Latest START ICBM Numbers

By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

A recent report in the FAS Roundup states that the Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) level has actually dipped below that of the US. Russia currently has 1,582 warheads on 515 strategic launchers deployed and the United States has 1,597 warheads on 785 launchers, according to US State Department data. Both sides are very gradually reducing their ICBM force levels to meet limits set by the Strategic Arms Limitation (START) treaty by February 2018.

The entire report, New START Treaty Count: Russia Dips Below U.S. Again, written by Hans M. Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project at the Federation of American Scientists, is available at: .

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  1. A recent report in the FAS Roundup states that the Russian Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) level has actually dipped below that of the US. Russia currently has 1,582 warheads on 515 strategic launchers deployed…

    I feel a lot better now. Russia can only destroy the U.S. twice instead of three times.

  2. Indeed. No one really needs that many:

    The Russian analyst reasoned that because 80 per cent US population lives near the coast, generating tsunamis on the San Andreas fault and in the Atlantic would be an effective way of causing massive damage to 240 million people.
    He references Hurricane Katrina’s impact on New Orleans and says that detonating nuclear bombs near the bottom of the ocean would create waves almost a mile high that would sweep inland.

    The military man says that all the seismic activity could release another wave that would wipe out the US’s European allies.

    Sivkov, the president of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, says that Russia’s large inland territory in Siberia will protect it from receiving too much harm.

    He raises the stakes for the apocalyptic scenario even further by saying that the tsunami could trigger the Yellowstone Caldera, a supervolcano that last exploded 640,000 years ago.
    (Russia could detonate nuclear weapons over Yellowstone supervolcano and San Andreas fault to completely annihilate America says retired Kremlin military analyst
    Daily Mail)

    Good thing oligarchs and the military have huge bunkers* built should anything go “wrong” with antagonizing a nuclear power and incessant attempts to use proxy armies of terrorists, I guess.

    It’s a real fake “war on terror”!

    (They will let you know whether it’s real or not. Code Brown today… but a pivot tomorrow and: Code Yellow!)

    *(D.U.M.B.s Deep Underground Military Bases – YouTube) They might need all that to keep your freedumbs safe, see?

  3. Also, the theoretical setback on the “Doomsday Clock” was not stated….

    I see:

    Originally, the Clock, which hangs on a wall in the Bulletin’s office in the University of Chicago, represented an analogy for the threat of global nuclear war; however, since 2007 it has also reflected climate change…. –Wikipedia

    Oh. “Climate change.” Their (your?) sort of public relations committees and so on are apparently still trying to get their narrative straight on that one. Geoengineering, global warming or “climate change,” which is it?

    Why do war mongers and profiteers need so many covert operations, proxy terrorist armies running wild everywhere and the ability to hide more covert operations within weather events in the future? Nukes. That’s why. They’ve actually been of great help to peasants ready to sign up for more wars.

    Call me crazy but nukes and MAD have generally been good for peasants, given that poor young men have always been rather easily incited by rich old men and empire builders to do fundamentally stupid stuff. (Another day, another friend/acquaintance tells me, “You know my veteran friend? His friend just killed himself.” Literally. As bozo the Biden clown might say…. just yesterday…. etc.)

    Perhaps one problem, now American peasants are being told that they’re changing the entire climate of the world by driving the wrong car and what not. I think many like that idea though.

    So there is that. 😐


  4. I read the article on Sivkov’s Yellowstone Earthquake Proposition on Yahoo News , the other day and personally don’t give it much credence as surface or low-altitude atmospheric detonations alone are no guarantee of triggering a seismic event alone due to the distance from the actual fault lines.

    I have no data as to what models and simulators that his working group used to derive their conclusions, but, it sounds that it has greater propaganda than strategic value.

    Even if a massive regional earthquake and catastrophic volcanic eruptions succeeded in disabling US land-based ICBM’s, The SAC and nuclear submarine legs of the strategic triad would provide a sufficient nuclear deterrent , according to the MAD Doctrine.

    Besides, it all sound rather crude. DON’T TRY THIS AT HOME.

    Geophysicists, seismologists, volcanologists and other knowledgeable persons are cordially invited to elevate and enlighten the level of this discussion….

  5. I read the article on Sivkov’s Yellowstone Earthquake Proposition on Yahoo News , the other day and personally don’t give it much credence….

    Sure, it’s all just a bunch of talk and threats until or unless it is not one day.

    People living in the “New Atlantis” in the shadow of “Lady Liberty” with a language and culture cultivated based on a “Shake her spear”/Shakespeare legend should know very well that empires can be built and shifted in reality…. based on the theatrical production of entertainment.

    Imagine if a little white Dove/Colombus playing pretend about not knowing the shape and dimensions of the earth encrypted in the pyramids and monuments to the ignorance of peasants in the past was sent out on an arc of a new covenant and bring back an olive branch. He “found” land, like Newfoundland.

    Imagine that!

    Or not.


    Geophysicists, seismologists, volcanologists and other knowledgeable persons are cordially invited to elevate and enlighten…

    Knowledgeable or people good at public relations, cocktail parties, fundraising and other forms of entertainment?

    Not that I blame them for having a history of failing to enlighten other peasants. But history shows that the vast majority of scientists will not even try to pick up a whistle, let along blow the whistle. Or they are compartmentalized true believers and therefore clueless about what they’re working on and how their views have been shaped anyway.*

    And if insiders did try to blow the whistle on “climate change” as the cover story that it is, then they might mysteriously find themselves with a desire to turn into a woman and so forth. That’s because they’re crazy, see? 😉 Or if not that… well, have you noticed anything about the way whistle blowers are being treated these days? Probably not. But sure, let’s all roll here… where are your experts?

    I like people like that. We’re great pals.

    How about Jack Markell? Isn’t he the expert/czar climate change guy?

    Too bad he’s clueless! What a joke… one could just as easily talk to Justin Bieber and get the same level of analysis on so-called “climate change” relative to geoengineering plans and proposals by various national security states to manipulate the weather, if not the entire climate of the globe.

    That’s because Bieber and Markell are both entertainers. (Careful of your Karma, guys…)

    *An example of old conspiracies/”conspiracy theories”/conspiracy facts:

    A 1945 Life article estimated that before the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings “[p]robably no more than a few dozen men in the entire country knew the full meaning of the Manhattan Project, and perhaps only a thousand others even were aware that work on atoms was involved.” The magazine wrote that the more than 100,000 others employed with the project “worked like moles in the dark”. Warned that disclosing the project’s secrets was punishable by 10 years in prison or a $10,000 ($131,000 today[1]) fine, they saw enormous quantities of raw materials enter factories with nothing coming out, and monitored “dials and switches while behind thick concrete walls mysterious reactions took place” without knowing the purpose of their jobs.[225][226][227][228][229]
    Voluntary censorship of atomic information began before the Manhattan Project. After the start of the European war in 1939 American scientists began avoiding publishing military-related research, and in 1940 scientific journals began asking the National Academy of Sciences to clear articles. William L. Laurence of The New York Times, who wrote an article for The Saturday Evening Post in September 1940 on atomic fission, later learned that government officials asked librarians nationwide in 1943 to withdraw the issue.
    The government…. relied on the press to comply with a voluntary code of conduct…. –Wikipedia

    So if history is any measure, then “geoengineering” and “weather weapons” as opposed to the “climate change” that War Inc. and their corporate media are now marketing is all being censored for now.

    Just another crazy…. “theory.”


    Or is it?


    This is fun.

  6. Besides, it all sound rather crude.

    This is crude: (Radioactive Boy lives! Student who sparked panic in 1996 after he built a nuclear reactor in his shed survived and now wants to invent a 100-year light bulb… out of ‘safe’ irradiated paint
    As ‘The Radioactive Boy Scout’ he built a nuclear reactor in his potting shed two decades ago and shut down a neighborhood of 40,000 in 1996
    Says the $60,000 clear up and burying his ‘glowing shed’ in the desert was just ‘a total overreaction’
    Arrested in 2007 for stealing 27 smoke detectors to use for radioactive parts
    Still researching today, he vows his experiments are ‘all on paper’
    He tells MailOnline: ‘I think I’ve caused a little chaos but I haven’t left a scratch yet’
    Daily Mail) But it gives you some idea of what White people tend to be capable of when it comes to inventions.

    And if you have a national security state at your disposal, using nature as a tipping point is not necessarily more White/Nazi “rocket science.”

    MAD = safety for peasants, given that barring the Founders and a few exceptions they’re pretty much invariably ruled by psychopaths and empire builders.

    This is why your rulers are using proxy armies, privateers and covert operations now.


    Or in your garage, either:

    Two decades ago David was propelled into the public eye as ‘The Radioactive Boy Scout’. Part boy genius, part dangerous misfit, at 17, he built a nuclear reactor in his mother’s potting shed.

    Today, in an interview with MailOnline, David admits: ‘Look, there may have been a few safety issues.’

    ‘But,’ he insists: ‘the whole $60,000 Superfund clear up was a total over-reaction. I was just building a model nuclear reactor and I never saw the shed glowing.’
    He says, ‘I guess the way I looked at it is I just wanted to invent something. I wanted to go the extra step.’

    He finds it difficult to make friends, he says, because he finds it difficult to find people he can speak to on his level and with his interests. These days he corresponds a lot with the owner of a nuclear store who once worked in Area 51 and a nuclear engineer from Albuquerque.
    he started claiming to be a Professor working on nuclear projects with his class or simply doing his own research.

    ‘They sent all the info I needed. The NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) gave me all the info I needed. All I had to do was get the materials.’

    Is he an expert? Experts… personally, I might have a few questions about recipes for cocktail parties, more fundraising and press releases.

    Here’s an idea on this nukes stuff. What if “the Russians” used a proxy group and made their attack look like a natural disaster or “the Iranians” in the second part of a highly organized plot/flow chart? Apparently they wouldn’t even have to link their proxy group up to Iran! They could just buy some proxies from the Saudis and then say, “Iran, Iran, Iran!”

    The way the corporate media is in America you probably wouldn’t even reach the second part of the flow cart of the highly organized/compartmentalized risk scenarios that typify covert operation like that. It’s on a need to know basis and you don’t need to know. Their flow chart of possible events and the usual incompetence and bungling: Heads we win, tales we still win, if the coin happens to land vertical then we still win… if they finally realize that someone flipped the coin… we still have these assets in place and will still win! Etc. One thing about it and the idea of “We cannot lose.” Arrogance. Hubris. People can be too clever by half…

    In any event, basically none of you actually investigate any Big Event in the “war on terror” being “covered” by America’s corporate media…


    You didn’t even get to the pet scapegoat provided for the Main Event of the “Project for a New American Century.” Call me crazy (the usual) but your own track record with respect to understanding what is happening around you is rather poor historically. So why should I assume that you’re not still clueless now? Because relative to facts, logic and evidence… it usually seems like you are.

    But I’m open to evidence and arguments on the nukes and your “war on terror” stuff.

  7. Golly gee …. Whatever happened to that old Radium dial watch that I had as a kid?

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