Our Bill of Rights and the Curious Case of Dr. Jahi Issa

Guest Post by: Doug Beatty On March 1, 2012 Dr. Jahi Issa of Dover was arrested at Delaware State University for failing to be a white female on horseback. That’s a provocative statement that demands support. In 2010 Delaware State University threatened to cut the equestrian team. The all white all female equestrian team protested by riding horses in front of the administration building and attending a public board meeting. There was no permit issued or sought for this protest. Campus public safety personnel didn’t approach or apprehend anyone. March 1, 2012. Dr. Issa and his class meet during class time at the Martin Luther King Student Center to walk to the public board of directors meeting to voice their concerns. A guest speaker was on hand for any of Dr. Issa’s students who didn’t want to participate in the organizational activity. Previously, Dr. Issa and his students had consulted with attorneys from the Delaware office of the ACLU in Wilmington to ensure that their actions were lawful and protected by the First Amendment. However, the next day while Dr. Issa was addressing his students at the Martin Luther King Student Center, he was approached and apprehended by DSU public safety chief Downes. Initially the story was that Dr. Issa and his students had refused a lawful order to disperse. He was charged with inciting a riot, disorderly conduct, offensive touching, and resisting arrest. By the time the case made it to a pretrial motion hearing, the official story had changed. There had been no order to disperse. The rioting charge was dropped. Now the narrative was that Dr. Issa had become disorderly when approached by public safety personnel who were trying to determine what the group was doing. At the pretrial motion hearing on December 5, 2012, Chief Downes and Patrolman Buchwald both testified that they had no reason to put their hands on, detain, or arrest Dr. Issa prior to Chief Downes touching Dr. Issa. The story was that Chief Downes had only touched Dr. Issa in a ‘calming manner’ and Dr. Issa had responded by striking the chief in the chest with an elbow ( according to chief ) or a forearm ( according to Buchwald). However, this video shot by a student who was present at the motion hearing but was not allowed to testify tells a different story. Chief Downes in fact came up behind Dr. Issa and grabbed his wrist in a decidedly non-calming manner. Dr. Issa not knowing who was behind him pulled his arm forward away from the chief. The chief was never struck, he then put his right hand on Dr. Issa’s shoulder, Patrolman Buchwald grabbed Dr. Issa’s left shoulder and they walked him off. Dr. Issa never hit anyone. Click on this link to view the, “Attack on Dr. Issa.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Y71cstMDg-U } Now the disorderly conduct charge has been thrown out. Having only heard state witnesses in the pre-trial motion hearing Judge Welch wants to proceed to trial, the state wants Dr. Issa to take a plea, and Dr. Issa wants his due process. Which is going to be very difficult to get. Not only is the state trying to throw him in jail, his food stamps and medical assistance have been suspended. Just last week Family Services made an attempt to seize his children and have him arrested again on false charges. Being educated and having resources prevented this latest attempt. Three witnesses were waiting for the case worker who was trying to destroy Dr. Issa’s family. A medical doctor destroyed the credibility of the school nurse who initiated the attack. The state didn’t get it’s way that afternoon, but the criminal case from DSU continues. The state fired him from his job, making it nearly impossible for him to defend himself. Jack Markell sits on the board of directors at DSU. Beau Biden had to sign off on the charges against Dr. Issa and his Deputy A.G. Lindsay Taylor is doing her best to win this case. Why do we care? If this can happen to a University professor who has an attorney then what chance does a marginalized citizen have in what passes for our justice system? Dr. Issa and his students were exercising their God given rights when he was attacked and falsely charged by DSU campus police. When he fell to the ground he wasn’t resisting arrest, his blood pressure was so elevated that he had to be admitted to Kent General after EMS evaluated him. He doesn’t suffer from hypertension. There is even a case involving a white female at DSU who did offensively touch police officers and she wasn’t even detained at the time, she was never suspended, and still works there. But Judge Welch refuses to throw the charges out for selective prosecution and disparate treatment. Judge Welch also presided over the case of the white female employee. What all this means is that in our corrupt system here in Delaware nobody is safe. African Americans make up about 23% of Delaware’s population and about 70% of the prison population. However, these tactics can and are used against anyone that ‘gets out of line’. Dr. Issa had some serious concerns about management practices at DSU to include a recent audit. That’s apparently out of line. But for the fact that he wasn’t a white female he might have been able to exercise his rights. Especially if he had been on horseback. The implications are chilling, questioning authority and exercising your constitutional rights can result in having your life and family destroyed by the state. This fight isn’t about Dr. Issa, it’s about all of us. Anyone who believes that we have freedom of speech and that we can petition for redress of wrongs. Dr. Issa has four children to support, and the state is trying to starve him out and eliminate his ability to defend himself. Despite being made indigent by the state, he can’t get public money for his defense unless his lawyer ( who hasn’t been paid in some time ) resigns. That would leave Dr. Issa at the mercy of whatever public defender he draws. Right now Dr. Issa has to raise money to pay for court transcripts. This is beyond dire due to arguably illegal acts on the part of the State witnesses and possible reversible error on the part of the court. Please consider a donation to his legal defense fund at http://hbcuinstitute.org.

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  1. Dr. Issa’s lecture in Philly was crystal clear, he talks about his protest at DSU over the “whitening” and “ethnic cleansing” of the University, BOTH in the student body AND in the faculty. He NEVER ONCE mentions the state audit. Not one time. Not even in passing. He doesn’t say one thing about it, ever, in the entire one hour lecture. The video link is posted for everyone to see, but what you won’t see is Dr. Issa talking about any “audit” what you will see is Dr. Issa talking about protesting the “whitening” of DSU.

    If there was a “flat out lie” its not coming from anywhere but Dr. Issa and the team of propagandists that are using him to grow a floundering political party.

  2. Dr. Issa, May 3, 2013, ” Furthermore, the schools faculty is already less than 20% African American, with a great deal of them being at retirement age. ”

    According to the University, 38% of the faculty is African American.

    The story below is from WMDT:

    DSU Protest For More African American Students & Staff
    Posted: Mar 01, 2012 7:10 PM EST Updated: Mar 05, 2012 7:05 PM EST

    DOVER, Del. – Emotions were running high Thursday afternoon during a protest at Delaware State University.

    Nearly a hundred students turned out with signs were demanding that the school’s administration admit more African American students and hire more professors. Claiming their Historically Black College or University actually has only a limited number of black students and employees and could actually lose it’s HBCU status. However school officials say that will never happen.

    “We are predominately African-American. As such, I don’t think that’s ever going to change. I think that they have some bad information. I have heard a couple of them talking about the fear that we’re going to lose our status as a HBCU. That’s not something that can be taken away,” said DSU Spokesperson Carlos Holmes. School officials say 73 percent of their students are African American as well as 38 percent of their faculty. They have been recognized as a Historically Black University for over 120 years.

    This article from a local TV station doesn’t mention the audit at all, either, just like Dr. Issa never once mentioned the audit during his hour long lecture on the protest in Philly.

  3. “A group of 20 students began protesting Williams at around 1 p.m. Wednesday for a recent, critical report by the state auditor on the university’s business practices and for the increasing number of non-black students at the historically black college, according to students.”


    Students may have expressed concern over increasing non black enrollment, for all we know they expressed concern over decreasing African American enrollment and the reporter chose to characterize it as he did.

    What we do know is that Dr. Issa has never advocated exclusion of any students at an HBCU. That’s not his issue, no matter how bad you want it to be.

    Dr. Issa did stand with the all white equestrian team for their INCLUSION at DSU no matter how badly you wish he hadn’t.

    Again, all of which is irrelevant to his legal situation. We understand that if the law is on your side you pound the law. If the facts are on your side you pound the facts. With neither on your side you attack the witness.

    Let’s assume that you are correct on all counts. So what? The man can’t express his opinion? He can’t take his students to a public board meeting without getting locked up? What facist planet did you arrive from spaceman?

    If he was concerned as you claim about whites enrolling then what policy did he break warranting termination by so doing? And if that were grounds to fire why was he fired for something else?

    Why was he immediately suspended and banished from campus? Why has the story from DSU changed?

    Are you trying to say that Dr. Issa hasn’t publicly addressed the monetary discrepancies? We’ll be happy to post a link to that if you want to be that stupid.

    Finally, what in your ridiculous post above justifies what happened to Dr. Issa in the video and his firing, prosecution, and even the state pursuing his family?

    Floundering political party? We have become the third largest party in Delaware by doing NOTHING. Now we are organizing. Why do you feel the need to insult everything about this man?

    Unaffiliated voters are the second largest voting block in Delaware and many are discovering that being with the Independent Party affords them all of the advantages of being unaffiliated with all of the benefits of party membership.

    Say what you want, Dr. Issa isn’t lying and he’s not hiding.

  4. BTW A2, Carlos Holmes also made this statement to the Dover Post “Police informed students and Issa that they had to disperse, at which point the faculty member became very uncooperative, Holmes said. When he became verbally abusive, police arrested Issa.”

    However this was not the narrative given by Downes and Buchwald at the pre-trial motion hearing on December 5, 2012.

    Again, Downes and Buchwald both testified that they had no reason to detain or arrest Dr. Issa until Chief Downes touched HIM.

    Suppose you explain your interest in this case? Mine is simple, I’m an activist for equal protection under the law and that’s been my focus since diving headlong into Delaware Politics. You?

  5. A2
    My question is: How in the heck does all of your useless bloviating relate to what the police attempted to do to Dr. Issa, charging him with crimes he obviously did not commit?
    How does your bloviating and denigration of Dr. Issa relate to the violation of Dr. Iss’a First Amendment rights; The right to assemble and the right to free speech?
    You use Saul Alinsky’s principle: when you can’t win a debate on the subject of the post, you immediately revert to an “ad homenim” attack.
    Well Sir, you are not the only one who has read Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” (Revolution).
    Since you can’t address the video we posted without the personal attack, I wonder about your teaching abilities.

  6. The video you posted, Don, begins with DSU security approaching Dr. Issa, nothing that occurred beforehand is in that video.

    DSU has a conduct handbook, you can protest, but you need a permit. Dr. Issa and the group he was with had no permit. When security asked the group to disperse, Dr. Issa allegedly refused. There are reports that Dr. Issa became belligerent and started shouting obscenities, which, of course, we won’t ever know if any of that is true because of the cleansed versions of the protest on the internet that begin with Chief Owens “touching” Dr. Issa.

    If this blog is going to pick up a cause and ask for money for an individual, I think there is a responsibility to tell the entire story to the people they want to open their wallets.

    I also have a question, why is the ACLU refusing to represent Dr. Issa or testify at his hearings?


    Dr. Issa speaks in the Philly video about all of the “lynchings” in Dover, since the owner of this blog is a Dover City Councilman, I would like to hear what David Anderson has to say about the “lynchings” in the city he represents.

  7. A2,

    Again, the testimony of Downes and Buchwald on December 5, 2012 at the pre-trial motion hearing establishes that Dr. Issa did nothing to be arrested or detained for prior to Cheif Downes putting his hands on Dr. Issa. A point that seems to elude you.

    As well there are multiple witnesses besides Chief Downes and Patrolman Buchwald who will also testify that none of the disorder you are speculating on ever occurred. Hope that helps.

    As for the permit, before ACLU decided to abandon Dr. Issa, this statement was made to the Dover Post by Kathleen MacRea, executive director of Delaware ACLU:

    ““At the time Dr. Issa was arrested students were gathering for the purpose of walking to the DSU Board of Trustees meeting to express their views on issues of importance to them,” she said. “DSU was not entitled to require a permit for that activity, any more than a town would have been under the circumstances.””


    Of course the ACLU is totally non-partisan and there’s no chance of political collusion so we can only speculate as to why the ACLU stopped representing Dr. Issa.

    If you think there is a responsibility to tell the whole story why are you fabricating this false narrative of Dr. Issa being a black supremacist and engaging in illegal discrimination? We are pleased however that you are looking out for potential donors in your own unique way.

    It would mean a lot more if you weren’t afraid to identify yourself. We only know that you are a schill for DSU, we know approximately where you are and the foregoing gives a good hint as to who you are. However we will leave it up to you to put on your big boy pants and identify yourself if you want to demonstrate any sense of integrity.

    I’m not holding my breath. Especially If I am correct as to my suspicions as to your identity. This kind of thing wouldn’t look good for you. Would it?

    Having said that, if you’re coming on here degrading this man and making up all this wild speculation contrary to established fact, don’t people deserve to know who you are, who you represent and what your stake in this is? I do.

    I have to ask why you’re afraid of being ‘outed’ unless you are doing something wrong? I’m ‘outing’ myself because I’m not doing anything wrong, and I’m not trying to deceive anyone as to who I am or what my motives are.

    As for ‘using Dr. Issa’ for the ‘floundering political party’ I was soundly in this man’s corner before changing parties ever came up on his radar. That was his choice and his alone. We stood by him before he joined our party and would still stand by him if he left it.

    It’s easy to tear someone else down when you refuse to identify yourself.

    As to your last question, David and Dr. Issa disagree on the unfortunate untimely deaths of two black men in Dover who were both found hanging from trees by their own belts.

  8. A2

    “If this blog is going to pick up a cause and ask for money for an individual, I think there is a responsibility to tell the entire story to the people they want to open their wallets.”

    I don’t believe any of what you are writing about Dr. Issa because you already have shown an expressed dislike for the man for unknown reasons of your own. Instead of commenting on the subject matter of the post you enter into salacious attacks on the man. I’m not quite sure of the reason you dislike the man but perhaps you should explain the reason for your ad homenim attacks.
    When your purpose becomes clear then I’ll understand the nature of your attacks.
    The video was taken by a student and was not edited. He seemed to have videoed the entire event and nobody saw, heard or recorded any abusive language of any type. You’ve bee told this before by other commenters and still persist with you untruths and prevarications.
    You’ve even used the sockpuppets trick to give the impression that you have more support for your lame theory than exists. I don’t believe you are credible simply because you are dishonest in you comments and you use a pseudonym.

  9. I don’t believe any of what you are writing about Dr. Issa because you already have shown an expressed dislike for the man for unknown reasons of your own.

    I don’t dislike Dr. Issa, I don’t know the man. You don’t have to believe a word I have typed. You can watch the one hour video of Dr. Issa speaking in Philadelphia that verifies everything I have said about the reason for the protest at DSU. According to Dr. Issa himself, on video, the reason for the protest was the “whitening” of DSU.

    The video you’ve posted begins with Chief Owens “touching” Dr. Issa. I have said this over and over again. The video DOES NOT SHOW anything that occurred during the protest before Chief Owens shows up.

    Dr. Issa has also asserted here that DSU faculty is only 20% African American when DSU contends that the faculty is 38% African American. Someone is lying, a good internet journalist would find out which party is telling the truth.

    Doug, you can keep posting what it says in the Dover Post about the audit all day long, but in a one hour long appearance in Philadelphia to raise money for himself and discuss his arrest, Dr. Issa never once mentions the audit as the reason for the protest.

    I never once called Dr. Issa a “black supremacist” though I do have a problem with colleges and universities that are exclusionary. We should all be color blind.

    You also solidify, with your comments, the reason why I comment anonymously on this blog. This blog cannot be trusted with people’s identities, I have no doubt that if you knew who I was, you would out me. THIS SITE IS NO SAFE FOR COMMENTING.

  10. Lie number one: “I never once called Dr. Issa a “black supremacist” though I do have a problem with colleges and universities that are exclusionary.”

    Earlier you posted : “please explain why it’s ok to be a black supremacist and publicly preach about excluding whites”

    DSU and Dr. Issa are not exclusionary, no matter how badly you want people to believe that. He has supporters that have known him since he was a student, that isn’t who he is. Again we know this because he stood up for the all white equestrian team to be preserved.

    Dr. Issa has never preached about excluding whites at DSU. That’s a bald faced lie. Why would you say such a thing?

    We have explained over and over, to include a witness that was there that Dr. Issa didn’t do anything to warrant being arrested before the video starts. This is consistent with police testimony at the pre-trial motion hearing. Suggesting, when you weren’t there, to the contrary is beyond dishonest.

    You can keep posting about the presentation, one presentation that Dr. Issa gave in philly, that doesn’t change the fact that Dr. Issa’s students had concerns over the audit as did Dr. Issa.

    Dr. Issa’s group in their press release stated that only 20% of the TENURED professors at DSU were African American. If Dr. Issa said faculty then he made a mistake.

    None of which has anything to do with the core issue. Dr. Issa has been falsely arrested, fired, demonized, and has had the state even come after his children because he exercised his first amendment rights.

    Other people who were not black males who were protesting, even a person who was charged with offensively touching a police officer at DSU, were treated much differently than Dr. Issa..

    Those are the facts, and your subjective ramblings and lies you can’t even keep track of do nothing to change the facts.

    I will find out who you are, and if you are doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing I will make the appropriate complaints and communications. Outing you isn’t my concern. You have nothing to fear from me unless you are doing something you shouldn’t be.

  11. I will find out who you are, and if you are doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing I will make the appropriate complaints and communications. Outing you isn’t my concern. You have nothing to fear from me unless you are doing something you shouldn’t be.

    This is exactly why I comment anonymously on this site. Are you being given access to IP addresses? Does the owner of this blog know you are THREATENING COMMENTERS?



  12. Now how can somebody threaten someone if they don’t even know who they are? Didn’t I clearly state that if you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear from me? I also plainly stated that outing you isn’t my concern, so why are you afraid of being outed?

    This is pretty typical, I’ve been here before. Bully comes out, bully gets card pulled, bully cries like a canine dowager.

    You’ve come on here and lied about a man who is really really going through some serious changes. It’s not just him, it’s his wife and children too. What has happened to this man is a travesty of justice.

    You cast him in a false light, outright lie about what he has said and done. Publicly. Then you are the victim when I tell you the truth. If you’re wrong I will catch you and report you. If you’re not doing anything wrong you have nothing to fear.

    That’s not a threat, that’s a promise. You’re going to accuse Dr. Issa of ‘ugly racism’ ‘black supremacy’ and so forth publicly while hiding behind your screen. But telling you that I will find out who you are and make the proper complaints if you’re doing something you shouldn’t be is a threat?

    Like we are fond of saying in certain parts of our Nation’s Capitol, don’t start none won’t be none.

    YOU are being harassed? What do you call what you’ve done to Dr. Issa?

  13. BTW, no I don’t have access to I.P. addresses from the site. If you think that’s the only way to figure out who you are I might suggest some light reading for you. 😉

  14. Thanks for the props Wolf, but in fact there are commenting members of forums across the globe who have learned that Saul Alinsky tactics tend to be less than effective on me. In fact Delaware Liberal banned me early on and can’t site any forum rules that I broke.

    Bloggers who are weary of messing with me tend to be less widespread. 😉

    The last I want is for A2/anon to stop commenting.

    Libelous statements are against the rules here. Legally public figures may be libeled with relative impunity unless the knowing and malicious threshold is met. However it’s still against the site rules.

    Of course I have read the site rules and don’t see any prohibitions against outing anonymous posters. Our friend must be confusing this site with Delawareliberal.net which has a prohibition against outing posters.

    There is no guarantee of a person’s true identity being protected on the internet. Courts have consistently ruled that there is no expectation of privacy when posting on the internet.

    Personally I have little patience for those who attack anonymously, but I do understand that in a place as small as Delaware there are those whose reputations have been so damaged by prior acts that they dare not criticize others using their true identity.

    That’s fine too, however if you’re going to tell lies about myself and my colleagues please don’t be shocked when I tell the truth about you.

    Having said all that, If I do get tossed from this site for my promise to our anonymous friend I’ll bear that punishment proudly. The enemies of justice are my enemies, and I’ll engage them wherever they present.

    Dr. Issa is innocent of the charges against him and did nothing to get fired from DSU. People who have protested without permits and who have been charged with similar offenses have not been subjected to the treatment that he has.

    State workers trying to destroy his family telling his wife that he has a ‘history of beating up cops’ tend to indicate a coordinated attack. Cutting off his public assistance while he’s fighting to clear his name is another element.

    Finally we have this person who seems to have a serious interest in this case and seems to be getting information from somewhere.

    About the donation link, I always post that but people seldom donate. In fact I might be the biggest donor concerning the places that I have posted that link. It’s more important that people know about this case.

    I know Dr. Issa much better than anon/A2 does and since I am comfortable donating to his defense fund I’m not ashamed to ask others to do so.

  15. Keep calling me a “liar” but facts are facts.

    1- Dr. Issa gave a one hour lecture in Philly about the protest, I have posted the video for all to see. He never once mentions an audit, he only mentions the “whitening” and the “ethnic cleansing” (his words, NOT mine) of DSU and the “lynchings” in Dover.

    2- The video that Doug Beatty posted does NOT contain any of the protest, it BEGINS with Chief Owens “touching” Dr. Issa.

    3- If you’re going to cite “testimony” that was given during the hearing, please cite it and quote it from court transcripts.

    4- I feel bad for what Dr. Issa is going through, but does anyone here really think that a school nurse is part of some racist state conspiracy against Dr. Issa? A school nurse made a report to social services about one of Dr. Issa’s children, as they are required to do by law, the situation was rectified in Dr. Issa’s favor. Many parents of all colors in this state go through the same thing every day, unfortunately it’s our overzealous system, it’s not a government conspiracy.

  16. Anon/A2
    “I feel bad for what Dr. Issa is going through,”

    Do you expect anyone to believe that statement. Oh, that’s right, we’ve all recently fallen off of turnip trucks and are genuinely naive.

  17. Again A2,

    Dr. Issa’s students and Dr. Issa communicated concerns over the Audit to the Dover Post and this was published by a reputable reporter who by the way isn’t ashamed of his own name.

    Again, that is one presentation of many that Dr. Issa has given. Again Dr. Issa’s treatment of his students and support for the cause of the equestrian team refutes your lies.

    As for the nurse’s report, Dr. Issa has the documents and action will be taken. The school nurse reported life threatening injuries but the child was taken to DFS instead of a hospital. So you can blindly defend that without knowing what you’re talking about if you want to.

    So yes when a nurse reports extensive and life threatening injuries and a medical doctor and laymen observe that the child is uninjured it does look like a conspiracy.

    When a case worker references an unsubstantiated accusation of offensive touching as a ‘history of beating up cops’ that smacks of a motive.

    The Author of the video has identified himself here, if you want the transcripts then buy them yourself. I was there, I know what I heard.

    Apparently you’re convinced that if you keep telling lies they will become true.

    As for threatening to out you, I know who you are and I’m sincere about not outing you here. You’ve done enough damage to yourself over the years so I’m loathe to report you to anyone whose resources you may or may not be using.

    I don’t believe in anonymous blogging, commenting and especially attacking others anonymously. But it’s not like you can use your real name and be taken seriously is it?

  18. Also, too, as well,

    I’m not calling you a liar, you identified yoruself as a liar. You called Dr. Issa a Black supremacist then said you didn’t. It’s in the thread. I’ll post the links if you’re having trouble keeping track of your own lies.

  19. Yes, the Dover Post article. I posted Dr. Issa’s OWN words AND a report from WMDT that fail to mention the audit, but the Dover Post is to be trusted over Dr. Issa’s own, video taped statements. Why do you doubt Dr. Issa’s credibility.

    You keep saying that Dr. Issa isn’t against non minority enrollment at DSU but Dr. Issa himself claims he was protesting against the “whitening” and “ethnic cleansing” of DSU (again, HIS words, not mine).

    I have proved the above point time and time again using a video of Dr. Issa himself, saying those words, with his own mouth and yet you still deny it.

    Notice how the only people rushing to Dr. Issa’s defense on this thread are you IPod Members who want to use this issue to increase your registration, and one of his students who immediately started throwing around false accusations before even reading anything that was said.

    Where is the defense by Dover City Council member David Anderson who I would imagine is intimately aware of this entire situation with the Dr.?

  20. What Dr. Issa referred to as ethnic cleansing and whitening was the removal of African American faculty for the sake of removing African American Faculty.

    According to his research that causes African American enrollment to decline.

    Again, Dr. Issa has never practiced illegal discrimination against white students nor has he ever advocated such.

    There is wide disagreement with Dr. Issa’s views on affirmative action and on the concept of the Historically Black College and University to include whether or not we should still have such a thing.

    I have to tell you, defending Dr. Issa’s right to free speech when he is supporting affirmative action is not the best PR move for IPoD. But it’s the right thing to do.

    Again, your accusations of Black Supremacy and ugly racism are strictly ad hominem attacks. They are false, they are lies. I know this man, so does his student who posted here, so do Don and Wolf.

    You are using an old trick “Well you said this and it means that…” No, he said what he said. The Dover Post reported accurately what the concerns were and in fact Dr. Issa discussed the audit with his students.

    Again, much stronger terms have been used on court documents to describe the changing demographics of the faculty at DSU.

    My belief is that raising questions concerning the audit led to the arrest, suspension, firing and continued harassment of this man. That’s my belief.

    Councilman Anderson is in Afghanistan last I knew, and he Dr. Issa communicate on a fairly regular basis. I’ll leave it to David to decide whether or not he feels compelled to communicate with a person who doesn’t want to use their own name and insists on lying.

    Do you deny that you accused Dr. Issa of “black supremacy” then stated that you didn’t? If you weren’t lying are you just too confused to keep track of your own posts?

    Why should anybody listen to anything you have to say? You either won’t or can’t tell the truth. You dare not identify yourself for whatever reason.

    I’m just not feeling it A2.

  21. Dr. Issa is zip-tied, walked away with a fist in his back, dropped to the ground and held down with a knee in his back.

    Why is that not “beaten up” ?

  22. Actually Delacrat, they just twisted his arms and started walking him off. Which was not needed, he would have gone along peaceably. He got short of breath and dizzy according to my interview with him.

    What we do know is that his blood pressure was high enough to get him admitted to Kent General through the ER after EMS brought him in. He was also complaining of pain in his right shoulder, x-ray was negative. At the first appointment he could get a torn ligament was found indicative of a separation injury. That’s the arm chief downs was twisting.

  23. Actually Delacrat, they just twisted his arms and started walking him off.

    That’s probably because he was instigating a “prelude” to an assault. Somehow this seems fitting in a nation that can fire up its military industrial complex for preemptive wars based on “victimization” that hasn’t even happened in reality.

  24. I have decided that since two names can be used, I’m going undercover.

    Nobody will know who I am because I’m posting as anonymous doug beatty. 🙂

    Here’s something I really didn’t write but I’m not going to tell you who did because this is ‘anonymous blogging’ baby. Deal with it:

    A2 is apart of the elites “D” team. He is a pawn on a chess board only sent to test the strength of those who want real change. They will also send the “C” team next. But they can also be defeated! When they send the “Bishop”, then we will know that we are making real progress!

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