No Apology Necessary–Same Sex Marriage is a sham

I am have long liked Pastor Chuck Betters, but he made a mistake this week in apologizing for a sign that said the cross is greater than equality, playing on the marriage equality issue.  He was making a theological statement that the Cross is greater than any ideology.  He was right.  He was mistaken to apologize for it when the social media firestorm came. It is time that we speak the truth.  Same Sex marriage is a sham.  It is not marriage.  It can never be equal to real marriage because it does not serve the same function of building stable families and only serves to undermine the sacred position of the institution that civilized humanity and took us forests to free markets, from caves to cities, and from swamps to the stars.  This entire movement is the 21st century fool’s errand and anyone who supports it is blind to anything that represents reality of human history. The family has the crux of the collective heart of humanity.  It has been how we raise children, pass on faith, build character, learn how to treat one another, relate to the generations, and begin education.  It has been the foundation of every lasting society.  Marriage and family is one of the few institutions that crosses all regions, ethnic groups, religions, and cultures.  Whether one is Christian or Hindu, Jewish or Muslim, Buddhist or Taoist, we all have in common that our societies were built on a foundation of marriage uniting the two sexes and those two who became one family making the sacrifice necessary for society to continue and flourish by investing themselves into the next generation. I believe that purposefully depriving a child of a competent parent is of both sexes is a serious mistake.  It happens all too often with no fault divorce and people choosing to have babies “on their own”.   We do not need to institutionalize the decline of the family. President Obama recently mocked those who want to “go back to the ’50’s”.  I think the problem are those who want to leave the proven ways that allowed us to reach beyond the primitive and pass on culture and knowledge.  We did it by tradition.  I say let’s stand on the best of our traditions– Life, real marriage, family, and free markets.  Not all progress is good.  Instead of reaching for the stars, the progressives are digging a hole in the sand from which we may not escape. We already gave “equality” with civil unions.  This is not about equality, it is about social engineering. State Senate, you have the votes to stop it.  If you do not, you will be have the weight of eternal judgement against you.  History will ask why did you do this?  GOD will ask you why did you  despise Him?  It is your choice. That is my view and no there will be no apology now or ever.

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  1. “I believe that purposefully depriving a child of a competent parent is of both sexes is a serious mistake.”

    That’s what you are doing when you leave your family for a foreign war.

  2. First thank you for recognizing that I am a competent parent. I do agree with you that a year without an hands on parenting is a terrible burden on my children that I hate. In the 21st century, I do and will maintain regular contact with them and not deprive them of being engaged. It is far different from a child never having a parent.

    The reason that I serve is that my children will have the right to continue enjoying the greatness of free America based in the best of our traditons. I wish we were never attacked. I wish they would leave us alone and we stay out of their countries. That doesn’t seem to be our immediate future.

    America is worth defending. I am willing to stand tall and “defend her still today”.

  3. David

    Your current post does not jive with your last comment in the previous post. I respect your opposition to gay marriage as someone who claims it is against his religion. you talk about outreach in one breath and call what some people see as a civil right a sham in the next breath. It is at best poor political strategy.

  4. I have no desire to reach out to people politically who oppose my fundamental beliefs. What is the point to that? On a personal level sure, on issues that we do agree upon, absolutely. On issues where we disagree, of course not. Political power is about implementing your beliefs. I am fine with them being in the other party. They can stay there. I want the much greater number of disenfrancised social conservatives who make up 40% of the Democrat party not the 5%.

    I call it the way I see it. I always have and always will. That may not be typical Delaware Politics, but it is the only way to build a real political movement. They used to call it leadership.

  5. Homosexual marriage is a more than a farce it is political opportunism at its worst. Two years ago every major democrat opposed it and they were never called bigots, homophobes etc but they see a political pawn to be used against Republicans and they ALL change their minds, they have evolved they say.

    Funny how liberals want the government out of the bedroom but here they are imposing the state again when there is no discrimination or unfairness.

    Marriage is and has always has been regulated and restricted. You are free to have any consensual relationship you want with any one or anything but please don’t ask for validation by law.

    It is amazing to me how every institution in America is being attacked by homosexuals. Boy Scouts, Military and Marriage are targets and we sit back and let those who never practice any tolerance themselves demand it of those who disagree.

  6. Actually, there are some problems with the numbers in your analysis. First, missing from your argument is that over half of marriages end in divorce. So your argument fails to consider the implications that having two people fight each other in court, has on the children. I would fault both you and Protack with an GIGANTIC error of judgment here. A normal person can see a loving homosexual couple is far better for any child than two heterosexual parents who hate each other.

    So for your argument to hold even a tiny bit of merit, you have to change your title to this: “SAME SEX MARRIAGE IS A SHAM COMPARED TO THE 50% OF MARRIAGES THAT ARE SUCCESSFUL”.

    Which means same sex marriage at the start of EVERY conversation, is just as good and on equal moral footing as each of those 50% of marriages stated which fail abysmally….. Since those failed 50% of marriages were originally recognized by every legal authority the world over, then by default, homosexual marriages which have at least the same moral if not legal ground as these failed marriages, should also be recognized at least by every legal authority the world over.

    Delaware is one of those legal authorities and therefore, by default, must recognize single sex marriage as at least being greater or equal to those marriages that end up badly… Passing the Gay Marriage bill will do that.

    One factor you two also refuse to look at: 3.3. million children A YEAR are abused. Each and every one of those abused children were created by a heterosexual action. If you state as you do, that heterosexual copulation is the only right course, you are also, by default, implying you wholeheartedly approve of 3.3 million children being abused every 365 days… or per day, an average of over 9000, or 376 each hour, or 15 a minute, or one child every 4 seconds…. In the time it takes to read that last sentence, an average of 4 children were abused of the two of you both whole heartedly approve

    (of course you don’t)

    So compare that to the number of children in gay marriage households who receive anything less than a supporting, positive relationship. Zero.

    That is right, There are zero cases of child abuse in homosexual marriages. Furthermore, there are zero cases of children in homosexual marriages who say they ever felt … unloved.

    Why? For the simple reason that to have an child in a homosexual relationship, extreme and costly measures have to be taken…. That child is loved by both parents.

    So, if you say single sex marriage is a sham, then you are arguing for the continued abuse of 3.3 million children as the collateral damage of you being able to maintain the strength of your moral that have their basis in the laws of Moses created 4000 years ago, which were repudiated by Jesus Christ himself, over 2000 years ago……

    We the other side, simply say that COST is unconscionable. It is too high. Single sex marriage, is not a sham, It is the only vehicle capable of carrying God’s ideal forward into the future…. We can’t do it on heterosexual marriages alone, that has been tried….. But with God’s help, applying both courses of action, will make His world on earth, easier to obtain…

    Which by default, means if you are against single sex marriage and that possibility of raising children under the love of God, you are against God’s will itself……..

  7. The left supports gay marriage because the left supports anything that Marx and Engels deemed (in the Communist Manifesto) as contributing to the destruction of the foundation of capitalist society- religion, private property, the family, marriage and private education. These must be destroyed in order to build a new, ‘fair’ society. Like Cuba.

  8. We live in a disposable society. Hence, traditional marriage has been damaged by our society, lets toss that definition out and get something different.

    The destruction of traditional marriage is just one of the challenges that warrant fixing in America. We have deep issues, but rather than addressing them honestly and head on, we are just going to move on, and hope that our tinkering and experiments work out in the end.


    “That is right, There are zero cases of child abuse in homosexual marriages. Furthermore, there are zero cases of children in homosexual marriages who say they ever felt … unloved.”

    Kavips, you are holding homosexual marriages up to an unfair standard. You do them injustice, because ultimately there will be more and more bad apples that are uncovered over time. Homosexual marriage is not accompanied by sainthood. Please note that the actual claim being reported by the study is not about homosexual, married couples in general. Rather it is specifically about married Lesbian couples, and even that statistic will change with time.

    Oh and the hammer is threatening to drop on the claim of zero cases of child abuse among married gay couples.–social-workers-feared-branded-homophobic.html

    As I said before, it is only a matter of time. There are people who will do bad things in every group, and in every demographic. Homosexuality is not a guarantee that a person is a pedophile, nor is it a guarantee that they will not abuse a child. People that experience same sex attraction are after all just humans like the rest of us.

  9. Homosexual marriage fundamentally changes human society ,and that change is radically disproportionate in the ratio of affected to disaffected population.
    Be it folly or enlightenment is beyond my pay grade, but I will note that this situation is unprecedented in human society.

  10. Timothy Pancoast on April 28, 2013 at 17:40 said: “We live in a disposable society. Hence, traditional marriage has been damaged by our society, lets toss that definition out and get something different. ”

    The same is true of all relationships in our modern society.

    If two people have a disagreement or angry misunderstanding, the Christian approach is to sit down and work it out and achieve the reconciliation that God commands. The Bible says that Christians have A MINISTRY OF RECONCILIATION.

    But in our culture today, relationships are throw-away items like Styrofoam cups.

    That causes many marriages to fail, and that is an embarrassment and a tragedy.

    Dr. James Dobson and other Christian leaders have contributed to the problem. Christian leaders try to scare young Christians not to rush into marriage, so they portray the “parade of horribles” if a person marries “THE WRONG PERSON!!!!” (add scary movie music sound track here).

    So the lesson is when you encounter bumps in the road in a relationship, it must be THE WRONG PERSON — so you should just dump the person or divorce. Dr. Dobson told me that if you marry the wrong person you will have problems.

    Therefore, QED, logic tells us, that if I am having problems in a relationship it must be the wrong person. Right? So just quit.

    Of course, this is absolutely contrary to God’s purposes, because relationships are meant to include CHALLENGES that force us to become better people.

    However, when faced with this shameful state of affairs in our modern society, your solution is to keep going in the wrong direction? Should we make up lost ground and repair the damage? Or should we make it even worse?

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