Newt Gingrich Comes To Harrington

 Come out and see former Speaker of the House and current Republican candidate for president Newt Gingrich in Harrington, De on Saturday April 21st at the Harrington Volunteer Fire Company starting at 4:00pm.   Even if you are not a supporter I would encourage all to come and hear the man speak. I had the chance to attend one of his speeches in Millsboro and was very impressed. I think we can all learn something from a person with as much experience in the field of politics and policies as Speaker Gingrich.   The address is :
20 Clark Street, Harrington, DE 19952
  And there is an event page on facebook at this link if it helps and you can see all of your friends who will be going too. Pass the word!
  See you there.

24 thoughts on “Newt Gingrich Comes To Harrington”

  1. Newt, its time to throw in the towel and stop waisting tax payers money as well as private donors who are just throwing good money after bad!!!!
    Instead, take some of that money and donate it to the Romney campaign.

  2. CR, while it may be over, the conversation is still worth having. I was a Santorum supporter, and I will most likely still cast my vote for Santorum. Why you may ask. Because every vote cast for Santorum and Gingrich sends the message to Romney of where he needs to be to solidify the base. Once the process has run its course, then we will pull together to defeat Pres. Obama, so that he can golf everyday. Have a little respect for the process and don’t be-little the supporters of the also rans, we will need every one of them.

  3. Frank,
    I am not be-littling anyone. Newt continues to collect federal campaign funds which is a waist of tax payers money. Last Presedential election my choice did not win, I did not continue to support him but got behind the presumptive nominee Senator McCain. The time to pull together is now. The process is over. The Convention will be a formality as we all know by now. It is never to early for Party UNITY when the field is set. Newt and the rest of the Republican leaders need to show that Unity as many already have. Why not join them. Also, Govenor Romney knows what he must do to win and he doesn’t need his own Party members to continue sending mixed messages.

  4. Colonial Republican, the donors are donating voluntarily. So if they don’t want to give to Romney, and think it is better to donate to Newt Gingrich instead of Mitt Romney, even now, Mitt Romney’s campaign needs to ask what they aren’t doing right.

    No one should be forcing anyone to donate to someone they don’t want to donate to. But if Romney can’t convince Gingrich donors, then he needs to ask what is he failing to do that would Gingrich is doing.

    You want us the Republican Party to come together in unity.

    WHAT FOR? I encouraged you to take the opportunity to call upon people to take action. I have never heard a single example of anything that Romney supporters think should actually be done. On the contrary, I have read extensive discussion about how the right candidate just “automatically” wins.

    So why do we need to be unified? What for? So we can sit on our couches and watch “The Big Bang Theory” all passively and quietly supporting the same nominee?

    What’s the point of being unified if the GOP isn’t actually DOING anything to win?

  5. CR, do you understand that when you say, “Romney knows what he must do to win and he doesn’t need his own Party members to continue sending mixed messages.” that you sound like an elitist? Are you saying that once the nominee, that Mr. Romney no longer need listen to the rank and file? Is that what we can expect from a President Romney? It is not that we are not ready to support Mr. Romney, but we want our voices heard, that sir is the process. It is the idea that the nominee knows more than the rank and file what is best, is exactly what lead to the discontent within the party in 2010, did you learn nothing? Your attitude will actually push voters away from supporting Mr. Romney, I would suggest you toning down your arrogance.

  6. Frank,

    I speak the facts, you however are trying to convulute the process. The people of this Country are not going to sit back and tolerate this disaterous economy Obama has created. Also, the rank and file as you put it are not running for office. They have a choice its as simple as that. My friend there is no arrogance on my part, I suggest you look in the mirror.

  7. “Instead, take some of that money and donate it to the Romney campaign.”

    Newt? Roll money from his campaign into someone else’s?

    This is Newt Gingrich we are talking about here. Any leftover campaign funds will be rolled into one of his PACs, and that PAC will be billed consulting and management fees from one of his other vehicles.

    You do understand how the Gingrich collective of organizations operates, yes?

    He’s the master of the game, and others have caught on. For example, you can take a look at for the FEC filings of ChristinePAC, which has no donations made to federal candidates, but expenditures on management, consulting, rent, utilities, and so forth.

  8. “Newt continues to collect federal campaign funds which is a waist of tax payers money.”

    The fund is there for any qualifying candidate, and it is a voluntary check-off. The whole idea is to provide funding for a broader range of candidates than those whose primarily skill is in attracting private money. Our campaign finance laws are a mess, but the public funding component is probably the least messed-up part of it.

  9. First off Newt has no extra campaign money he is in the hole.
    But CR, can you hear yourself? It is people like you, that make people like me mad enough to stay home. And brother I advise you to take nothing for granted, there is no such thing as a sure thing as far as the general election is concerned. While the numbers would seem to say that the race is all but over, are you saying that only half of the nation should get to choose our nominee? And even so, that is the process, does that mean that the other half has no right to voice their oppinion on the matter?
    What are you afraid of? that enough of the last few primaries could show a decidedly more conservative base than Mr. Romney and those like yourself would care to have to address? You still wanting to run to the left? I have tried to learn some lessons from 2010, however from listening to you, you seem bent on holding a grudge and are unwilling to learn anything. Caution my friend, for you may awaken that which would be best left sleeping.

  10. “The people Country are not going to sit back and tolerate this disaterous economy Obama has created.”

    Just a point of order. I was under the impression that Obama’s inauguration was not not until January 20, 2009. I’m prettty sure the economy tanked a few years earlier (2006 as I recall).

    While it is legitimate to say he has not managed to improve it appreciably, at least we can be accurate and tell it like it is that he did not create it.

  11. Frank,
    Your living in the past. 2010 is history and we are talking National elections not Delaware. The feud in your county in 2010 proved to be a disaster. The voters elected Obama and that was a big mistake. I hope they learned that lesson. Sounds like sour grapes coming from you. You need to take a positive approach and get rid of all that negative aggression. The field is set there is 2 choices. The remaining primary elections will not change the fact that it will be Romney vs Obama. It is the Republican nominee vs Obama. Decide who you think is best but don’t threaten to stay home on election day. That is the attitude of if I can’t have my way I’ll take my ball and go home. In closing, I fear nothing except the thought of 4 more year of Obama! By the way I don’t live in Sussex County and therefore hold no grudge. Lastly, I doubt if you can teach me anything about politics.

  12. Dave,

    He didn’t fix it either, he made it much worse. His promises, promises of change went from bad to much worse. enough said!

  13. Well, to Frank in #5, in all fairness, I think Colonial Republican was talking about having multiple candidates going around saying different things, thus having no clear spokesman for the Republican Party versus Obama.

    But I do think CR would attract more foot soldiers to the sound of the battle by trying to sound a little more inclusive.

    My concern with Romney at this point is that Rocky Balboa COULD win if he gets up early every day and runs up the steps of the building and trains like crazy, and works like crazy.


    Romney can beat Obama. But he’s going to have to have to fight for every inch of territory, and he may have to get some dirt stains on some polo shirts along the way. He may have to trade in the ascot for a Ronald Reagan style lumberjack shirt every once and a while.

    If Mitt Romney starts campaigning in a grocery store, and shows voters that he knows the price of a loaf of bread and a gallon of milk: NOTE *SHOWS* PEOPLE THAT HE KNOWS, I DIDN’T SAY *DOES* HE KNOW, I MEAN *SHOWS* PEOPLE “I CARE ABOUT YOUR LIFE, I UNDERSTAND YOUR LIFE” then I will start to think we can win this thing.

    If Romney goes shopping and is seen buying his own cheese and eggs and peanut butter at Giant or even Harris Teeter, okay, GAME ON. Then I’ll know the GOP establishment is finally getting serious and getting their heads out of the clouds.

    Romney Balboa CAN beat Obama.

    But it is going to take an awful lot of early morning runs up and down the steps to make it happen.

  14. “If Romney goes shopping and is seen buying his own cheese and eggs and peanut butter”

    For which house?

    Besides, he’s got two year’s worth of provisions in each one, in keeping with LDS recommendations for all families.

  15. Oh, and come on, the guy makes $54,000 a day. If someone made that much and knew the price of a loaf of bread, I’d think there was something wrong with him.

    I don’t make anywhere near that much, and I do my own shopping. But I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the prices. I bought a bag of hot dog rolls the other day. Hell if I know what it cost.

  16. CR, I have to say that either you are not able to listen to others or you are a complete fool. I have siad that I will support Mr. Romney, though he was not my first choice, but I think he still needs to be pushed to the right so that he can shore up the base. The best way to do that right now is to let the primary system be played out so that he can hear from the entire nation, not just half of it abd so that all Republicans can feel as if they had their say, you would be surprised how much that means to the ordinary rank and file voter, or maybe “you” wouldn’t. If Newt is still winning states or even taking large numbers of voters within the states, along with Santorum, then Romney’s people had better be smart enough to recognize that the people are responding to their message and Romney should look to incorporate some of that message into his own.
    If Romney looks like and elitist or as if he is running to the left, he will go the same road as McCain. And the sleeping giant that I am speaking of is the possible third party run of Paul (and never discount crazy) or some other backed by the TEA movement. This is not something I would welcome, in fact I have warned against it in the past. But hey! you are so smart of course you already recognize that possibility, right?
    I also find it ironic that your call for unity is wrapped in insults, is this how you build unity?

  17. Frank,
    You are the one who has tried to insult me by calling me arrogant etc. I have tried to have an intelligent debate with you but you are still clinging to waisting time promoting candidates that will not be the nominee. The voters will speak on election day and the choice will be clear whether the voter is a democrat or Republican. Governor Romney is intelligent enough to plan his campaign and I am sure his campaign team will be made up of people that are well versed on the issues and the task at hand. I suggest you take a step back and not denegrate anyone who does not agree with you. Good luck in achieving whatever you are trying to do. I will continue to work for the election of Governor Romney and every Republican in our State. Also, I see no need for us to continue to debate this issue. Have a nice day.

  18. CR, you put words into my mouth, all I said was to tone down your arrogance. I notice you did not address whether all the voters had the right to voice their oppinions in the prinmary process, also how does it hurt to have their voices heard. And of course you see no reason to continue to “debate ” on the topic, the same as you see no reason for all GOP voters to have a voice, not surprised. Good day to you also.

  19. CR – once is a typo. Consistently is another problem. “waist” and “waste” are two different words.

  20. Newt is MY choice and we ALL deserve a chance to vote! That’s what makes us FREE! Robme has NOT won the delegates and does NOT deserve to be crowned the winner! This is the process. Why bother with the process if we’re not going to follow it??? It’s Newt or nobody for me. PERIOD!

  21. Just for the record, I never said that no one has the right to vote. So let’s get that straight. Evey voice has and will be heard and the outcome will be Romney vs Obama. That is a fact and it will be undsiputable!

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