Mediocrity rules in D. C. with the budget vote.

I received an email stating the worst budget deal since the H. W. Bush not tax pledge betrayal passed in the middle of the night. I starting studying the budget deal and it really isn’t bad. It really isn’t good either. I doubt that I would vote for it, but it really does not deserve the hyperpassion it is eliciting in some circles. I think it is more about fundraising than substance.

I am not a fan of the budget deal passed in the middle of the night in Washington D. C.. It really was too much of a capitulation. Yet, I am not upset about it either. It kept the deficit under control. We cut the deficit 75% in 4 years. It funds the national defense which was being starved. The increase in domestic spending was only 40 billion a year and half of that was saving Social Security disability from running out of money and forcing a 20% cut in benefits and preventing a 53% hike in Medicare part B premiums on our seniors. I think all three are good policy.

You would think from some of these groups that the sky is falling and we have gone back to to 2009 stimulus spending and trillion dollar deficits. Yes, I am disappointed that we do not have reforms in eliminating duplication, funding things that should not be funded, and a very sloppy process that does not allow the talent we sent from all of the districts and states to bring ideas to the table. We kick the can down the road until the next President. At least we did not kick it in the river.

The compromise was not bad, it did some good things and was relatively disciplined. It also was not really good. It is mediocrity on display. As such, my reaction is lukewarm. At least we now have certainty at the local level– no looming defaults, no short term spending bills. We can do our job.

I am hopeful the new leadership of Paul Ryan will improve the situation. We should have done better than such a mediocre solution to real problems that threaten both the character of our nation with Planned Parenthood and illegal executive action and fiscal irresponsibility with us still spending a billion and half more dollars than we take in every day. Like many I am tired of the fact that one party is going all out to protect the very policies undermining America while the other seems resigned to waiting them out. Still let’s understand the problem in America is the Democrat Party. Republicans fighting each other only enables those who are undermining our nation piece by piece.

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  1. The Republicans control the House and the Senate. And we get this budget “deal.” What a joke. Obviously, there’s no point in voting. Our politicians are liars and thieves, and they’d rather kick the problems down the road rather than face reality. It is a pathetic state of affairs when the GOP is run by Mitch McConnell and his cadre of gutless establishment “conservatives.”

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