The unheard Minority view point on Gitmo Prisoners

I am torn in my view of the recent Supreme Court ruling granting appeals to federal court for the Gitmo prisoners who were captured on the battlefield.   I think part of the problem is that the administration resisted the Constitutional method of declaring war.  If that had been done, Geneva protections would have applied to the lawful combatants, but we would have been able to keep us safe by detaining these guys until the war's end.  There wouldn't be this legal mess.  I question the legal advise given to the President.  For those who wonder why I struggle with this issue, it is because Congress passed a law limiting the Court's jurisdiction.  The Court's violation of that law expands their power and threatens our representative government.  So now I have to decide do I want an imperial court or an imperial president?  I have to choose between defending Constitutional rights Read more

What if Congress really wanted to do something about gas prices?

10 Encourage Mini-nuclear power plants which can be built in year or two. 9. Encourage sugar ethanol which costs 1/2 of price of corn ethanol and rebuild the Gulf coast. 8. Encourage trash to steam with proper health and safety precautions. 7. Encourage the car companies to make more flex fuel or alternative power vehicles.  Just the existence of them in a wide spread fashion will dampen speculation. 6.  Half of the excess oil price is speculation and almost half is the weak dollar.  Oil could legitimately sale based on supply and demand for 60 to 73 dollars a barrel according to the Saudis.  Triple the margin requirement for the oil futures and reverse the 2005 deregulation.  Since then the speculative money has increased almost 20 fold.  It takes only a 7% margin so people move in for the day and out again and give wild swings.  It is also bidding up the future's price based Read more

Get those Big Bad Oil Companies

I hate paying so much for energy.  I hate paying so much at the pump.  I hate higher electric costs which seem to have no end in sight.  I hate seeing friends go without heat for days because they can't afford fuel oil.  I want to see something done about it.  The question is what? The Democrats in Congress had a great proposal late week.  Jump the price of energy.  Send gas prices up between 53 cents and a dollar a gallon.  Send electric and natural gas rates soaring.  Do nothing to encourage cheap, non-polluting nuclear energy.  Reorder the Domestic economy by a massive cap and trade regime which would place 1.4 trillion dollars of our economy under federal supervision.  That sounded so great that I rushed to support it(riiiight).  That is exactly what America needs along with that hole in our head.  That is real change alright, but not change most of us can believe in. If Read more

America For Sale?

Guest Post By Annie Mountain  What happens when America is so bankrupt, so overextended, so wide open to take over???????? In case you are not watching the news in the evening and don’t venture anywhere else besides the News Journal, now hear this – the Chrysler Building, one of America’s most recognized building is for sale.  An Abu Dubai Investment Council is negotiating an $800 million deal for a 75% percent stake in this 1930 skyscraper.   Now, this follows the sale of GM’s building to a group of investors which included wealth funds of Kuwait and Qatar….Hmmm, you wanna talk about SCARY?  Not only are we dependent on foreign oil, but now your priceless icons of design and symbolism of the American Dream are being sold off to the oh so rich Saudis.  The other evening I happened to watch Lou Dobbs show and he did a piece about a hedge fund called The Children’s Investment Read more

Garrett Reinstated

It is true that Dana Garrett was banned from commenting here since late winter.  We can banter back and forth about he-said, she-said...make that he-said, he-said all we want.  It won't matter, because it won't resolve, that much is guaranteed. While I find myself in rare agreement once every harvest moon or so with Dana, his comments certainly added some...uh...interesting twists and ensuing conversation. There is no mea culpa, nor do I think he'd expect one. One caveat before this is official, the ad hominem attacks that induced the ban in late winter will only bring it back.  They aren't welcomed here, his site, or many others we are familiar with.  Some chose to keep them posted with similar, ad hominem responses.  Some delete the comments.  Some delete with a terse warning response.  Some plug their ears and recite, "Nah nah nah nah naaaaah, I can't hear yooouuu."  Others, Read more

Clinton supporters show independent streak; increase likelihood both candidates will court them

Hillary's supporters are acting like voters who understand the power they hold and the respect of an earned vote. The Pied Piper seems to have a tougher task on his hands with former Clinton backers. "A newly released CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll found that if Obama does not select Clinton as his running mate, 22 percent of her supporters would stay home this fall -- and another 17 percent would vote for McCain." "That's just one estimate of the 'Clinton factor,' and it may not be an accurate predictor since it piles several hypotheticals on top of each other and asks people to guess their state of mind five months from now," said Keating Holland, CNN's polling director. "Nonetheless, it does indicate that unmotivated Clinton supporters may be a bigger risk to Obama than defections from the Clinton camp to McCain." Full Story Sen. John McCain's campaign reaches out to Sen. Hillary Read more

A better approach to county planning

When I listen to the land management debate, I wonder why the real issues are often mentioned only in passing.  We are in danger of becoming a bedroom community not a vibrant self-sustaining one.   In Kent county, most people can no longer afford to live here on the wages paid.  According to the housing report, most people are being stretched by rent and mortgages beyond what they can comfortably afford.  High energy costs make commuting  to find a better job an unproductive option for many.  Stagnant wages, high energy costs, and a lack of affordable housing have created an iron triangle of despair for many people.  To answer this we need to begin with a smarter, fairer approach to land management.  It should meet these three objectives:  reviving our towns and cities, providing a diversity of housing stock, and promoting a vibrant business environment.  It needs to respect Read more

SJR 11 – One Year Charter Moratorium – Research Required

I am a Charter School proponent.  I am also accepting of Senator Blevins' SJR11, "Instituting a One-Year Moratorium for New Charter School Applications." Two reasons that make me wince first, then two reasons I accept it afterward.  In the name of front page space, take the jump to page two for the low down. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------  Reasons that don't excite me about this Joint Resolution... Who's Who Some of the names of sponsorship, namely one Senator DeLuca.  He often has reared his head to complicate the path of charter schools.  One specific example is the Delaware Military Academy and its pursuit of conduit funding.  The prime incident being when they had CONDUIT funding lined up by the county only to have it yanked at the last minute at the behest of Senator DeLuca.  Senator DeLuca and DMA...not Read more

I guess it is a child.

This baby must have a purpose for being. This child survived an abortion attempt on his life at eight weeks. By the grace of God, he is expected to live a normal life. It reminds us that we are talking about real human beings not abstract choices.  It is a child not a choice is more than a cliche. This story shows how some prey on the fears of mothers to achieve an eugenic outcome. Her first son died soon after birth. Even though her second son has a normal life with one kidney, she was made to fear the third pregnancy. Where is the counseling and practical support? Why should that family have feared facing this difficult situation of a possible life threatening defect in their child alone? We have to do a better job supporting one another in society. Then we will be better able to bring out the best in each other and celebrate every life for its value whether handicapped or not. The world Read more

PRESS RELEASE — Copeland Comments on Denn Announcement

Copeland Comments on Denn Announcement "More of the Status Quo is Last Thing Taxpayers Need"   Wilmington, DE – Since beginning his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, Charlie Copeland has repeated a simple message: "Delaware needs real change in its leadership if the problems and challenges faced by citizens are to be truly addressed."   Today's announcement by Matt Denn shows that the Democratic Party of Delaware is unwilling to put forth candidates who are serious about – or can deliver – that kind of change.   "For 16 years, the same politicians have had control of Delaware and the results have been disastrous for taxpayers and citizens: backroom governing, out-of-control spending, and an education system that continues to fail children," said Copeland. "More of the status quo is the last thing taxpayers need, but that is exactly what the Dover insiders Read more

4 years have passed

President Ronald Reagan passed away 4 years ago on 4 June 2004.    I think his quote from 1964 is true today, “This is the issue of this election: Whether we believe in our capacity for self-government or whether we abandon the American Revolution and confess that a little intellectual elite in a far-distant capital can plan our lives for us better than we can plan them ourselves.” Do they make them like that any longer?

Team Obama redraws Map; Clinton late for her own Funeral?

Senator Obama has seized a new strategy which banks on higher turnout of African Americans and young voters. They are targeting 25 states including CO, MS, VA, GA, and NC. Colorado is somewhat possible, but it has been 40 years since the Democrats have had much luck in the other states (GA did go for Carter and Clinton in 1992). It seems like either a bold strategy to remake the electoral map or a rookie mistake which may divert resources from the states he can really win. It could be a mistake on par with the Rudy big state strategy. We shall see. Senator Clinton running late for the endorsement rally in which she endorsed Senator Obama seemed like someone being late for her own funeral. I don't know that it helps her chances to be revived by being on the ticket. I think this year could be determined by voter turnout not traditional polling measures just as 2004 was. The special elections Read more

Happy today? It is a Trillion Dollar Question.

The City of Dover Human Relations Commission asked me what the number one human relations issue facing our community was.  My answer was unhappiness.  It is at the root of racism, domestic violence, substance abuse, prostitution, school bullying, and family breakdown.  The good news is there is something we can do about it.  Dr. William Glasser presented an interesting proposition. He said that In practice, the most important need is love and belonging, as closeness and connectedness with the people we care about is a requisite for satisfying all of the needs. Choice theory, with the Seven Caring Habits, replaces external control psychology and the Seven Deadly Habits. External control, the present psychology of almost all people in the world, is destructive to relationships. When used, it will destroy the ability of one or both to find satisfaction in that relationship and will Read more

Congratulations, Senator Obama

During the campaign season, I will have opportunities to find fault with Senator Obama.  I will enjoy those opportunities.  He proposes change, but nothing new.  He seems like a cross between Lyndon Johnson, domestically and Jimmy Carter, foreign affairs and energy policy with the charisma and eloquence of John Kennedy.  It is a great package, but as like warmed over leftovers combined to make a new dish. His tax and spend, judicial activism, kiss up to America's enemies, over regulating policies represent the type of policies we escaped with Reagan and now Western Europe is trying to free itself from.   At least we can say that he seems like an honorable person, unlike Senator Clinton. I think we can say more.  What I like about Senator Obama is that he is sure of himself.  He believes in the ability of America to be resilient.  In his search for his own personal identity, Read more

What did you really expect?

The news is not good for Obama. Obama's challenge going into the general election is how does he get Hillary Clinton supporters to focus on his campaign and not him? One could argue he cannot, when he made the primary all about him vs Hillary and not issues. Rasmussen posts - "A new Pew Research Center poll points to a surging tide of fury, especially among white women. As recently as April, this group preferred Obama over the presumptive Republican John McCain by three percentage points. By May, McCain enjoyed an eight-point lead among white women. " Will he get white women back in his corner? As always please judge for yourself from the following: "What's dangerous for the Democratic Party is that, for many women, the eye of the storm has moved beyond Hillary or anything she does at this point. The offense has turned personal. They are now in their own orbit, having abandoned popular Read more

Wow…Freaking Wow Wow Wow. Did I Say Wow?

As a “Greater-“Middletownian, I don’t know what to say beyond, “Freaking Wow.  I am freaking impressed.  Holy Freaking Wow!” Git your 80’s hat and early 90’s party personna revved…and maybe your favorite John Waters’ lines of all-time rehearsed! Middletown, people!  Freaking WOW!  Read this! What’s disappointing is, if they waited just a couple more weeks, John Waters could have served as a judge at the Peach Festival.  That would have been worth at least two more “Freaking Wows!”

Sharon Stone gives us bad Karma

China seems in an uproar over Sharon Stone's comments which seemed at first blush to imply that the treatment of Tibet resulted in bad Karma which led to the massive earthquake.  In context, I don't think her remarks were unreasonable, just tasteless.  She seemed to reflecting on the fact that she let her strong feelings get in the way of her compassion and that it was wrong.  She learned that lesson by watching the Dali Lama offer help to the Chinese.  I understand why the Chinese government doesn't focus on the latter part of her interview, and I can feel why they were offended at the first part.  Of course this is not the first time she made headlines in the foreign press.  Claiming that Americans didn't care about dead Iraqi's was not wise to say to the Arabic press while our people were facing an insurgency in both theaters.  I despised her recklessness then and do now. What Read more

Say what?

Fewer Democrats Want Hillary to Drop Out Survey of 800 Likely Voters May 21-22, 2008 "As Barack Obama inches closer to formally wrapping up the Democratic Presidential Nomination, the number of Democrats who want Hillary Clinton to drop out of the race has declined." Should Hillary Clinton Drop Out of the Democratic Presidential Primary Race? Yes 33% No 53% Not Sure 14% Should Barack Obama Drop Out of the Democratic Presidential Primary Race? Yes 26% No 64% Not Sure 11% You know what this tells me? 26% of Democrats are voting for someone OTHER than Obama! He's done. Don't even bother to argue, this data has been consistent for 3 months. Think about it - If you're Obama, not only do fewer Democrats now want Hillary to drop out, but 48 delegates shy of the nomination and 26% of your own party thinks you should drop out. Say what? Amazing Read more

Sometimes I wonder

When I reflected upon the price paid for our freedom yesterday, I wondered are we getting the value out of our sacrifice?  Are we surrendering what people paid with their blood to preserve?  My father was a WW2 Disabled American Veteran.  We often talked about his concern that we were slowly but surely losing our freedom.  He distrusted the growing control of government over our daily lives when it wasn't about protecting the innocent.  Where in the Constitution did government gain the right to say what kind of toilet you had?  What about what color you paint your house?  Set up massive phone monitoring?  Seize and keep your property without convicting you of a crime? Become the arbiter of art, religion, and science? Tell you how to deposit your money into your own accounts? I admit that I am not happy that we have been operating under emergency rule.  Our government has not Read more

Some folks just aren’t getting the memo

" PONCE, Puerto Rico (CNN) AFSCME President Gerald McEntee was on hand in Ponce to introduce Clinton, but he spent a good chunk of his speech soliciting boos for Barack Obama. “Obama was here twice,” McEntee said, painting the Illinois senator as a Johnny-come-lately to the issues affecting Puerto Ricans. “Once to raise money. He was here for two hours, and he left, and he went on vacation. Then he came back this past weekend for two days, then he left again.” Full Story When a union as large and as powerful as AFSCME not only continues their support of Hillary, but goes out of their way to bash Obama, you have to wonder if they know something we don't. Very interesting development if you ask me. I would assess this more as a move to position their union for 2012 than 2008. They must not believe Obama will win, there's no other legitimate explanation. Note: Save the loyalty Read more

An hundred thousand saved turns into millions earned

state_cost_savings_with_attachment1.pdf In a memo sent to Office of Management and Budget Director Jennifer Davis, the state auditor's office found tens of millions in potential savings and recommended adding sports betting to enhance revenue.  Mr. Wagner's office gave some newer suggestions as well as renewing some familiar calls for savings not adopted from recommendations in times past. Some of the proposals are just a couple hundred thousand in savings and others like having available standard school blueprints would save over 10 million dollars annually.  Some make us wonder why they aren't already implemented such as a statewide administration for the 3 Vo Tech schools.  Allowing email pension statements would save tens of thousands--the estimate is %150,000.  An interesting one is the overtime in the Delaware Psychiatric Center. By hiring more people to fill critical openings, Read more

Democrats not Democratic

Hillary Clinton should stand up for democracy by demanding that members of the CA delegation pledged to her be replaced with her supporters.  Why, she won the state and these pledged delegates.  Yet, 40 of them are talking of switching sides.  Is it because some new revelation came out about the Senator?  No, they just think it is time for her to support Senator Obama.  Oh, and the people who voted for them matter not.  These people were elected for one purpose in the minds of millions of voters to support their pledged candidate.  If they don't do so, they are scum.  I personally have little respect for people who casually disregard a solemn pledge. They are saying that we count your votes, but your votes don't count.  It appears only blank ballots which may have an intent in need of divining matters.  Votes we know can be discarded by the millions at will. You want evidence.  Read more

Kent County missing the mark pt. 1

What is true of  state government is true at the local level. Kent county is facing some tough decisions. We have a new comprehensive plan. We are looking at new library facilities. We want to build new parks. We are grappling with whether to save a new civic center proposal. Crime is showing up in our county not just our towns. I think we also need to look around us and use these opportunities to bring more economic prosperity to our county. We are third out of three in many economic measurements in this state. We need to change that sooner than soon. The problems we face need cooperation with other interested parties to solve them. The go it alone approach by the current majority in council is showing an appalling lack of leadership. Don’t mistake me. These are good people with fine intentions. I am questioning their planning and execution. I have seen time and time again where the Read more

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