New Direction or Turmoil In New Castle County

John Carney will be the certain Democratic nominee for Governor. New Castle County Executive Tom Gordon was already pulling back, now he has certainly pulled back. He split his inner circle and his county government is in disarray. It is nothing that he cannot fix, but it is nothing that can be fixed in time to mount a credible primary campaign against a popular statewide officeholder.

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County Executive Tom Gordon dismissed Grimaldi, his top deputy since 2012, over the phone on Thursday afternoon, Grimaldi said in an interview Friday morning.

“It was in the spur of the moment because I questioned him about his risk manager, who I think is his girlfriend,” Grimaldi said. “It was just, ‘(expletive) you, David. You are fired.’ ”

Said Grimaldi: “I put lipstick on that pig for three years, but it is a (expletive) pig.”

Grimaldi said he approached Gordon after several employees allegedly filed “hostile workplace complaints” over Cheryl McDonaugh, the risk manager for the county. Grimaldi said he told Gordon, “You are going to lose your whole government because of your personal relationship with Cheryl. That is when he started flipping out and fired me.”‘

Ms. Cheryl McDonaugh denies the allegation and finds offensive the attack on her friendship with Mr. and Mrs. Gordan.

What brings more turmoil to the situation is the fact that Grimaldi is threatening to primary Gordan and apparently there is a split in the loyalty in the government between the number 1 and former number 2. The infighting between New Castle County Democrats has gone to a new level. Will Republicans position themselves to challenge for this position?

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  1. Will Republicans position themselves to challenge for this position?

    Only one position sells in SOSNCC- socialism.

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