Open Thread On Police “Bad Shoots” vs Extreme Violence Against All Police.

Organized violence against police grows to new level in Dallas. Your views and concerns for America

My view: 99 percent of local and state police officers are great at their jobs and an asset to the communities they serve. The problem that exists is the tight closed fraternity or brotherhood that protects the officers that are bad actors. These bad actors who violate the law should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and punished like any citizen that violates our laws.

2 thoughts on “Open Thread On Police “Bad Shoots” vs Extreme Violence Against All Police.”

  1. The Second Amendment is there for the purpose of making sure that citizens have the firepower to use against government they perceive as tyrannical.

    If a gun owner thinks that government officials, such as the police, have overstepped their bounds, then of course he can start shooting at them. It’s why the Second Amendment is there.

  2. I agree with you on this one Nit, innocent and law abiding citizens shouldn’t die simply because they are legally carrying a gun or selling CD’s on the street.
    I believe the screening process for law enforcement officers should be much more stringent. The brotherhood of LEO’s protects even the guilty officers and that is what is the cause of officers getting shot.

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