Politics Au Gratin

By Don Ayotte

What Is Your Choice; Neoliberalism Or Constitutional Republic

Don Ayotte

The truth about politics and political parties really is: Both are relative to what you and everybody believes they are, regardless of what they tell you they are. This is why both the Republican and Democratic parties have lost credibility with a large majority of the American public. President Trump is not a republican, even though he ran on the republican ticket. Instead, he is an Independent Populist. He believes in America and the American people.

In reality, there is no far-left, left-of-center, center, right of center or far right, only political power and “popular issues” with popular candidates, who endorse those issues. This interpretation might sound like populism but that also is just another relative term to be determined by the hearer.

That earth’s people start thinking for themselves about what government should or should not be and what government should or should not provide, is long overdue. If a government receives money from its people in the form of taxes or other means, it must supply agreed upon services, otherwise it is tantamount to an enslaving dictatorship.

In the case of America, the two major political parties are entirely diametrically opposed in political ideology and absolutely refuse to work together at the national level, and most of the time at the state level to gain any benefit for the American people. The only exception I’ve seen to this rule is in times of a world war, where everyone in the nation would incur tremendous loss in the event of a military defeat.

It has been said that the right person could solve all the serious problems in the world, if they didn’t care who received the credit. That’s why the best leaders and people of great accomplishment surround themselves with highly talented people and credit them with their success.

The main problem in America is the rise of Neoliberalism. Neo refers to the acceptance of a global economy, supported by a global law-enforcement, dictated by the United Nations. This type of government would give rise to a loss of national sovereignty by every nation. The main problem with this type of global government is simply, the world is not mature enough to be governed globally. The United Nations is too weak and narrow-minded to have the credibility it needs to accomplish the task.

Hegemonic powers such as China, the United States and Russia and rising nuclear powers such as Iran, Pakistan, India and others will outright reject the idea of Neoliberalism. The United States is already a state divided by this fairly new and rapidly rising ideology nearly to the point of civil war.

Another ideology that has surfaced is a form of twenty-first century socialism dotes mainly on issues such as class exploitation, racism, sexism and homophobia. It presupposes that being human means being part of communities of activity. The vision of this ideology espouses that work should be organized cooperatively and any wealth should be divided equally by those who produced it. History has shown this type of government has failed miserably, by creating a dictatorial two-classed system with a super elite wealthy and a very poor proletariat class, that continually strive to exist.

With the election of Donald Trump, the American people have clearly chosen which kind of government they want to live with. A Constitutional Republic is what the people clearly chose when they elected their President. In keeping with their tradition, the Neoliberalists simply will keep attacking Trump and his administration as long as they receive publicity.

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