Open Thread 4/14/2017

According to FOX News, President Trump during the 2016 campaign, was quoted as saying that he could conceivably share a hamburger with Kim Jung Un and resolve differences. Given the North Korean leader’s determination to develop strategic nuclear weapons and ICBM’s while ruthlessly killing his relatives, shouldn’t a HOT DOG be more appropriate???? —————————————————————————————————– When dining with Syrian President, Bashir al-Assad, it may be useful to remember that “Please pass the Mustard” has a whole new meaning…. —————————————————————————————————–

7 thoughts on “Open Thread 4/14/2017”

  1. **** This just in ****

    (Damascus, Syria)…………………………………..4/14/17 6:06PM ET

    A cautiously anonymous Syrian government official has reported that President, Bashir al-ASSad apparently
    ate too many beans at a state dinner earlier this evening and consequently had a rather flatulent night.

    Unnamed UN and White House officials promptly called for an expanded chemical weapons investigation.

  2. Cost of MOAB unit: $170,000.

    Elimination of 36 terrorists @$4,722.22/terrorist.

    Global psychological and geopolitical effect: PRICELESS*….

    * [ R&D, preparation, delivery and after-action assessment costs, taxes and tags extra. ]

  3. I think Trump may have fallen in with the neocons, and I’m not liking how he’s morphed his foreign policy into a mom and pop shop.
    This daughter and son in law business was fine for the campaign, but is way out there at this point.

    Sometimes successful business guys just want to make everything about family in their old age, but this ain’t no New York family delicatessen we’re talking about here, Mr President.

  4. Revised figure:

    94 ISIS creeps @$1808.51/terrorist.

    NOW, that’s really cost-effective!

  5. @fbn
    I agree that he seemed to have strayed from what we thought would happen but he must be given credit for keeping the congress working on a health care bill. He really needs to address tax reform this year or it won’t get done in his first term. He does have a strong foreign policy position and he has repaired damaged with our allies. He has had illegals that have committed felonies deported and has amped up that program. He is taking bids to build the “Wall.” He has signed many EO’s that are dismantling Obama’s agenda of socialism. I think he’s going to do better in the next 100 days.

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