NJ Wake Up Senators Plot to take Guns

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Councilman David Anderson is a citizen activist who has served the community in several areas. He is a member of the Academy of Dover Charter School board of directors, a former Dover Human Relations Commissioner, past Chair of Delaware Right to Life PAC, Proud member of the Delaware Army National Guard, former Because We Care Inc. alternative school board member, Republican committee person, and co-founder of the Delaware Initiative and Referendum Coalition. He is currently Huck PAC state coordinator.

2 thoughts on “NJ Wake Up Senators Plot to take Guns

  1. Anonymous, nobody has it up, so why are you blaming David Anderson. After close of business on a Friday, we have only a blurb, including from someone who has made a lot of mistakes in the past. If someone has the document, maybe it will get posted. I tried to find more, and there isn’t any. Who waits until after 6:00 PM on a Friday?

    And how is this a bigger story than Joe Biden charging the Secret Service for renting the space to protect him with?

    As for the rumor, it sounds about as believable to me as a car that runs on unicorn smiles, but I won’t discuss it yet because that would get more into it than the board here wants.

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