4 thoughts on “Open Thread 11/07/2018”

  1. DE GOP shit the bed. The party desperately needs new leadership. Harrington/Taylor are not getting it done meanwhile ERS is killing it for the Dems. The is no way Lavelle, Simpler or Hudson should have lost and their is no excuse. The top of the ticket was the worst I have ever seen and I’ve been voting since 2004.

    So on to 2020. Assuming the DE GOP has competent leadership, there are 2 seats that should be heavily targeted. First the 9th Senate. Jack Walsh is a weak 1st term legislator and can be beaten. Second, the 14th Senate. If Ennis retires this district is ripe to go red. There are 4 seats that need to be fiercely defended. They are 7th Senate, 22nd rep and 21st rep district.

  2. It’s pretty impressive that 125,000 voters in Delaware took a look at Scotch “Johnny” Walker and said, “Yep, now there’s Congressional material.”

    Think about that. 125,000 people. Here, in Delaware, walking around loose among us.

    It’s really something, if you think about it.

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