News Flash: Biden tells the truth!

So much comes out of Joe Biden’s mouth that is either inane or an outright lie, that people have become immune to what he says. But Yesterday, Biden actually said something that is factually correct. Biden being factually correct is so rare that it is newsworhy. Here is what loud mouth Joe actually said yesterday in North Carolina:
“How they can justify raising taxes on the middle class that’s been buried in the last four years,”
Now the statement in and of itself contains half a lie. No Republican has any proposal that will raise the taxes on anyone. It is the democrats, starting with Jack Markell, who are intent on raising taxes. But, Biden did tell the truth in that the Middle Class has been buried in the 4 years of the Obama regime. Give Liberals power and in the end the Middle Class suffers. We saw this in the Carter administration. During 2010 and parts of 2011, I had to deal with the Christine O’Donnell jokes while traveing out of state. (“so you guys really thought running a witch for Senator was a good idea?”) Now loudmouth Joe has diverted the attention from Christine to himself. Delaware of course is the loser in this. The question from my out of state friends is “How did you guys keep electing such a bozo?” It is a fair question with a complicated answer that can’t be reduced to one paragraph. Needless to say, I am proud to have cast my ballot against Biden 8 times. In this way I try to deflect blame to my out of state friends. Their response is: “There must me a bunch of dumb people in Delaware”. I do get some satisfaction in replying to people from Massachusetts.

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  1. “My taxes have gone down further since Obama was elected.”

    Tell Joe Biden. He is the one who said that the Middle Class has been buried in the last 4 years.

  2. As Clint Eastwood said at the RNC, Biden is the intelligence of the Democrat party. He and the room temperature IQ (in Celsius) insurance commissioner are prime examples of the uncanny ability of local voters to pick the most vapid, inept and corrupt candidates for important offices and keep them there.

  3. Disenchanted, I trust the ability of the voters to pick good candidates provided they are given complete information.

    Unfortunately, we have a corrupt liberal newsmedia that does not give the complete story. The worst of the Delaware Liberal perpetrators are the News Journal Papers. They have given Joe Biden a pass since 1972.

  4. Tennessee, you must be in the top 1%. I now understand why you are so angry as it appears that Obama/Biden are about to sweep, and Dem’s are about ready to take both houses of Congress. Unfortunately the rest of us aren’t upset one bit.

    As part of the 47% that don’t matter to you or your party, we kinda like Joe. He is a human being, He cares for us, he’s supported us, he’s fought for us., he’s got our back. All four of those are something no one, no one from the Republican Party has ever been able to do for us…

    I am sure that you and your 1% friends, are disheartened at our love for Joe. And this is probably something you probably don’t know, but the universe you and your fellow 1%’ers live in, is pretty small. What works for you, actually hurts other people. Hate to say it, but you are the bad guy here. And every time a bad guy picks on a good guy, good folks come out of the woodwork in support.

    Here is why you are the bad guy. You are picking on the Commander in Chief of the United States of America; most of us don’t like that you’re doing so, it puts you in the same category as say… Osama Bin Laden. Not saying you are, but if you pick on the president of MY COUNTRY, you become MY COUNTRY’s enemy, and that is the category into which you get tossed. For you see, it is not so much about the man, but it is about our love for this country. For this might come as a surprise to you, but we the 47% who don’t matter to you, love this country. We are the ones who send our sons and daughters when our nations calls. We are the ones taking a week off to fly to Dover, when their remains return.

    We give to this country. WE give up what we love most. And that is why we resent someone who moans and cries… “oh, woe is me. I have to pay one more penny in taxes. Boo-hoo. I can’t afford to lose one penny. We have to rid our nation of this commander in chief because I lost one penny… “.

    I writing this in the effort to do you a favor, and explain to you, that your vision is out of date, and not very realistic. You are trying to rally people to help you make more money that is eventually coming out of their pockets.

    Well, we gave up a lot for our America for 12 years… starting with Bush W. We suffered, thinking it was making America great. Our anger, is that you Republicans reneged on your agreement. You kept our money for yourselves, embezzling and taking loans out our grandchildren will now have to pay back, simply because there was not enough cash on hand to stuff your pockets…

    That is why, you are losing. It has nothing to do with Romney. It has to do with you. the 1%…

    If you’d put only a piece of what we gave you back into America , we’d be happy now. You didn’t. You put it in your pocket….

    It can be fixed. and hopefully both houses will be democratic as we start the new year. Hopefully we can eliminate the 60% rule, and progress will get done. Nothing will change, unless America throws out all its Republicans… If that hurts you and your friends who jokingly can put down one of the best most decent men we know, then it was your fault. It is because of all your party’s actions over America’s past lost decade.

    I hope this passage helps keep you in the future, from embarrassing yourself in the public eye… That and nothing else, is the sole purpose of its airing.

  5. Kavips please tell us what what you are drinking as it evidently allows one to engage in pure fantasy and ignore reality for an extended period of time.

    I am glad you like Joe Biden. No doubt you agree with Joe that the Middle Class has been destroyed in the last four years. I also agree with that. As I said, this is one instance where Joe is telling the truth. The problem for you and other Biden acolytes is that Joe has been in charge of this destruction of the Middle Class for the last four years. Kavips and Biden seem to want to perpetuate the fantasy that someone other than Biden and Obama have been in charge of the train wreck that has destroyed the Middle Class for the last four years.

    Now, it is obvious that you have not made any effort to actually read the article I referenced in this post. You have not referenced Biden’s remarks nor have you stayed on topic. Instead, you have wasted band width and wasted eveyone’s time on a stupid, ill informed attack on me.

    The fact that you know zero about me or my finances just adds to your stupidity.

    For the record I did not attack Barack Hussein Obama in this post. Joe Biden did this.

    Now for your ridiculous comparison of me to Osama Bin Laden, you have attacked George Bush in the past. I am not saying that you are just like Osama Bin Laden but the standard you have set in your ridiculous rant applies here as well. I don’t believe you are just like Osama Bin Laden but I do believe you are a hypocrite. You have often criticized G.W. Bush which is yours or anyone’s right.

    However, your approach is that criticizing Obama is treasonous.

    Kavips, you embarass yourself every time you post.

  6. Why is Sher Valenzeula (R) holding a campaign event with Alex Pires (I) instead of Kevin Wade on Saturday? The Delaware GOP, the gift that keeps on giving!

  7. My taxes have gone down further since Obama was elected.

    Really? What taxes did Omaba cut?

    Actually, mine have gone down as well and my income has increased.

    You two are sure lucky- unfortunately for BO, your anecdotal experience is inconsistent with the national trend. Of course, your increased incomes will help with coping with the huge increase in gasoline and other commodity prices.

    BO can cite all of the statistic he want- real people know that under Omaba, they are paying more for virtually everything, and Omabacare hasn’t even kicked-in yet.

  8. meatball writes in #11 : ” Income tax. Making work pay ring a bell? 2% reduction in payroll taxes, anyone? ”

    The payroll “tax” is your RETIREMENT and Medicare.

    The payroll “tax” funds social security and medicare.

    So Obama and the Democrats CUT FUNDING to social security and medicare by cutting the payroll “tax” by 2%.

    Do liberals even understand the basics of taxes in this country? The payroll “tax” is the Federal Insurance CONTRIBUTIONS ACT. It is a “CONTRIBUTION” to your retirement fund — not a tax. SAYS WHO? Says the Democrats who sold the country on creating it: It’s not a tax, not a tax, not a tax, THE DEMOCRATS told us.

    That is the funding for social security and medicare. So the Democrats starved the social security trust fund and medicare by cutting the payroll “tax”

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