Newt Gingrich Shares Big Ideas

From pushing the National Institutes of Health to make brain science a priority to opening up oil and gas reserves and using the royalties to pay off the national debt, former Speaker Newt Gingrich was a man of big ideas and vision. He treated Downstate Delaware to a true image of what a Presidential campaign should be like today. The story was covered well in the Dover Post.

2 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Shares Big Ideas”

  1. Gingrich does have some great ideas. The problem is I find him lacking in the ability to execute those ideas, with a ridiculous moon proposal to a bankrupt think tank, he does not inspire confidence as an executive.

  2. More corporatism. No discussion of the Federal Reserve. No discussion of whether or not the Federal government should even own all of these lands they’re renting out for royalties in the first place. No recognition that the NIH is as corporatist as any other alphabet soup agency. What’s his “American Energy Independence Act” beyond a cleverly Orwellian title? Bet you it’s a bunch of tax giveaways and regulatory breaks. All I saw last night was a lot of pandering.

    Worst of all, no recognition of the problems with an imperial presidency. Do we really need someone like Newt Gingrich tooling around the White House lurching the executive branch between his whims?

    More. Of. The. Same.

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