McChyrstal to take Away Taste of Home

If it were a movie, we could call it The Grinch General who stole Pizza Hut.I guess life away isn’t hard enough, but the Afghan theater will be losing some of the few luxuries that make mitigate its harshness. Too bad the regime in Washington will not invest in logistical support in the front. This may be the best way to equalize resources given that reality. This move is not one that I support. We live in an era of repeated deployments. The way that we have found to mitigate the historically high burden on the same troops is to attempt to normalize life a little. In the active duty military we have people on their 6th or 7th war tour. The average time in a war zone for a soldier or marine in this military is the highest in American history. Retention suffered. The way the Pentagon was able to mitigate it was to show troops that they cared by upgrading the camps as the resources became available. Troops tell me that a trip to Pizza Hut or Burger King once in a while reminded them that this tour would end and life would go back to normal. Taking it away in one of the most unpleasent environments in the world is just sad and counter productive. If the question comes down to whether or not we can supply surge troops in the field or keep luxuries in the rear, get rid of the luxuries. Any commander has to make that call. The problem that I have is that it should not have been the question. The regime in Washington should have sent the full request in troops so their would be adequate logistical support. Supporting our troops is more than a ribbon. It starts with the right attitude, but it continues by ensuring we have the resources in the zone.

6 thoughts on “McChyrstal to take Away Taste of Home”

  1. This regime is sending trained killers to commit homicide in Afghanistan. The storm troops of this regime are as bad as the rotten regime it fights for. The American people are good, but this regime and it’s corrupt military are bad.

  2. I think you have it the regime in Washington mixed up with the terrorist regime in exile called the Taliban. Washington is not waging a war of oppression, the Taliban is. They killed and oppressed people for years and now it is a loser. The response is to find ways to kill, maim, and undermine the lawful choice of the people. The Taliban didn’t get 5% in the election, but they refuse to stop their reign of violence.

    Your response is to let them do it. They have a history of being a base for terrorism around the world. You say so what. I disagree. That is why I supported the surge and new strategy.

  3. I do not believe that we have an evil murderous regime running America. Anon 1 does. Too bad, we have to disagree.

    I do believe we have a regime that is exceeding its constitutional mandate and undermining our place as a self governing, free people, who live under the rule of law. Anon 2 does not. Too bad, we have to disagree.

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