My Thoughts On Secession

Petitions for secession are proliferating.  People from 49 states have petitioned the White House to leave the Union.  I understand the frustration with an overbearing Federal government which oversteps its bounds daily.  I fully support the reassertion of the 10th amendment as amended by the 13, 14th, 15th, 19th, 24th, and 26th amendments.  It is vital to restore a measure of balance to the system. As an American soldier who is dedicated to preserving our liberty and the American way of life, I do not support in any way secession.  As a matter of fact, I think the secession movement will build in popularity, but fade within a year to background noise once people start thinking about its implications.  Can we strengthen America by tearing it apart?   Do we win by quitting?  Should the American experiment be at risk every time there is a close election?  Is your love for America and allegiance conditioned upon smooth sailing or getting your way?  Should we allow the Conservative movement to be marginalized by embracing an extreme reaction to a bad circumstance (the decline in liberty, culture, and prosperity)? I love the United States.  I love it in good times.  I love it in bad times.  I love it in times of prosperity.  I love it in times of economic challenge.  I love it when the majority agrees with me.  I love it when I am in the minority.  In the U. S., the minority still has all of the liberty of the majority and the freedom to build a new majority in a couple of years.  When you get to within 1% or so why would you quit?  I say stop whining, love America enough to sacrifice time and effort.  Educate yourself then your fellow Americans on the moral superiority of liberty.  Stand up for our values in the culture.  Be willing to take a few slings and arrows.  Fight for the America that you love in the arena of ideas.  Be willing to listen to your fellow Americans because we are not right about everything.  Show your love for America by making it better and supporting your Congress especially the People’s House, and the states.  Push to restore the Constitutional balance. The problems in America are that we do not follow the Constitution;  we have abandoned our traditional Judeo Christian ethic; and  we have forgotten that free markets are the life blood of a free people.  Let us commit to standing strong and restoring the America that we love– One nation under GOD, with liberty and justice for all. May GOD bless these United States of America and may they always be so.

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  1. To succeed with secession you must first concede that ceding the services and money accumulated from a central government by seceding from that entity will cause your standard of living to so recede…

    You also secede from the $17-trillion debt, which will eventually cause a nationwide economic calamity.

  2. Rick
    As I’ve said in a similar post, I believe the secession movement is a protest of the American people about a number of things, the skyrocketing debt being only one of them. Almost nobody would actually take those actions that would weaken America.
    I fear this president won’t listen to the American People on this clear message and continue on his path of destruction.

  3. Simply put these petitions are a joke. The real joke are those news media outlets who act like this is some big deal, and not that, “ha ha ha, look at crackpots blowing off steam”.

    They are a joke, for now.

    But if the financial empire currently being held together by the religion of the “almighty dollar” and supposedly being balanced by one form of paper ponzi against another (while multinational corporations and the banksters “redistribute” wealth around the world.) doesn’t hold together, what then? I.e. if local trends follow global trends of banking and so on, how many rebels and “terrists” will emerge against the empire? Who has the money to finance the conflicts?

    Maybe the ivory towers and the cities being financed based on the paper ponzi and the wealth extraction of banksters should be careful in financing the education of a multicult on the virtues of anti-colonialism. Shrug. Still waiting on the FBI to create and stymy a terrist plot at the Dallas Federal Reserve… but they’re probably too busy trying to help the CIA avoid blackmail, all for the sake of national security under Obama Inc. these days.

    The creativity of people aside, there’s only so much wealth that can be extracted by the central powers of finance and government through inflation, taxation without representation (“Obamacare is not a tax. Just kidding, it is! And it’ll cover more plastic surgery for Pelosi after she knows what’s in it.” etc.) and so on from the provinces.

    So watch their inflation of food budgets* on the one hand vs. the manipulation of food stamps on the other, etc. It really is amazing how much wealth and things of value in the real world that productive people can create though, despite how much parasitic politicians, lawyers and banksters often redistribute to themselves.

    A satire of NYC lawyers: “Pay me millions to read these important papers! Save that bird! And move that pile of crap in Delaware while you’re at it.”

    *Just because they’ve figured out complex ways of not including food and gas in inflation for your benefit (cough) doesn’t mean that you can do the same thing.

  4. With respect to inflation, economic manipulation and “polarization”:

    Limousine Liberals throwing granny under the inflation bus for the Fed and its member banks….
    The Government Will Never End the Fed but the Fed is Destined to Die Anyway

    The Federal Reserve is the mother’s milk of empire, tyranny and statism. Big government and central banks exist for no purpose except to massively concentrate wealth and power. Moreover, it’s absolutely true that the phrase “99% vs the 1%” is indeed a valid premise even if it was hatched by socialists on the left. What the progressive left fails to grasp is that it was liberal progressive Democrats who delivered unto us the Federal Reserve that was empowered to transfer wealth from the 99% to the 1%.

  5. Some thoughts on the final result of “secession” or movements away from corrupt lawyers and banksters:

    In many ways, the government and its fiat banks have sown the seeds of their own destruction by spending way too much money, taxing folks to the point of outright expropriation and doing it all with fiat money. In the process, government and banksters have literally destroyed the one thing that sustained them – the wealth producing capabilities of a thriving economy.
    Most folks never wanted to opt out of the system. They were forced out by government policies that destroyed their jobs, livelihoods and their prosperity. In fact, most folks were quite content and very willing to tolerate the corrupt system so long as as the system was working for them. But whether one is in Greece (where an estimated 30-50% of all economic activity is now underground), Spain or the US, the system is no longer working for the growing millions who got shafted and are now suffering. Link

    Typical story… it seems like the metaphysicians, keepers of the word and the entertainers serve an important function but then they get too greedy to have balance in the system. But notice this, they don’t actually create wealth or anything of value unless people agree that a symbolic and entertaining side of things has value.

  6. Thanks mynym, our system is out of balance until we get to the root cause, it doesn’t matter what we do. We will keep making the same mistakes and be enslaved to the merchants of debt.

  7. We will keep making the same mistakes and be enslaved to the merchants of debt.

    But just imagine if thieving lawyers, politicians and banksters didn’t tend to create metaphysical systems based on debt/death paradigms from which they could look down on rural people/”fundamentalists” and so on. Then when the Right wanted to go to war based on false flags, false intelligence or ridiculous theatrics from the Pentagon/CNN/Fox News the reaction in the body politic might be something along the lines of: “War? But we can’t afford financing the Pentagon through these banksters. Here is my budget and you can see what war would do to it. Maybe Rumsfeld can find that two trillion that he said they lost the day before 9/11.”

    A satire of what actually happens: “War? We can afford more war based on collectively manipulating our paper ponzi and center of trade. And it’ll stimulate our prosthetic limb industry too!!! Yay for Bush and yay for US!! Maybe we should arm more terrists so that we can fight more of them and then stimulate ourselves by making even more arms for everyone later? Look, I just put a flag on this arm so that means that debt, war and my job are all patriotic.” Etc.

    Meanwhile, the Republican party* is looking hungrily at the Hispanic vote as if there is a way for them to demagogue their way out of their bankrupt “fuzzy math” just like Democrats.

    *I.e. generally a collection of lawyers educated at pagan universities of knowledge more interested in Sex Week than maintaining their civilization these days. Anyway, just keep blowing that education bubble so that Obama Inc. can partner with GE to give them jobs picking up dead birds around windmills in the end. Perceptions as reality, that’s imagination at work for you.

  8. Almost nobody would actually take those actions that would weaken America.

    How weak can we get? A socialist state with a fellow traveler president isn’t my idea of a strong America. I suppose you could say that the American Revolution ‘weakened’ England, too.

    I fear this president won’t listen to the American People on this clear message and continue on his path of destruction.

    Huh? He just won re-election.

  9. Rick
    “How weak can we get?”
    I must admit that you have a point with that statement. Our Rockstar president has proven he won’t defend America. He watched on live-feed while a consulate in Benghazi was ransacked and burned and four of the staff murdered.
    He now makes excuses and denies that he had any part.
    Obama’s failure to take any action, proves that he is responsible by neglect. He has proven that he will not lead, he will not protect Americans that are in a hostile situation, representing America’s foreign interests.
    The only question I have is: What exactly does this guy actually do?

  10. @53 anon “I don’t appreciate the fact that people from other states are signing Delaware’s petition.”

    That does seems rather unseemly. Still, the purpose of the petition process allows individuals to weigh in on issues that they are concerned about as a nation, not as individual states. Regardless, the only thing the President can actuall do about the petitions is to make some comforting comment because there is no legal path from secession petitions to action by the executive or legislative branches as there is for other petitions.

    Aside, from the secession petitions, many of the ideas on the site, which has been up for some time, have merit and seem to generate a high interest among the citizens.

  11. Geezer
    Look I’m back as a writer and an editor and will only enforce the rules if a thread get seriously out of hand.
    I am happy to see that you are still a frequent contributor adding variety to comments. I welcome future discourse with you. I will respect all points of view.

  12. I don’t appreciate the fact that people from other states are signing Delaware’s petition.

    Aren’t they united with the state of your union, such as it is… and so on? There are supposedly legal borders to your state that have some semblance of meaning? How intolerant. Maybe if they came here and flopped down on the ground and cried about things for a while, then they could be Delawareans?

    How about this, they could go to Mexico and intermarry and so on and then come back later as a voting bloc or group of victims that will need some sort of dreamy lawless representation from corrupt politicians who want to use them to get elected. After all, it seems to have worked for the Spanish conquistadors. Victims, one and all? But they’ll only come back if there are jobs to be had, municipal services to take advantage of due to the rule of law and so on.

    If Delaware does have borders of some sort and you can count “Delawareans” but don’t appreciate when people from other states interfere in “your business,” that seems to be new. I guess we can count ourselves lucky that bankrupt municipal corporations in California are generally going first with respect to people from other countries “interfering” in there. I didn’t know that states still had borders? Seems intolerant.

    But seriously, how can Republicans and Democrats and the banksters and the political establishment in general unite at a global and multinational level in selling locals out for globalist profits and so on but then people say that they don’t want someone from another state interfering in their business??? The international banksters, multinational corporations and foreigners in general are already “interfering” in your business. Some are even engaging in the controlled demolition* of your economic language and the center of your means of trade while taking your bailout money out before paper ponzi realigns and balances out one against the other… duh. Too bad there doesn’t seem to be anything there for paper ponzi to balance against except the financing of war, though. Or maybe, more hopium?

    A satire of locals: “Hey, why does this huge bag of chips and my gallon of soda seem more expensive now or somethin’?”

    But anyway… it matters little. Either people can govern themselves or they can’t.

  13. At least the theatrics surrounding Petraeus weren’t gay, that probably would have made them even more expensive. But the ultimate reasons for secession will be the same as they have always been, the central $tate is too expensive in reality even with the best manipulations of paper ponzi that banksters can buy. Meanwhile, back in reality… too bad that Iraq would move toward manipulating* the market for oil if it could given that Petraeus won the war there, isn’t it? Notes on the surreal…

    *Kind of ironic that it probably can’t yet, because America has excess reserves due to a “bad economy.” Anyway, given that Obama already won the nobel peace prize isn’t it time that he gets to work earning it? Work, how archaic…

  14. Keep your eye on fascist* secession movements emerging in the bowels of Europe:

    In what is becoming a monthly parabolic charting tradition, it is again time to update the Spanish bad loan total: …..
    Putting it into further context, as a percentage of GDP, it would be the equivalent of $2.8 trillion in US loans going bad. Naturally, just like with any “forecast” involving Greece, the final bailout (of both Spain’s banks, and the sovereign) will be orders of magnitude higher, but for now everyone is forgiven to stick their head in the sand for at least a few more days/weeks. Spanish Bad Loans Hit Fresh Record High Again

    The amount of time that can bought with paper ponzi and symbolic illusions of one sort or another seems to vibrate more and more quickly with the music of the spheres each time people try to buy a little more time instead of dealing openly with their fiscal and moral deficits. I mean, one can blame the banksters but if you had better accounting practices and cared about your finances then you probably wouldn’t be the vulnerable provinces that their looting “imbalanced” first. And then you’d have more time, as Americans do for now. A satire: “Hey, why did we have to sell the parking meters in Chicago to Abu Dhabi? Well, at least we still own the police departments and the prisons. Wait… we do own the prisons, right?”

    In the meantime… how about this, we bail out Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan and then they bailout Greece and put their society back together so that they can produce wealth in reality to pay us back before we run out of paper ponzi to give to Arab states for oil? Too bad the transaction fees alone would probably cost too much for the theatrics of yet another global balancing act… but there has to be some way to keep energy and food bills low for Americans, otherwise they might get upset with their ruling class. Just saying.

    If only lawyers and bankers could fool all of the people all around the world with paper ponzi, all of the time? That seems to be the illusion. But I doubt that social media fits into the original long term plan to make use of charlatanism and illusions from the top of the pyramid $cheme. That’s probably the main reason why the whole scheme is becoming unwieldy and rather “imbalanced.”

  15. The Germans won’t support the Mediterranean failures in perpetuity. Spain, Portugal and Italy will all collapse, eventually. At that point, Germany will ‘secede’ from the EU.

    (So, let’s be like Europe- it works so well.)

    “Hi, I’m Karl Marx- I sleep in the men’s room of the British Library”

  16. We all know how accurate your predictions are, Rick.

    Twinkle, twinkle, little Rick
    How’d you get to be such a …. strange guy?

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