My Shortest Post Ever ?

  Okay, it may end up not being my shortest ever, but the message is short and sweet.   On Sept 14th the Delaware GOP voters will be asked as a voting group, what is it you want for the future of the nation? They will be asked to decide between an unknown future as opposed to a known past.   They will be asked to decide who will be sent to Washington to represent us in the U.S. Senate.   We have the choice of a candidate who believes in the founding principles of the Constitution and traditional values. A candidate that will go to D.C. and stand up for those principles and values. That candidate is Christine O’Donnell.   On the other hand there is a candidate that has a history of ignoring those founding principles and traditional values. A candidate that has shown a tendency, nay a proclivity, for voting in his own best interest or those of his special interest contributors, rather than voting in the best interest of the nation and its people. That candidate is Mike Castle.  Knowing these facts, the GOP voters must decide on Sept. 14th, in the GOP primary, on a candidate  to run against the Democrat in November,for the Delaware seat in the U.S. Senate.  I say to my fellow GOP voters the real question to ask one’s self is, who do you believe is the candidate that will go to Washington and put up the greatest effort to stave off the Obama,Pelosi, Reid agenda? Who can the people of Delaware and the nation depend on to fight for those founding principles of the Constitution? Who will stand up for traditional values? Who will be our advocate for smaller government, lower taxes, and individual Liberty? I believe that candidate is Christine O’Donnell.  If on the other hand you are one of a few members of the GOP that believe that Pres. Obama and Speaker Pelosi and Majority Leader Reid are on the right path, and you wish to support their radical leftist agenda, then I suppose Mike Castle looks pretty good to you. His past voting record in the House shows that he prefers to vote with the Democrats on the really big issues. I see no reason to believe that this would change,if he were to be elected to the Senate.  This is the first time in a very long time that GOP voters of Delaware have been given such a clear choice in a GOP primary, between a true conservative,Christine O’Donnell, and the usual Delaware moderate Republican, Mike Castle.  I think it is clear that we as citizens of Delaware and the United States can no longer afford to travel the moderate road. In the upcoming lame duck session of congress, we will need a Senator who will have the courage and the conviction of her values and principles to stand up against the radical agenda that the out going Democrats will attempt to foist on the American people. That candidate is Christine O’Donnell.

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  1. As a liberal jerk from NCC I hope the GOP supports Castle so he can vote more liberal as he becomes a Senator.

    From my loser days at the News Journal and now WDEL I know what is fact.

  2. “This is the first time in a very long time that GOP voters of Delaware have been given such a clear choice in a GOP primary”

    –yes, the choice between a GOP candidate who can win the Senate seat in November and help the GOP take back the Senate, or a candidate who’s has already lost a Senate race once when she was barely vetted by the press and public, and who’s numerous personal problems and issues will drive anyone but the GOP diehards to vote for the D candidate;

    just ask any state legislative candidate who they want at the top of the ticket… a proven vote-getter who has won a record number of statewide elections, or the candidate who for some reason thinks she won two counties in 2008, when she didn’t win any…

  3. anon says, “She has too much baggage for me”, but I guess Mike Castle’s voting record and his contributors list that is stuffed full of special interest groups, can all fit inside an overnight bag? I guess that the fact that Mike Castle votes with the Democrats on all of the really big issues isn’t baggage? The fact that he is willing to twist words when he says he won’t vote for cap and trade, if elected as senator, when any rational person knows that that is a lie, he will vote for any form of carbon tax that comes across his desk.
    Publius says, “just ask any state legislative candidate who they want at the top of the ticket… a proven vote-getter who has won a record number of statewide elections, or the candidate who for some reason thinks she won two counties in 2008, when she didn’t win any…” Friend Publius, why would I ask these people who they want my senator to be. That is for me to decide. If we ask other politicians who we should vote for, we only get party line information. That in large part has lead to the mess we are in. I happen to trust my instincts and the information that I gather for myself. Also my good friend, many of those state legislative candidates that you would ask, would answer based on the fact that Mike Castle spreads the cash he garners from his special interest donors, around to the local level, this might also explain his endorsement at the convention. No thank you I prefer to make my own choice for U.S. Senator, and it won’t be a person with Mike Castle’s voting record on key issues, and it won’t be a person with Mike Castle’s history of accepting contributions from the very people he is charged with overseeing. And it won’t be a person like Mike Castle who is supported by radical leftist organizations like the SEIU. I find it strange, how few people, that seem to support Mike Castle, commented on my post, “How Far Left Is Mike Castle?”, . I would think that they would rush to set me straight. I show the deep conection between Mike Castle and the leftist labor unions in this article and none of the usual suspects show up to defend him. Strange! When confronted by facts the left and their defenders seem strangely silent.
    So I guess all of you closet liberals will just ignore Castle’s voting record, his questionable contributors list and his long ties to organized labor and vote for him because some state senator told you to. I would still prefer the unknown future fo electing a person like Christine O’Donnell, a person that I believe we can count on to vote against the radical leftist agenda of the Obama Administration. As opposed to more of the same with Mike Castle, more voting with the Democrats, more votes like cask for clunkers, cap and trade, the disclose act, TARP, the second stimulus act, voted against the Iraq Surge, higher CAFE standards, every liberal environmental regulation that comes down the pike, all while continuing to take donations from big banks, high priced lawyers, and leftist organizations like the SEIU labor unions. Now that is some real baggage my friends.

  4. Frank
    The choice is a clear, distinct and well defined one. I have chosen a real conservative to represent the people of Delaware in the US Senate.
    That choice is Christine O’Donnell.
    There is no other conservative republican running for this seat.

  5. Too much baggage??? You mean the erroneous charges against Christine that have been so twisted and distorted that it makes your tongue look like it came out of your butt. So you’re point is??

    You want to talk about baggage, wow…read my blog.

    Mike Castle married to Wall Street, divorced to Republicans, commits an adulterous affair with Obama-Reid-Pelosi democrats —

  6. Liberals have the same irrational hatred of Urquhart and O’Donnell as they do of Sarah Palin. As you can see on this forum, it goes beyond mere political disagreement; their criticism must always, at the end of the day, involve character assassination.

    But, they’re such nice people!

  7. That cookie…man what a cut up. I won’t be able to sleep tonight as laughter spasms me deep into the night.

    Liberals…unhappy people. When they attempt humor…heh…sad.

  8. Character assassination?
    I don’t think it’s character assassination to point out Ms. O’Donnell’s many, many, many flaws–flaws, which will only be painted brightly and loudly by the opposition if she should somehow win the general election.

    It’s not character assassination to point out her continued financial difficulties, job difficulties and FEC difficulties. She always wants to blame someone else, or say it’s not a big deal, but in truth, it is. Especially since she has no legislative, executive or administrative experience to point to. However, to me it speaks volumes when she’ll pay her apartment expenses (and other personal expenses) from her campaign contributions but fails to pay her campaign workers the money she owes them–that’s Christine, putting herself first.

    And claiming to an out-of-state group that she won 2 out of 3 counties??? C’mon. You can try and marginalize it all you want, but the fact is she’ll say anything to anybody. I’m waiting to see what her excuse is on that one.

    Don’t lump me in with liberals or irrational people. I want the Republican Party to capture Joe Biden’s seat. Unfortunately, whether you agree with O’Donnell’s political views or not, she has no chance of winning. Not when the press and the D’s get done with her. The only reason she is still around, in my view, is because some conservatives are so desperate for anyone but Castle that they are willing to overlook competence in basic life skills. The general public, however, is not so inclined.

    Find a credible candidate for 2014, but be honest with yourselves about O’Donnell. She can’t win a general election. Period.

  9. Well, it is pretty obvious Christine started a blog under the guise that there is a single Democrat on Earth who would support her.

  10. Well, StosselFan, I tend to agree with you on her ability to win- that has always been my position, here, and elsewhere. And it’s too bad, because Castle is vulnerable.

    Perhaps ‘character assassination’ wasn’t the best choice of terms. But, there seems to be an abundance of hysterical vitriol directed at O’Donnell- and the most virulent strain festers among self-professed ‘conservatives.’ I assume that they’ll vote for Coons if she wins.

  11. StosselFan
    So glad to have you back online. I certainly missed your sharp witticism.
    As much baggage as you can relive over and over, O”Donnell is still a much better candidate than Mike Castle.
    When you and TW stop drinking the Kool-Aid and come back to reality, perhaps you will see him for what he is. A democrat at heart, a social liberal and a fiscal liberal. He should no longer attempt as masquerading as a republican.

  12. GeorgeC
    “Well, it is pretty obvious Christine started a blog under the guise that there is a single Democrat on Earth who would support her.”
    That’s quite an assumption, I take it that she told you that personally. If not, it’s raw speculation and more than likely wrong.

  13. It’s entirely speculation. It’s also ludicrous to think a Democratic woman would support Christine O’Donnell. If she did she wouldn’t be a Democrat. How many obscure candidates have blogs entirely about them of that quality that just “start up” because a person is voting entirely against her political beliefs. If that girl was an O’Donnell supporter she wouldn’t be a Democrat, they are mutually exclusive ideologies.

  14. Heh.

    I disagree with you often GeorgeC but you seemed to be a rational fellow.

    But this thing about calling this Democrat Girl as really being Christine O’donnell…based on…eh kind of faulty assumptions…well you lost me there.

    I suppose it might be true but it could also be true that O’Donnell is the Smiley Face serial killer.

    For all her “crimes”…and they include mass murder, war crimes and egregious lies, I don’t think O’Donnell needs made up crimes.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  15. It’s an issue of viewpoints. You cannot have liberal values and rationally support Christine O’Donnell. Not to say that either side is right or wrong, but they are just polar opposites.

    I never said it was O’Donnell, I said it was probably somebody from her campaign, perhaps a volunteer. Does that look like any independent blog you have ever seen? It is nothing but posts on O’Donnell. Rollins, Urquhart, Coons, Carney, and Castle all have more far more name recognition yet none of them have a single blog dedicated to praising them by somebody who if she is telling the truth cannot have the same view points as that politician.

    You know those letters to the editor that do nothing but praise a politician? They are very often the product of the campaigns asking a volunteer to write them. Why not a blog?

  16. Pat,
    I’m glad you can laugh at those like kristen murray and david keegan who were salaried campaign workers for christine o’donnell but were never paid. Maybe you lack character too.

  17. Unfortunately, the Delaware Republican Record closed the comment section, George C, on your little post stating that my blog comes from the campaign. I’ve actually tried posting there about 5 times put the blogger will not allow me to respond. Now it is completely not possible. So I am responding here since you mentioned Delaware Politics in your post.

    First I already have a disclaimer on my by blog stating that I am an independent blogger separate from the campaign. Second, explained in one of my blogs that I have known her for quite sometime. Third, she or the campaign had no idea about the blog. I’m not 100% sure that the news got to her. It caused quite a buzz on the internet. I’m also not sure if she or the campaign know whose writing it.

    I am for certain a conservative Democrat and I voted for Hillary in the primary. I support social welfare programs for disadvantaged children, seniors and those living in extreme poverty. I believe in climate change and that there should be subsidies to allow for a competition for alternative energy. I am opposed to abortion though except in the case of rape or incest. I believe in gay adoption but do not support civil unions. I would also like to say that I have deep Republican roots…as my family are all Republican, but I shifted away ideologically. My views may or may not represent that of Christine’s but I will say that I know Christine. We may agree to disagree.

    Why I support Christine? I vote based on character and leadership. I vote on who will do the best job. Because I have known her for so long, I know for certain that she will do the best job. As with Christine, I do not see eye to eye with every Democrat, but I think Hillary would have put this country in a much better place than Obama. Obama is a radical extremest Democrat who has jeopardised this nation.

    I fear that Castle will continue to vote with him even subtly in amendments. He has voted with Obama 6 out of 10 times this administration. I think Castle has put himself under the radar for too long when he votes and that is dishonest. On my blog I simply highlight that dishonesty, particularly where he has spoken out of both sides of his mouth and aisle cross…such as with the Bush Tax Cuts (which I do support).

    George C I hope that this clarifies your concerns. I will be sure to add a blog about what I have just said here since the DRR has refused my comments repeatedly.

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