3 thoughts on “OPEN FORUM 10/8/18”

  1. Rob Arlett for US Senate: He would represent America’s interests far better than Carper ever could.

    Andrew Webb for US Congress: He’s a sharp young man on the rise, the only conservative sane congressional candidate. He is a young man with a vision for America!

  2. John Bucchione for 20th District State Rep.

    It’s about time that we vote out that arrogant loudmouth good for nothing jerk, Steve Smyk, who is a pawn of corporate special interests and full of BS. He wants to raise traffic fines and put up more red light cameras. Who needs him?

    Andrew Webb for Congress.

    Nutcase Scotty Walker wants to legalize heroin and Lisa Blunt Rochester wants to make Delaware a sanctuary state.

    We have enough drugs and illegals already.

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