Petition Circulating Demanding Resignation Of DE GOP Chairman

Mike Harrington State Chairman, GOP

GOP Revolt, First Shot Fired, Who Will Resign First

According to anonymous sources, a petition has started circulating in Republican Circles, demanding the resignation of the party’s leadership, all the way to the State Chairman’s position.

Republicans lost both the State Auditors and State Treasurers Seat, leaving them devoid of any statewide positions. In addition to losing the statewide positions, they lost both a state senate seat and a state representative seat. Anger within the GOP has been heavily voiced by more than a few in the GOP ranks.

GOP State Chairman, Mike Harrington stated, “It was not a total loss, and we can make a comeback in 2020.” “If this Midterm election wasn’t a total loss, then what the hell is, a disgruntled party attendee at the post election party was heard saying. The petition claims, that a total lack of competent leadership is the cause of such catastrophic losses, and it has caused division instead of unity in the party.

Many disgruntled voters have recently left both the Republican and Democratic Party’s and registered with the Independent Party (IPoD) or some other alternative. In the last two months, the Independent Party has picked up close to 500 new registered voters. This trend indicates that both Republicans and Democrats are sick and tired of the infighting and want a change.

15 thoughts on “Petition Circulating Demanding Resignation Of DE GOP Chairman”

  1. Keep on rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. Republicans that called Obama everything but a man of God for eight years then fawn over Trump have revealed themselves for what they truly are.

    You folks are not the “Fed up Majority” – you are the fed up minority that will firmly stay that way because you refuse to compromise with Democrats.

  2. Everybody is sick and tired of the two major parties fighting each other and getting nothing done for the American Citizens!

    Don’s right, a strong Independent Party would be a much needed balance to Americs’s political system.

  3. “In the last two months, the Independent Party has picked up close to 500 new registered voters. This trend indicates that both Republicans and Democrats are sick and tired of the infighting…”

    And in those same two months, the Democratic Party picked up more than 2900 new registered voters (going by the stats at the DE elections website). What does that trend indicate to you, Don? For every one new iPod person, there were more than SIX new Democrats. That’s enough to give every newly registered independent a full set of pall bearers.

  4. So, I took a look at the petition. You want to the current chairman to resign, but you don’t have a replacement in mind?

    You just want the position empty?

    That’s a classic failure of thinking. “I don’t like who is in there, so I want them out” with no idea of whether some other unknown person would somehow do a better job. It’s like the two year old throwing all his food on the floor because he doesn’t like it, and is upset because he is still hungry.

    And that kind of thing – focusing on the negative and failing to have any positive goal in mind – is such a classic mindset of a permanent minority party.

    Delawareans don’t care who is the chairperson of the GOP. As long as the GOP remains the Party of Trump, then the overwhelming majority of voters in this state are going to look elsewhere. If you haven’t noticed, Trump is deeply unpopular with people in this state, and it isn’t because of “fake news”. The news is the same here as it is in, say, Oklahoma, where they love that kind of stuff.

    You have a product that nobody wants to buy. The salesman is not the problem.

  5. The Midlantic Dispatch / or any of its staff did not originate or initially disseminate the petition in question.
    It simply reported and commented on it.

    Invective comments to the contrary are unfounded in fact and are misdirected.

    Wolf von Baumgart,
    VP Operations

  6. @Al Catraz
    First of all Al Catraz, thanks for dumping all of your monthly garbage on our Newsite/Blogsite. Glad to have you over. You are nothing but a whining sniveling coward who can never reveal your true identity because of your cowardice of being exposed for who you genuinely are.

    The democratic party is the largest party in our state, which lends itself to lopsided, partisan policies that do not appropriately and equally represent the citizenry of Delaware.

    The Socialist Democratic Party of Delaware has become nothing more than an unruly gang of pickpockets who rob the Delawarean People into poverty, except for the chosen few that meet their socialist status.

    Lack of competition on the part of the Republican Party is one of the reasons for our place in the nation and the second most corrupt state, beaten only by the state of Nevada.

    Further more, Delaware has become an “ad hoc” Sanctuary State, second only to California that feeds, clothes and houses, illegal aliens, at the expense of the honest citizens who live and work in Delaware LEGALLY.

    It is no wonder that the Socialist Democrats are arming themselves with semi-automatic weapons and are eagerly awaiting a new civil war, to eliminate all American patriotism from America. It is no secret that people on both sides are stocking large amounts of weapons and ammunition for the upcoming event.

    The one-party system in Delaware should be challenged by a third party that is centrist in nature and listens to the people on an equal basis and enacts laws that are fair to all. Only a obstructionist dictatorial minded party would not do so. Democrats have enacted laws that override both the US and Delaware Constitutions, while toasting their victories behind closed doors at the expense of Delawareans. The people of Delaware need a party that is centrist in nature and will listen to all the people when representing them, and that party is the Independent Party of Delaware.

    So Al Catraz, don’t attack me while you hide behind your own cowardliness of anonymity, while spewing your hatred and debauchery. What have you done to better the lives of Delawareans?

  7. A Gibbonian analogy is in order:

    The two “major” parties are like The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire i.e: the Democrats with the arrogance and decadence of the Imperium Romanum and the Republicans with their increasingly Byzantine approach to contemporary politics.

    Craven trolls like “Al Catraz”, et. al. exemplify the malignant bipolar dysfunctionality, intolerance and conceptual confines of current Delaware realpolitik.

    Delaware needs a new independent political dynamic for the 21st Century. The Democrats and Republicans are going the way of the Whigs and Federalists. The alternative path to constructive change is in the hands of the People with the power of dissociation from defective partisan institutions, realignment and registration with more creative and innovative forces.

  8. As a Proud progressive and liberal I believe one position most of us will all agree on is the two party system has created a dysfunctional mess. The only truly bipartisan effort in the last decades is Republicans and Democrats working to consolidate their power. Each party pushes wedge issues and almost mocks their voters with the apathetic mindset of “what are you going to do about it, you will never vote for a Democrat(or a Republican).

  9. The ” two party system ” is Nothing short of a fraud perpetrated on the American electorate. From elementary school teachers shaking their fingers at students while perpetuating its intellectual confines to multi-million-dollar special interest propaganda campaigns, our political choices are artificially limited.

    It is up to the People to correct this situation by withdrawing their names from the intrenched bipolar political cartels and change the game by building new alternatives more representative of the greater public interest instead of corporate special interests.

  10. JimmyfromDelaware says: “As a Proud progressive and liberal I believe one position most of us will all agree on is the two party system has created a dysfunctional mess.”

    No we wouldn’t agree with that and I think no actual conservative would agree with that.

    It is having 1 party and 1 pathetic echo that has created a dysfunctional mess.

    You can’t have a choice if both are trying to be the same.

    Imagine going into a restaurant in which your choices are either (1) a pretty good hamburger or (2) a 5 day old bad version of the same hamburger

    AND: “The only truly bipartisan effort in the last decades is Republicans and Democrats working to consolidate their power”

    That’s why bipartisanship is the disease, not the cure.

  11. As far as the DEGOP leadership resigning,

    I believe in second chances.

    I don’t believe in leaping to conclusions.

    I don’t believe in just making changes without knowing WHY or having an actual plan.

    But it is clear that the Republican elites or establishment of Delaware are FIERCELY DETERMINED to LEARN NOTHING.

    One cannot get another chance if they have not — refuse to — learn from the previous failures or mistakes.

    No one is perfect. Success is not guaranteed. TRYING and failing is part of life. There is nothing shameful or unacceptable about trying one’s best and not coming in first.

    But REFUSING TO LEARN is shameful, unacceptable and DISQUALIFYING for leadership or even just any position of importance.

    The fact that DEGOP leaders didn’t win is not by itself enough for them to be disqualified.

    The fact that DEGOP leaders CONTINUE to lose and REFUSE TO CHANGE is 100% disqualifying.

  12. Mostly during 2011, I warned here on these pages of the urgent need to draw the CORRECT lessons learned from repeated DEGOP losses going back to Bill Roth.

    I told you that my arguments were NOT about Christine O’Donnell the person or even her future activities (although she is a wonderful woman deserving of credit and deserving of having the cowardly, despicable lies debunked).

    I WARNED YOU that my arguments were about the failure to learn any lessons and the correct lessons.

    I WARNED YOU that these same issues would turn up again with your next candidates, and the candidates after that and the candidates after that.

    And my warnings in 2011 have come exactly true, have they not?

    I said this had nothing to do with any particular person like Christine.

    I said that the discussion was about the fundamental theories of how to win elections, to stop making the same mistakes, rejecting dogma and sacred cows and having an opening mind to what is real.

    In response, I was mocked and accused in graphic, sexual, infantile, elementary school level bathroom that my interest was seducing Christine rather than trying to solve fundamental problems with the Republican party.

    So how we doin’?

    I warned that if the problems were not diagnosed and corrected, you would be no better off 5 years from “now” (back in 2011) than in 2011.

    So how did it work out?

    What has changed?

    No problem can be solved until it is (correctly) diagnosed.

    No problem can be solved without the determination to solve it, a “come to Jesus” moment when you’ve hit the bottom of the Whisky bottle and hit skid row.

    No problem can be solved until your determination to solve it exceeds the discomfort of CHANGE.

    In 2006, Christine first ran for office *BECAUSE* there was — already in 2006 — a clear pattern of the DEGOP being unable to recognize its mistakes, its long term consistent bad habits, and preference for the status quo instead of change.

    I know because Christine called me among many other friends around March or April 2006 to talk over the possibility of running for office.

    The reason that she was considering it?

    “The DEGOP isn’t even TRYING to win!” She exclaimed. “They just want to look good losing!”

    That was the conclusion way back in 2006.

    The brave but unfortunate Jan Ting was sent in to the 2006 US Senate campaign like the Charge of the Light Brigade — by a DEGOP stuffy elite determined to prove that their hopelessly flawed ideas were the way to go. Jan Ting lost by a 41% margin.

    I have more respect for Jan Ting than I do for the Republican elites who sent him on a suicide mission to try to vindicate their absurd and failed theories.

    2006 could have been worse except that certain Delaware leaders privately and secretly convinced Christine O’Donnell (I am hoping that after all this time 12 years later it is okay to speak of it) to run a write-in campaign TO KEEP CONSERVATIVE VOTERS FROM STAYING HOME, to try to boost state-wide Republican votes to help other statewide Republican candidates by having a reason for conservative voters to go to the polls.

    So 12 year later,

    How we doin’ ?

    Has anything changed?

    Do the GOP elite even recognize that there is a problem?

    Are Republicans any closer to fixing their problems?

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