So how will this plan work?

Senator Obama is a very intelligent man so how does he justify adding costs to domestic oil consumption by forcing 150 billion dollars of their money to be invested in his chosen energy programs (not drilling or building new refineries that we desperately need )and robbing them of profits as a means to control gas prices. When we tried this in the 70's it was a disaster. At least we can get gas when we want not wait in lines and decide for ourselves how to control our budgets. The problem with the Democrat party and energy is that they have no realistic plan.  There policies would increase the cost of energy not decrease it.  You can not magically mandate affordable energy. I am a big believer in alternative energy. I now see it as a national security issue not just an economic one. On that basis, I favor a more aggressive approach of tax credits and other breaks and even government seed Read more

Watch John Adams

If you missed any episodes of HBO’s John Adams, you will want to catch up on the ones you missed this weekend.  This is compelling, informative, quality television.  I can hardly wait for Hamilton to become a mini-series. Out of curiosity, any Battlestar Galactia fans out there?  The new season starts tonight.  Have a great weekend. 

Tom Gordon, 33.75 ERA and Double-Secret Candidate For NCCo Executive

Tom “Flash” Gordon brutalized the Phillies in the first game (5ER in 1/3 inning…) Tom “Stash” Gordon brutalized a perceived media event in his first campaign kickoff into a double-secret-probation announcement.  WDEL’s Chris Carl posted a blog on this. Seriously, Mr. Coons, with all this hoopla Gordo’s strategically generating, I think you may be in trouble.

“Cowboys” launch global controversy–Human/Cow embryos developed

Emerging out of the shadows, mad scientists reveled in their latest creation Human genes cloned in cow eggs. The resultant embryo is mostly human with random cow material.  The purpose is to have subjects for experimentation who have no legal rights.   The British Parliament is engaged in a debate which we need to have in our country.  Unfortunately, extremist Democrats, including the two Presidential candidates, have been blocking a strong anti-cloning bill from coming to a vote. The excuse for blocking legislation favored by 80% of the public was that it might be used to block embryonic stem cell research.  That issue is now made moot by new advances .  We are now faced with a clear issue.  What type of future do we want?  Do we want one based upon the dignity of humanity or one based upon the gall of humanity?  Read more

“We’ll be there a century, hopefully. If it works right.”

Question: Who made the above statement and the next one? Answer below “We’ve been in Europe now since 1945. We’ve been in Japan since 1945, been in Korea since 1950,” said ______ one of the United States’ most outspoken retired generals. “We haven’t had a Middle East occupation force, so this is a start of that. This is the way great powers operate; it’s the way Rome operated.” Full Interview with the Oregonian – here Answer: Retired Gen. Merrill A. “Tony” McPeak – Co-Chair Barack Obama’s presidential campaign

Hillary H-Bomb Clinton is the Real War Hero

Take a look, I have never been so impressed by her. She is a great American. It is the reason that I switched parties before the deadline. I wanted to vote for Hill and Jack. If you really believed that, April fools’ day is going to be a long one for you. I am still a Republican, of course.  I still want Senator Obama to win the Democratic nomination for the sake of history and to see more of the Obama Girl.

40 years later

40 years ago this week Dr. King was brutally murdered. I am please that this nation has been transformed in that time.  The nation is not the same one in which my parents grew up.  My mother was in the first high school class to be integrated.  My father grew up during the depression and served in World War 2.  He was disabled before Truman fully desegregated the military.  My parents however never said one negative word about a person because of race or whatever. Well okay, they weren't big fans of communists, but they even prayed for them.  They always had people of all backgrounds around.  My father was as comfortable being a chaplain for the local Republican Party as he was helping people at a migrant camp.  The changes my parents saw filled them with optimism. The world is so different from the one my parents grew up in. It is so different from the one which existed when Read more

Delaware Wins but does America Lose?

New Jersey v. Delaware was settled today in our favor. The court ruled properly when it said that BP could not use a pier which starts on the Jersey side but encroaches on to Delaware river bed (land) to off load 1.2 billion cubic feet of liquified natural gas without Delaware's permission. We in Delaware should not be cheering. We should be telling our own government to get with the 21st century. The nation needs more clean burning fuel from friendly sources. The proposal is not environmentally damaging nor is it unsafe. We are killing jobs, making our nation more dependent upon middle eastern oil, and undermining our good will with our neighbors when we need them to protect our corporate franchise. Some wins are not cause for celebration. It seems like the NIMBY ghost of Russel Peterson may haunt us for years to come. (I am speaking of his passage from power not the world.) Read more

Let’s play cut that budget.

Our leaders in state government are grappling for ways to keep government afloat.  I think the revenue shortfall will not be as bad as now projected any more than it was as good as projected 3 months ago.  Nonetheless, they are the best numbers we have and we have to make tough decisions.  Our leaders could use fresh ideas.  Let's play cut that budget. Here are my top ten in no order of priority. Repeal the  new prevailing wage law because it is not the real prevailing wage.  I am all for a decent living wage in government contracts, but it makes no sense to cancel projects and have no wages.  Balance is a good thing. Allow more competition in the state supplier list by opening it up to new suppliers every quarter for mundane items and simplify the process.  Many times it is cheaper to go to Sam's or Staples than buy from the state's approved list.  If a company can come up with Read more

Iraq–what next?

There is a lot of good news coming from Iraq, but it seems just when we are getting hopeful that we are reminded just how fluid the situation is.  4000 American military deaths was a sad milestone.  The good news is the rate has slowed dramatically.  The bad news is the cease fire is beginning to fall apart between the Shia factions.  Iraq seems like a bad tire.  You plug one leak and another springs up, then you plug that one and the old plug comes undone.  Discouragement would be an easy course to take.  I refuse to take it. I am praying for peace in that land.  Those wonderful people have been through so much over the past 40 years.  We all want better for them than so called leaders hiding in Iran and trying  to break up the normalcy which is beginning to return.  We can expect more bumps in the road between now and October (target date for the Iraqi elections).  Read more

coming soon…”President McCain”

GALLUP: Dems will desert if their candidate loses... My personal observation is he will win in a blow out, here's why. The Democratic party has: 1. Ignored the fact that most Americans subscribe to political center-right beliefs. They instead legitimized a far left liberal with no experience because of superior oratory skills. In the process ignored much stronger general election candidates such as Senators Biden, Dodd and Edwards and Gov Bill Richardson. 2. Turned their backs on voters of Michigan and Florida 3. Failed to provide the final push on breaking the glass ceiling for women Senator Barack Obama has all but certainly delivered the Presidency to the GOP instead of supporting what would have most likely resulted in the first woman President and a return of the Oval Office to the Democrats. This greedy move for his party's nomination will have repercussions for years to Read more

May God Bless America!

I hope you all had an Happy Easter/ Resurrection Day.  Holy Week is my favorite time of the year.  It is, for me, a time for reflection and rededication to God and Faith.  I find there is nothing more precious than knowing God. That is why it is annoying to hear pundits say that the "Black" Church is represented by Pastor Jeremiah Wright, and  "You would be surprised what you hear in 'Black' churches".  Yes, I would be if the apologists where correct.  It is interesting that these statements are coming from journalists who don't attend "Black" churches.  I am a lot more than a little put off that these radical Afro-Centric Churches are made to represent the majority.  I don't deny that they exist.  I deny as someone whose father was an evangelist during my earlier years and has been in score upon score of "Black" churches and who as a coordinator for a National Day of Prayer Read more

Houghton Mifflin: If To Error Is Human, To Ignore It is Bureaucratic

Children believe what their schools teach them.  I have found that to be a scary thought over the years.  We wonder why our children fall behind the world.  They are not dumb.  They work hard, we spend a lot educating them, and our teachers, as a group, are dedicated beyond just doing their job.  The teachers are still not paid well enough, but we have made great strides to ensure teacher compensation is now competitive to many other fields when adjusted for hours spent.  We are reducing class size and adding technology.  What's wrong? I think there are many things wrong, but let's start with the most basic of all tools--textbooks.  One of the nation's top text book company is Houghton Mifflin.  A recent audit in Texas (The Dallas Morning News Nov. 16, 2007)found 86,000 textbook errors in the Math series. I haven't found the history texts much better in my personal experience. The Read more

Obama and Bush, one in the same? Possibly

Despite Senator Obama having clearly superior oratory skills – “Privately, aides and associates of Obama tell stories about a boss who can be aloof and ungracious. He holds firmly to views and doesn’t like to be challenged, traits that President Bush packaged and sold under the “resolute” brand in the 2004 election. For Bush, those qualities proved to be dangerous in a time of war and in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.” – AP “Obama walks arrogance line”Full Story If you’re an Obama supporter, why is it you don’t see it? I say, don’t necessarily abandon your support, but please question it…the world deserves it.

The Delaware Job Magnet has been weakening.

Our state has a relatively low unemployment rate.  This is good news.  The bad news is that according to the State's economic report written in 2007, our job growth has been weakening consistently over the last decade and a half. We are in the bottom 1/3 of the nation in job creation. This is evidence that we are running on the fumes of the Republican reforms 30 years ago.  It is time to refuel the tank.  Here is the money quote from the report. Looking at the Local Area Unemployment Statistics (LAUS), the resident employment data for the state, Delaware’s economy looks rather healthy. The annual average unemployment rate dropped from 4.0 percent in 2005 to 3.6 percent in 2006, and it has been even lower in 4 out of the first 5 months of 2007. All of these rates are substantially below the national unemployment rate. As measured by this data series, employment growth has averaged 1.89 Read more

Why Wait until 2015?

UPDATE: A LINK ON Los Angeles success with Singapore Math. Those meeting the standard went from 45% to 76% in one year! I am grateful some people in this state are fighting to improve education.  They have an ambitious and thoughtful agenda.  This is not a post criticizing 2015.  To the contrary, I am glad to say that we don't need to wait for improvement.  I believe that one of the best cases for charter schools is that it doesn't take 5 years to make a change and 5 years to get rid of something that doesn't work. There are a few schools who already meet much of what is being proposed by the experts. The Academy of Dover is one. It offers more instructional time. It has more computers for the children than any district by far. It is accredited which is a rare feat for an elementary school. It is contracted with Innovative schools, which is supported by the same people who proposed Read more

Fed looks at a Rare Full Point Reduction in Funds Rate.

Just in on the wires, the Fed is poised to cut the Fed Funds rate a full point Tuesday.  The stock market has rebounded and is up 3 points at this post. This aggressive action on top of reevaluations of handling the mortgage mess and the bail out of the brokerage debt show the Fed has a commitment to keeping the economy strong by quick and decisive action.  If the credit run had spread to the banks, we could have been seeing the beginning of our first depression in 70 years.  The American Enterprise Institute has now endorsed a Democratic plan to bail out the mortgage mess.  Something is going on.  I think it is time to put everything on the table.  No Doc refinances to fixed rates is a must.  We have to stop the bleeding.  Checks won’t cut it.

McCain gains, Dems in Crisis

It is time for my bi-weekly Presidential campaign update.  I am biased to Rasmussen because of its unique nature of daily tracking and historic accuracy.  I also like the Cook Report, Zogby, Pew, and for a semi-monthly trend the Real Clear Politics composite. Rev. Wright is ridiculous. Remember my post on American Exceptionalism? Some said I was exaggerating the hate America contingent's influence.  They said it was a straw dog. Now all America sees it on display.  Unfortunately, he is just part of the blame America, self-hating left. He is not alone.  Mrs. Obama seems to have been surprised by how wonderful the American people are.  She had likely bought into some of this attitude.  The Senator doesn't seem to.  The numbers are showing that if this keeps up, he will take on water.  He built his campaign on building a post racial era and bridging our divisions.  He needs Read more

A special post for those born yesterday

"The statements that Rev. Wright made that are the cause of this controversy were not statements I personally heard him preach while I sat in the pews of Trinity or heard him utter in private conversation." - Senator Barack Obama Yeah, right! He read from the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John every time Barack Obama was there.  Come on. Someone please ask Sen. Obama the following - "Senator Obama, you say you attend church regularly? if so, how is it that you missed ALL of the sermons that spewed hatred toward whites and and the United States of America?" He's a LIAR! The fact is, he knows darn well what the The Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright Jr., pastor of Mr. Obama's Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago is all about. Let me just say that the clips (Video 1 and Video 2) I've viewed of Sen Obama's spiritual leader, and a man he has followed for 20 years, will change the dynamics Read more

Onshore Windpower or Offshore Windpower: Really should be our power or theirs debate

There is a great post on another blog about Windpower and the controversy over whether or not we should purchase the power elsewhere or invest in Blue Water Wind's proposal.  It is worth reading. Don't get lost at Kavips site now. This one is better. 🙂   I find it facsinating that according to his source, the lower cost DP&L claims the on-shore windfarm from a nearby state, would not save us money.  By refusing to lock in prices, DP&L compounds the problem.  Other states and the federal energy bill are putting in new mandates for a growing percentage of power generation to be renewable.  This means the price for renewable may well rise independent of other factors.  The only hedge would be bringing on line new sources.  Whether you like windpower or not in the abstract, the new federal energy bill may make the BWW deal a deal of generation.  It would put us ahead of the Read more

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