‘Meet and Greet’ Of The Independent Party Of Delaware (IPoD)

The Independent Party of Delaware will be hosting a “Meet and Greet,” on Saturday, April 20th at 7pm, at the Manor House located at 30769 Lewes-Georgetown HWY for those of you with a GPS. And for others, the manor House is located on Rt. 9, 1.3 miles west of the intersection at Five-Points in Lewes. This is an open meeting of IPoD and all people interested in the Independent Party of Delaware and what the party’s goals are, for Delaware’s political future are, are cordially invited to attend. Snacks and beverages will be served.

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  1. After the recent vote on HB 35, that obviously INFRINGES on our Second Amendment rights, all citizens that belong to either of the major parties might want to consider their options. The Independent Party of Delaware is a party of independent thinkers and constitutionally minded people that is the fastest growing party in Delaware. We will field candidates that will not infringe on our civil rights but also repeal legislation that does.

  2. DonAyotte on April 15, 2013 at 16:49 said:

    The post was an announcement not to be commented on. An announcement is just and announcement, nothing more.

    Comments seem to be open on this announcement, though.

  3. anon

    You’re very quick to use labels and epithets. But then you hide your identity because you are afraid people will learn you are a bully.

  4. The other anon is right. Straight hypocrisy.

    And say what you want, but one reason I’m anonymous is that I’m scared for volatile, angry people like you to know who I am.

  5. Anon
    Your fear is a lie, nobody here will hurt you and whats more, you know it. Your excuse is straight hypocrisy. You haven’t the courage to stand for that which you believe and you simply make excuses.

  6. The founder of a tea party group in Oklahoma was charged with two felonies on Tuesday for allegedly sending threatening emails to a Republican lawmaker after he refused buy in to the notion that the United Nations was conspiring to transform the country into a communist dictatorship.

    According to the Oklahoman, 54-year-old Sooner Tea Party founder Al Gerhart faces up to five years in prison for blackmail and violating the state computer crimes act.

    Gerhart had been angry because Branan refused to allow a vote on a bill that would have ensured Oklahoma cities do not participate in Agenda 21, a United Nations initiative to promote environmentally sustainable development. Conspiracy theorists on the right have long thought that Agenda 21 was a “conspiracy to transform America from the land of the free, to the land of the collective” through “a mind-control” tactic called the Delphi technique.

  7. Interested in you parties philosophy. Let me know what events you have coming up, I would be interested in attending. Thanks. Chuck

  8. Nitpicker, and your point is what? Government engages in excessive and selective enforcement of the laws (abusive prosecution)?

    Admitted domestic terrorists Bill Ayers and his colleagues are walking around free. Are all leftists domestic terrorists?

    Che Gueverra was a terrorist and a mass murderer. Are all socialists terrorists and mass murderers?

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