No Fly List Sham, how about a no corruption list?

Maybe we should have a corruption watchlist. If you are under investigation for misuse of office or breaching national security by the FBI, you can’t run for office. Of course that would be absurd, it would violate the presumption of innocence, if you can’t even meet the low bar of arrest or indictment, why should a mere investigation stop someone from exercising their Constitutional rights? Would that not open the door to political prosecutions? I would love to see Hillary Clinton dropped, but that would be wrong.

Look at poor Tom Delay. House Republicans put in a rule that if you are under indictment you can’t be in leadership. What happen? A Democrat prosecutor, who hated him, made up a creative indictment so that he would be removed. He was innocent. Did Democrats support Bill Clinton’s removal based upon the Star Report? The Delay case was most interesting because it was a pure power play.

People in Washington and the media understand this argument. Why do they have such a problem with the no-fly list which has thousands of people not even under investigation on it? People whose names sound like people who are bad are on it. Journalists, members of Congress, singers, and people with “Muslim names” have found themselves on it and have a difficult time getting off it.

You see they do not want to do the actual work of funding the FBI so they can follow the 2 or 3 thousand leads. They do not want to do the surveillance necessary to stop these crimes or follow up when they actually have leads. They don’t even want to admit that a terrorist is a terrorist when they have a 5 year track record and have him recorded saying that he is pledging allegiance to the Islamic State. Yet, we are to trust them with our rights. They want easy answers. We should want real action.