Open Letter to the City of Wilmington, DE


By: Steve Washington, M.Ed.

Why is the city government always in the news? One reason is that micromanagement in the parks and recreation division causes tension throughout youth employment.

There are many concerns regarding the hiring process of youth workers and counselors. Although there is a lottery process for hiring youth, many of the youth are hired through word of mouth or by the powers that be in the department and sometimes city council representatives. This year, the department approached the hiring of program staff differently as in the past years since the beginning of the youth and family division.

When do the powers that be have time to interview for temporary program positions? Perhaps, this may be a reason to such failures. Why have a manager of the youth and family service department if he or she cannot make decisions or interview the staff that will be employed in that department? To be successful, we must employ educated qualified people who have the best interest of the community at heart — not the incompetent use of power. Just something to think about!!!