructionism, pseudo-elitism, hypocrisy and corruption, resulting in increased popular frustration and alienation.

If any of the above issues are to be effectively mitigated, we need a more systematic, scientific, economic, ecological and creative approach, as the current governmental partisan political and bureaucratic conceptual framework is clearly inadequate in the face of hyper-complex problems. Fortunately, the communications and information technology exists to form a more inclusive virtual national think-tank, transcending regional, cultural and political differences, working towards a more innovative and cooperative community.

In order to make any progress, the new administration, as a sine qua non, needs to help free the inventive American Spirit, towards a more enlightened society. Our national survival depends upon it.

1/24/16 UPDATE: According to the latest Congressional Budget Office projection, the US national debt will exceed 30 trillion USDs in ten years at current rates of spending.

3 thoughts on “Post-Inaugural Challenges”

  1. Wolf:
    Whatever Trump does to “make America great again,” he will be harassed by the left and hate mongers.
    However, he will gain support from the American people that will make him one of the most popular presidents in history. This Is due to the fact that he is not a politician, but instead has a true concern for America and its diverse people.

  2. I love the fact that your preferred candidate’s positions are so non-existent that you have to preface it it with “whatever he does” to MAGA…

    What exactly are MENSA candidate’s policies again? Oh wait, he has none because he (like you) is an idiot.

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