Obama, Clinton Meet About Emailgate, Biden Future Dem Presidential Candidate?

Martha’s Vineyard Meeting Between Obama and Hillary, Springs Hope For A Possible Democratic Biden Run


It’s no surprise Obama included Clinton in his family’s yearly August vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and the timing could not be more convenient. The president will be able to vacation and open the door for a Biden run for the presidency.

This presidential election promises a plethora of surprises from both the Democrats and the Republicans and whoever is the victor of this presidential election, much will be expected from an American public. The nation is split nearly equally down the middle concerning what direction the nation should take.

According to news sources, the Clintons will be vacationing in the Hmptons, an upper-crust New York vacation destination that is influential with the “rich and famous,” the last of August. This might become a strategy session vacation, deciding any possible Clinton future strategy.

6 thoughts on “Obama, Clinton Meet About Emailgate, Biden Future Dem Presidential Candidate?”

  1. The Democrat selection of candidates is extremely limited.

    The Republican selection is supernumerary.

    It is high time for an Independent.

  2. I would agree Wolf. Trump has already stipulated about an independent campaign if the GOP treats him badly. The GOP can’t help but screw this up. It an errant gene in their DNA.

  3. I’m sure she has plenty of information that could burn the administration down and seriously damage the Democratic Party. Likewise the administration has information that could probably land Hillary in jail. It’s like a poker game. Who has the best hand? Let the dealing begin. This is a classic example of life above the law.

  4. @fightingbluehen
    Interesting concept you present. In a nasty tradeoff, I would bet on the Clintons any day of the week and twice on Sunday.
    The Obamas are mere pikers compared the seasoned Clintons. She will never go to jail, but they took Gen. Patreaus down for far less.
    Obama has already proven he gives everything away in every negotiation he enters into.

  5. In the event of a Hilary Clinton E-mail / Beghazigate campaign meltdown, the Democratic Party presidential nomination doors will be thrown wide open.

    Who knows who will declare? Elizabeth Warren? Joe Biden? Michelle Obama? Maybe even Al Gore or John Edwards?

    Might as well pick names out of a fishbowl.

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