My View: Conservatives Need to Stop Settling and support our own

I am supporting Senator Marco Rubio for President. He is a true leader, a true Reagan Conservative, and one who will lead us to victory in November. You may support someone else. Cruz is a true Conservative. Carson is a true conservative. Even Kasich manages to get around to being a true conservative with 100% National Right to Life voting record and 92% American Conservative Union record. Though I would rather go for the 98% guy. I do not support settling for someone who throws us red meat like we are dogs under the table then does what he wants. We should not have a seat at the table; we should be at the head of the table because we built the table. We don’t need another McCain, Dole, Romney, or Trump. People who tell us what we want to hear instead of what should be said. They just use us. Rubio, Cruz and Carson are one of us.

Friends, if you know someone who is on the fence this Super Tuesday–especially our Virginia readers, don’t let them throw the election away. Rubio wins. Trump is in doubt. This is our election. We have the ability to put a conservative in for the first time since 1988 when we tossed it away. We did it again in 2008, but like Trump said, it would have been hard for Abe Lincoln to win as a Republican during the recession. Now, we have a clear path to victory. Don’t be foolish and give it away.

There is a reason the liberal media has been playing dog whistle politics and putting Trump all over the place, while the true conservative media is saying avoid this guy. It is so we do what Missouri voters did with Todd Akin. Clare McCaskle saw how Harry Reid was going to get wiped out with either of two great conservatives, they destroyed each other and Tea Party Express overrode the local Tea Party leaders and backed the wild and not ready for prime time Sharon Angle who threw the campaign away with her mouth. She was dead in the water unless she could get Aiken. She was not getting that chance so she did a dog whistle campaign and spend millions attacking him as the true conservative. Primary voters supported him over other true conservatives because they thought she was afraid of him. They foolishly turned down a statewide winner who would have won by 10 points and lost the election.

Democrats were going to lose this election against the most competent, distinguished and diverse Republican field ever assembled. To even have a chance, they needed a miracle. They got it when Donald Trump descended down the escalator. Now with the death of Justice Scalia, the stakes are too high to play games. The Constitution is at stake and I will not be silent. I beg you do not put what it took 35 years to build at risk. Do not turn the house that Reagan built over to someone who is a casino bet. We are on the verge of complete victory, Presidency, Courts, Congress, State governments in 30 states, don’t quit when we are just about to win. Vote for Rubio. Vote anyone else, but don’t vote Trump. He does not have the temperament to be President nor the conservative track record to be trusted. Times are too dangerous to gamble with someone who has no understanding of our beautiful Constitution.

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  1. I am supporting Senator Marco Rubio for President. He is a true leader, a true Reagan Conservative, and one who will lead us to victory in November.

    A charter member of the Gang of Eight is a “true Reagan conservative?” Yeah, right.

    The Socialist-Democrats are all saying how much they “fear” a Rubio candadicy. Sort of like they “feared” Romney.

    What they really mean is that they want Rubio.

    I want Rubio too…as VP under Trump.

    Make no mistake, I would certainly vote for Rubio. But, I don’t think he’d win, whereas I think Trump would clobber Hillary.

  2. From the Tampa Bay Tribune;

    A new, sweeping review of all committees Rubio has sat on since taking office in 2011 paints a bleak picture of participation in the day-to-day responsibilities of the job.

    Rubio is on the Foreign Relations, Intelligence, Commerce and Small Business and Entrepreneurship committees. The Florida Republican has missed 68 percent of hearings, or 407 of 598 for which records were available.

    His skipped 80 percent of Commerce hearings and 85 percent of those held by Small Business, records show.

    He has missed 60 percent of Foreign Relations hearings since joining the Senate despite making his committee experience a centerpiece of his qualifications for president.

    He attended 68 percent of Intelligence Committee meetings, though that’s based on 19 hearings for which records are available. The bulk, 245, were classified so records are unattainable.

    The figures are through November 2015, and Rubio’s absenteeism has only worsened as he has hit the campaign trail full-time. He already has the worst missed-vote record of any current senator….

    I guess Rubio emphasizes status over substance.

  3. Has he explained why he and a lobbyist took so many trips together and charged them to the Florida Republican Party yet?

  4. From today’s New York Post

    Confidential polling data shows Hillary Clinton could lose the presidential election in heavily Democratic New York to Donald Trump as the GOP front-runner’s support grows to the point of being “surprisingly strong,” The Post has learned.

    The poll results, from Democratic and Republican legislative races, have surprised many leading Dems, virtually all of whom have endorsed Clinton, while confounding and energizing GOP leaders, many of whom until recently have been opposed to Trump.

    “There are some Democrats who think that Hillary can be taken if Trump mounts a strong campaign,’’ one of the state’s most prominent Democrats said.

    Most of the polling didn’t address the possibility that former Mayor Michael Bloomberg would run as an independent, but some of it did — and found the former mayor took “significant’’ votes away from Clinton in heavily Democratic New York City and the surrounding suburbs, a source familiar with the data said….

    I have believed all along that if Trump were to be the nominee, New York would be in play. And it will be. For all the talk about Hillary, Hillary, Hillary we need to remember baggage, baggage, baggage.

    New Yorkers prefer do’ers to talkers. If Trump could come somewhat close to even in the NYC metro area, he’ll carry NY.

    Rubio in NY? Forget it.

  5. Latest polls, Florida. Courtesy, Real Clear Politics;

    PPP…Trump 45, Rubio 25

    PPP…Trump 46, Clinton 44

    PPP…Rubio 43, Clinton 45

    Quinipiac…Trump 44, Rubio 28


    Trump 31, Kasich 26.

    How can a sitting governor who “balanced budgets” and “grew the economy” be losing to Trump in his own home state?

    Answer; momentum.

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