Office Depot Goes Nutty Backing Employee Who Refuses to Copy Pro-Life Prayer

Breaking News–Update: CEO Ronald Smith issued a statement apologizing to Maria Goldstein for employees not copying her flyer. Upon “detailed review” it was decided that the flyer did not violate Office Depot policy. Father Frank Pavone, of Priests for Life and author of the prayer, called for the faithful to go to their nearest Office Depot and copy the prayer below.

This is pretty outrageous. Intolerance is alive and well. This is on the border of violating the 1964 Civil Right’s law. They can’t put a prayer in a copier because they disagree with it. You don’t even need to read it to copy it. This is either insane or the feeling that persecution of this Catholic patron is acceptable. Why not put up a sign that says Catholic materials need not apply for services? It is bound to cost them business. Office Depot did offer the self service printers (which tend not to be as good as the digital ones) so their anti-Christian bigotry was not complete. Second class copiers were available. Frankly, if the employee would have allowed the others to be used, I would have no issue. When one actually reads the prayer and Planned Parenthood facts, it is hard to see why it even sparked the employee’s vehement objection. In a free country, you have the right to make outrageous decisions. I have a right to call them outrageous and go to Staples. If the person were being asked to design it, that would be different. Making copies is a mechanical function and the only guidelines are no illegal activity or persecution of people groups.

Then again, imagine if it were the opposite. I wonder how big this story would be? Imagine if it were a wedding invitation to a same sex wedding? (Personally, I would find that outrageous as well because it has no personal involvement to make copies). Unlike the right which is favoring using private pressure, they would be filing human rights complaints. Remember religion is a protected civil right’s class under the 1964 civil rights law.

I wonder will the left favor corporate free speech expansion here.

I would encourage you to print a couple of these flyers and leave one at a table somewhere. The best revenge against censorship is more speech. Flier-prolife

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