New Direction

   I had planned to write a post this weekend talking about how there is currently a group of people who do nothing but run around with their hands in the air shouting about tyranny.   I was going to point out that they present themselves as both the voice of the GOP and the conservative movement. They are neither. They are small minded people who can never do more than challenge the ideas of others, while being unable to put forth more than talking point, bumper sticker rhetoric. They seek power, yet are unable to recognize that with power comes responsibility, not only to use said power to help people, but to be responsible in their personal actions.   I have instead, after some thought and after certain actions by others here at Delaware Politics, decided to go in a different direction, both with this post and with my so called contribution to the political conversation.    I have come to the conclusion recently that Delaware Politics has taken a turn down a path that I am no longer comfortable with traveling. there are some who will say it was I who made a turn, and that may be fair, but whatever the case, I see myself and the management here heading in two separate directions.   I have always felt that the best way to learn, is to listen to the ideas of others, even those whom we may disagree with. It has become clear that here at Delaware Politics there has been a decision made to silence opposition. Certain ideas and opinions are no longer welcome here. This site belongs to David Anderson, he is free to use it as he sees fit and to allow whomever he sees fit to do as they please.   I personally in the past was given that same freedom to write about topics that were not always in agreement with David, yet he never attempted to silence me or my views. That is no longer the case. There has been a clear new direction here, where one person has taken it upon themselves, with David’s blessing, to delete comments not only from myself, but from anyone who dared to disagree, under the thinnest excuse of them being personal attacks.   The site no longer, in my opinion, welcomes the open and free exchange of ideas that it once did and has instead become a site being run as a totalitarian site by proxy.   Therefore, and I am sure some will welcome this, I have also decided to take myself in a new direction.  I will no longer be contributing to Delaware Politics, I will limit my writing to my own site  and facebook .!/frank.knotts.1I welcome all to friend me on facebook as I will be linking to my site any post I write. I hope that many of you will follow me, not to be in competition with Delaware Politics, but so that there can be a place for that open and free exchange of ideas that Delaware Politics once was, I welcome all. I even welcome that person who is so determined to silence that exchange.   This has been a tough decision for me, I was once kicked off of this site for my opinion on abortion, David Anderson asked me to return and made me feel welcome, I no longer feel welcome, therefore I will take my opinions and express them elsewhere.

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  1. I am sorry that you feel unwelcomed, but I think we mutually agree to part ways here. Thank you for 500 plus posts which have enlightened the body politic. One day, you will be back, I hope. You will remain a friend. Your resignation is accepted effective the 30th of course you do not have to participate, but you are welcome to do so until then.

    In February, we will reformat and go a new direction. Thank you for all that you did and do Frank for this community both as a writer and activist.

  2. Sorry about the bad link in#2 David.

    Note from me: Thanks for supplying the good one. No problem, it is good to go.

  3. It has become clear that here at Delaware Politics there has been a decision made to silence opposition. Certain ideas and opinions are no longer welcome here.

    Such as…?

  4. frank

    all the more reason to stick around. i have followed this site for quite sometime. your writing has evolved so that you now (and have been for quite some time) put forth arguments that are supported by research and facts. most of what is posted here is simply a regurgitation of a talking point that was heard on fox news. (i am not necessarily talking about the comments) you should certainly keep on writing.

  5. By the way Frank, I agree with you that some people just know how to complain and refuse to be responsible enough to govern. I hope that you do write such a post before you leave. I just hope you do it in a way that brings us to think not divide us.

  6. Saltyindependent, I thank you for that. I have been able to grow in my writing and my views by not just listening, but by hearing others.
    Unfortunately there is a conflict here at DP that I can no longer abide. David has made his choice to allow certain people to silence that which they cannot debate.
    I can cohabitate with those I disagree with, but I cannot abide watching as someone abuses their so called authority.
    I hold no ill will toward David Anderson. But now I will have more freedom to write about the fringe elements that are taring the GOP and the conservative movement apart, about those who see themselves as leaders, yet have neither the temperament, nor the willingness to work with others that may not share their views 100%.
    Please follow me at

  7. Frank really small minded? You tout how you are conservative republican then you call a talk radio show suggesting that public schools add a firearms course to their curriculum. As a Conservative Republican I want less government intrusion in my personal life and certainly don’t want the giovernment teaching my children about firearms. We’ve all seen how successful sex education in public schools has faired.

  8. anon

    some good points made there. i’m guessing that you would also agree that adding an “armed guard” at each school would also add to “government”.

    i also agree with frank that the fringe of the republican party is making its return to prominence next to impossible. nothing but empty rhetoric in a cyber echo chamber. the pendulum will begin to swing back as it always does the tea party reached its pinnacle almost two years ago. where is sarah palin or michelle bachman?

  9. Well anon, I was responding to a question by the host Susan Monday. My complete statement was, that yes I thought that an elective in gun safety would be a good idea, “IF” it included practical experience with guns, “IF” the students actually got to fire the guns, and if the course was “NOT”, just a course telling the students that guns were bad and were only for killing people. Because I believe that if kids are allowed to handle guns safely, some will enjoy it and yes some will not, but they would have the chance to decide for themselves, that my friend is true conservative values, self determination.
    I notice that you left that out and attempted to misrepresent what I actually said in an attempt to question my conservatism, this is exactly what I am going to point out in an up coming post on my own blog, that you fringe, self righteous, self proclaimed, so called conservatives, are what is causing people to turn against the GOP and conservatism, because it is people like yourself that put yourself out as the voice of the GOP and conservatism and you come off as nothing but angry and non-inclusive.
    But please join the conversation on my site, I will need real life examples of just who I am talking about.

  10. At the national level, Republicans are doing well- they easily held the House and they have 30 governors.

    The danger is the ‘moderate’- losers like Dole, McCain and Romney.

  11. “At the national level, Republicans are doing well- they easily held the House and they have 30 governors.”

    Whatever helps you sleep at night.

    They’ve been clinging to an eroding base and ignoring the changing demographics of this country. They’ve cost themselves 5 Senate seats because of wing-nut stupidity, and are in danger of losing electoral swing states. Hell, they’ve already lost Pennsylvania.

  12. Frank I didn’t attempt to misrepresent you or anything you stated. I paraphrased your statement to Sumo. The crux of you statement was and still is firearms education in our schools. That is NOT a conservative way, children exposed to firearms and their proper use and safety is the responsibility of parents. Maybe just maybe if our public education system focused on what’s really important in education our graduates would be prepared for college and the workplace.

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