Lacey Lafferty, Gubenatorial Candidate

Lacey Lafferty is a single mom, a retired DSP officer, a horse enthusiast, an author and an entrepreneur. Yes, she is all of these things and accomplished in many more. What people are about to find out is, she is also on the campaign trail to tell the citizens of Delaware that she would also make a great governor. When asked what defines her as a person and a candidate, Lacy states, she like many others have become disenchanted about our state and federal governments, and has become concerned for our state and nation, if we continue down the same path. She doesn’t believe in all talk and no action and has decided the best course of action would be to serve in a position that could make a big difference in our state. Public service is and always has been a big part of Lacey’s life. “I never felt more alive than when I served the community while on uniformed patrol for the State Police,” said Lacey. “Whether I was pursuing criminals through back yards, pulling over drunks at 2 a.m., executing warrants, advising members of the community on civil and domestic issues or just taking time to sit down and have a cup of coffee with a concerned citizen, I loved my job.” She grew up in a rural farming community in Lewes, surrounded by open farm fields at her grandparents home. Lacey’s grandfather, Lynn Ritter, Lewes’ Chief of Police at the time, taught her to shoot and hunt, as well as the value of working hard for what you want. Her grandparents taught her the importance of respecting her peers and the environment, to honor her family, state and country with principles and most of all, to love God. Ms. Lafferty graduated from Cape Henlopen High School in 1979 and Sussex Tech. She was the first woman president of her Agricultural Mechanics Shop and Agricultural Business and was the Vice President of her Future farmers of America chapter. During the 1980’s, she pursued modeling, graduating from Barbizon Modeling School in Wilmington and was the first woman to drive Modified Stock cars at the lower Delaware dirt tracks. Lacy has taken a firm stand on preserving and defending our Declaration of Independence, Constitution and Bill of Rights. “I have been hardwired from birth to defend what my ninth-generation great grandfather, John Morton sacrificed by signing the Declaration of Independence, two hundred and thirty-seven years ago,” said Lacey. Lacey’s take on politics and life intertwined with the wholesomeness of her country upbringing and strong stand on the Constitution should indicate to people who want change, in the way the state government does “business as usual,” that Lacy Lafferty would be a great governor. She would strive to bring fair and honest government and living-wage jobs to Delaware. She would sign into law, only legislation that was Constitutional and right for the people of Delaware. Ms. Lafferty has accomplished many things in life and now aspires to become Delaware’s governor. She is excited to meet all of the people of Delaware and she will have many speaking engagements before the next gubernatorial race in 2016. Please go to this link to learn more about her candidacy.

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  1. Lacey Lafferty is no politician and that’s why I like her for the position of governor. She’s not corrupted and has a new perspective on the job. She actually wants to do what’s best for Delawareans and not line her pockets with taxpayer’s money. I know that’s a new concept to most people but I think it’s kind of unique.

  2. There’s no mention of her party affiliation. Is she a Democrat? If not, forget it- Delaware is now- and has been for quite some time- Rhode Island.

  3. Rick

    I didn’t mention party affiliation because I wanted everybody to vote for her but she is a registered Republican.

  4. But what would she do to get David Anderson out Afghanistan and back in Dover City Council ?

  5. delacrat

    That would be nice but David is fighting for his country and we are proud of him. Now, if we could stop the people trying to rip the council seat away from him while he is deployed, that would be real patriotism.
    Attempting to remove him from his position because he is deployed is pure cowardice. I call those people COWARDS. They get the privilege of breathing free air, while practicing their cowardice.

  6. BTW, no one has been elected Governor without holding another office first.
    Pete duPont was a congressman, Mike Castle was LT. Gov, Minner was Lt. Gov, Markell was Treasurer.

    Now if she has 3 million of her own, history can be overcome, but if not………….

  7. I am sure there are quite a number of Republicans who have held office before. Surely they have the courage and attitude of public service to step up to the plate, right?

    Instead of talking about who has run or who is running, take a moment to contemplate the gigantic list of Republicans who DON’T have the courage to run for higher office. What up wit dat?

    If the Party does not come together and unite and get stronger — including in TRAINING that Nan Collela was promised the funding for but never happened — why would any candidate run for office?

  8. Rumor Mill as it that Beau Biden will run for Governor and a deal has been made to appease Matt Denn. Unless we Republicans can find the second coming of Christ we will be saying hello Governor Biden!

  9. Well, I believe we need a non-politician citizen as a great candidate for Governor. Despite the Dave Jones style of comments, I stand by my choice.

  10. “Well, I believe we need a non-politician citizen as a great candidate for Governor.”
    Don, many good candidates have fallen on the sword for their Party so to speak and the results are the same. The odds of a non democrat winning a major State office are astronomical to say the least. Unless you have Aladdins magic lamp your dream will not come true. Sorry that is the reality in our State for the foreseeable future.

  11. Don,

    Sad to say but politics is a rich mans game. If she has a million dollars of her own the RGA will meet with her. If September polling shows her within 7 points she gets another 250,000. If October polling shows her within 4, the margin of error, then the money flows.

    Without these 3 prerequisites she gets nowhere.

    Sad to say, but oh so true.

  12. Well Dave:
    Mike Castle wouldn’t have lost the primary to a newcomer if he had done the job he was elected to do, instead of selling out.

  13. Don,

    They have done exactly that which means no seed money for any statewide challenger.

    Congratulations on your victory.

  14. Dave Jones on May 17, 2013 at 19:17 said: “One last note, the reason why all statewide’s now have to be self funder’s is because after Castle lost the primary, the 19807 and 19803 folks closed their checkbook’s.”

    Their checkbooks are a myth, Dave.

    You can’t withhold something you never had and never offered.

    In 2006, the 19807 and 19803 folks wanted Jan Ting and raised only $212,766 for a US Senate seat !!!

    That same cycle Tom Carper raised $3,177,275 vs. Jan Ting’s $212,766.

    So the moderate GOP donors are right up there with unicorns, leprechauns, and the Abominable Snowman.

    In 2008, Judge Bill Lee raised only $27,007.30 for Governor, and spent over $49,000.

    In 2008, Markell raised $198,976.00 and spent $313,844.78

    In 2004, Bill Lee lost by only 46% to 51% for Governor. That’s damn good in modern Delaware.

    Yet in 2004 he raised only $80,674.00 and spent $118,277.95

    So the moderates in the DEGOP are trying to BARGAIN WITH A BLUFF. They are trying to use money they never donated in the past and say they are going to withhold money they never contributed before if they don’t get their way.

    Sorry, Charlie. time for EVERYONE to stop the spoiled child act and start behaving like adults.

    The temper tantrum is over. Time to grow up. And that means everyone.

  15. Sorry Dave, your tantrum won’t work and you aren’t getting the last word on this. As Jon has pointed out, the famous checkbooks are a myth. Yes, they are a real three-card monte game. which shell is the peanut under?
    That’s why I said, they can shove their checkbooks!!!!!

  16. Colonial republican the Biden rumor is just that rumor. Beau Biden won’t run for governor, his aspirations are for a federal position. Pete Schwartzkopf is being groomed by Markell for the governors seat. Pete can and will be beat because he can’t control his temper, and the skeletons in his closet about his personal lifestyle choices. Don’t rule out personal drive and desire to attain a goal, make no mistake about it Lacey Lafferty is goal driven and has succeeded at everything she has ever set out to do starting from her days in high school. She has been a successful agricultural businesswoman, a successful farmer, a successful trucking company owner, a successful DSP trooper who received the Governors Excellence Award. She is also a successful international author of 2 books one of which is about the history of horse racing in Delaware. She also has a new children’s book which is about to be published. She has a horse farm and is well respected within the harness and thoroughbred horse racing community.

    Lacey Lafferty is intelligent to know that any candidate who is going up against the democratic machine in Delaware can’t sit on their ass until 1 year or 6 months before the election and expect to win. That’s why she spoke to people like Bill Lee, and others about her intentions well before she made her announcement. She knows she will need to win votes in NCCo if she wants to win the election. She knows that starting out 4 years before the election is the just one of the many pieces of the foundation for a successful bid for the Governors office.

  17. Those mythical checkbook a gave 100s of thousands to Lavelle and Lopez. And to Bonini in ’10.

    Common denominator? None of them are extremists, and all were competitive. Sadly for you guys, and fortunately for us, you have to meet those criteria. There will be at least one ’14 candidate who will meet those criteria and raise competitive money. Maybe 2. But I recent tradition holds, you otherwise irrelevant malcontents will tear them down and do the D’s work for them.

  18. “So outside of giving us two Democrat’s for federal office who to date are unopposed, due to the lack of those with the money being willing to give the money; what is it you guys on the extreme far right accomplished?

    None of your candidates have won and your social policies have been beat.”

    Amen to that. Failure all across the board, not only in politics, but on policy. The culture warriors have left the DEGOP in far worse shape than they found it.

  19. Angus,

    So you think that the dems will by-pass Matt Denn for Swartskopf. Don’t believe it. I agree Beau will eventually seek Federal Office. He will not however have a chance for that until Carper retires. That will occur after Beau serves a term as Governor if he so desires. I wish nothing but the best for Lacey but she would be a long shot at best if no one choses to primary her.

  20. Colonial Republican on May 18, 2013 at 14:37 said: “”I wish nothing but the best for Lacey but she would be a long shot at best if no one choses to primary her.”

    CR, is your analysis based on Lacey Lafferty as an individual candidate or on the party registration numbers in Delaware and the condition of the Republican Party as a whole?

    In other words, would ANY Republican experience a different result or would the result be the same no matter who runs for Governor in 2016?

    Or more to the point, wouldn’t it be rather urgent to start rebuilding the party, including training on elections, unity, forgiving, etc.?

    Delaware is, as far as I know, the only State (that I’ve heard of) that has a formal ceremony to BURY THE HATCHET.

    Yet no one in Delaware seems to have grasped the meaning behind the ritual of putting differences behind us.

    Everyone — on all sides, including some conservatives I would like to count as friends — can only conceive of BURYING THE HATCHET in somebody else’s head.

    Until the DEGOP can internalize the meaning behind the “bury the hatchet” concept and LIVE it for real, do you really think ANY Republican nominee has a snowball’s chance in hell?

    And that doesn’t mean shallow, superficial, Hallmark greeting card level, skin deep nice words. It means LIVING it for real, down deep, all the way through.

    I am not much on gimmicky symbolism, but sometimes it comes down to that. Maybe the entire DEGOP needs to have another convention — maybe a cook out on the beach — where everyone writes down on a piece of paper how much they hate each other, and then burn the papers in the bonfire.

  21. Dave Jones on May 18, 2013 at 08:34 said: “90% of it came from those 2 zip codes. Perhaps they only give too people who aren’t nuts and whom have resumes?”

    So, Dave Jones, you are saying that Judge Bill Lee is nuts and has no resume?

    And you are saying that Jan TIng is nuts and has no resume?

  22. Judge Bill came within 46% to 51% of winning the Governor’s mansion in 2004 as a Republican (if I recall the numbers accurately after looking it up 2 days ago)


    And yet your moderates and their checkbooks abandoned Judge Bill Lee in both 2004 and 2008 (when he got far fewer donations and only 32% of the vote).

    Your zip codes and their checkbooks – if they had political sense — would have seen Bill Lee as a fabulous investment and backed him in 2004. THEY DIDN’T. They donated a pittance in 2004. Had they backed him more fully in 2004, he could have at least been a strong contender in 2008.

    And in 2008 they should have rained checks from their (non-existent) checkbooks all over him. THEY DIDN’T.

    Part of this is because the moderates in the party don’t know beans about politics or elections.

    Your zip codes supposedly have some vague relationship to business — or perhaps spoiled trust fund kids.

    In business you know that you have to talk to 20 to 100 prospects and hear NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO….. NO, NO, NO… before you get a YES.

    Successful business consists of being repeatedly rejected until making a sale.

    And yet because Judge Bill Lee came within 5% of winning the Governor’s mansion as a Republican in 2004, your zip codes abandoned him in 2008.

  23. “And yet because Judge Bill Lee came within 5% of winning the Governor’s mansion as a Republican in 2004, your zip codes abandoned him in 2008.”

    He had to be dragged into running again late in the 2008 cycle so that we would have a legitimate candidate, and no one considered him to be competitive in 2008 against Markell.

    You’re either a complete idiot or you’re deliberately trying to mislead people. Probably both, but since you don’t live here and know nothing about Delaware, I’ll give you a pass on the former.

  24. Jonathan,

    The Republican Party in Delaware statewide is in need of votes. They are just not there no matter who runs or who leads. Our Party has had excellent candidates who have lost because of the simple fact that we are the minority Party and except for some Republican districts we have no chance of winning any statewide office. Tom Wagner is the last Republican standing who holds a statewide office, and the dems are going all out to target him next election. We have had potential candidates with great name recognition as well as being able to well fund their campagins. However, after doing some polling on their own they came to the realization that they could not win. All of your suggestions to bring the Party together have been tried over the years, but the simple fact remains Delaware is a blue State and until such time as the dems screw up big time we will remain a blue State. Sad but true!

  25. “Yet no one in Delaware seems to have grasped the meaning behind the ritual of putting differences behind us.”

    Please don’t refer to Delawareans as “us.” You aren’t one, and your ‘contributions’ to the First State have made things worse, not better.

    And there’s no point putting differences behind us unless the goal is to win, and not purist righteousness. Most on the extreme right are happy to unify, so long as we unify behind extremism, which is a proven loser in Delaware.

  26. Anon on May 18, 2013 at 12:12 said: “Those mythical checkbook a gave 100s of thousands to Lavelle and Lopez. And to Bonini in ’10. Common denominator? None of them are extremists, and all were competitive.”

    So you are calling Judge Bill Lee an extremist? And after getting 46% to 51% on a shoestring, under-funded campaign in 2004, you call him not competitive in 2008?

    Sorry, you have lots of wish-fulfillment theories, but the facts show otherwise.

    Donations to Lavelle in 2012 $ 6,350.00

    WOW! Such impressive checkbooks. Let’s let them run the party!

    Donations to Lavelle in 2010 $ 3,616.71


    Donations to Lopez in 2012: $ 9,200.00

    Almost 5 digits. Not quite. But almost (ignoring pennies).

    Donations to Bonini in 2010: $2,450.00


    Donations to Christine O’Donnell in 2010: $7.4 million.


    If checkbooks determine who should run the party, I think $7.4 million beats $2,450.00, wouldn’t you think?

    GREAT! IT’S SETTLED! The conservatives who donated $7.4 million get to drive and the moderates who donated $2,450 to Bonini in 2010 can ride in the trunk. Sound good?

  27. Where are you coming up with these ridiculous numbers? The CFIS appears to be down at the moment. Lopez and Lavelle each raised well over $100,000 for their races. Bonini got over $300,000 in PAC contributions alone in 2010.

    Getting really tired of arguing with out-of-state morons who have no idea what they’re talking about.

  28. Christine O’Donnell’s fundraising nearly all came from out of state, sent by people who were duped into thinking she wasn’t a disaster by the conservative entertainment complex, most of whom later said “oops.”

    Oh, and by the way, she lost MASSIVELY, and damaged the Delaware GOP by merely existing as a candidate.

  29. anon on May 18, 2013 at 15:55 said: “Where are you coming up with these ridiculous numbers?”

    Well, Delaware Grapevine is surely more reliable than the Delaware Department of Elections.

    But as I already told you, I got them from the Delaware Department of Elections.

    Now, if those candidates raised money they failed to report on their campaign finance reports to the Delaware Department of Elections… WELL…. that would be interesting.

    Even so, $100,000 for Lavelle and Lopez is paltry. That’s supposed to be impressive?

    anon on May 18, 2013 at 15:58 said: “Christine O’Donnell’s fundraising nearly all came from out of state”

    IRRELEVANT, both as to where and as to why.

    Dave Jones’ argument, also pushed heavily by Geezer, is that whoever has the money should call the tune.

    Okay, all I am doing is accepting that thesis.

    If Geezer, Dave Jones, and others want to argue — not my argument, it’s theirs — that whomever raises the money should have the whip hand (as Geezer would put it, more or less), well okay we’ll take that argument.

    Trouble is their argument leads to the result that conservatives should be dominant in the DEGOP.

    Again, it’s their argument, not mine. But, hey, why not? We’ll take the compliment.

  30. Colonial Republican I don’t think I’ve been told by reliable sources that Denn does not want the governors seat. Schwartzkopf has already stated several times that he intends on running for the governors seat in 2016.
    The same sources have said Biden will go after either Coon’s or Carneys seat.
    At this point there is no Republican even entertaining the idea of running in 2016, and while Ms. Lafferty may be a long shot any Republican is a long shot considering no republican has sat in the governors mansion in 25 years.

    Sussex County doesn’t have a problem getting Republicans elected to office, it’s Kent and NCCo republicans who need a shot of viagra when it comes to getting staying power for their candidates.

    As far as the Dems screwing up how much more can the screw up?
    All one has to look at is the number of federal loans/grants the state is in default of, the whole Fisker debacle, Bloom energy, all the gun bill legislation, the disastrous track record of the current AG’s phony 98% conviction rate with none of those convictions resulting in any jail time.

  31. Angus,

    You have answered your own questions. They keep getting elected, why, because there isn’t enough votes in Sussex County to elect any Republican state wide and there surely isn’t enough in New Castle. I applaude your enthusiasm, however, if you can’t convince the majority of the voters in what you profess or believe the results will be the same. Whether Biden runs for Governor or whatever he will be elected. I don’t see the dems feuding on who the candidate will be, its just not their style when it comes to a major office be it State or Federal.

  32. Oh, and the other thing about Lavelle and Lopez? THEY WON in competitive races, which you and the rest of the extremist right consistently fail to do. You’ve helped the Democrats far more than the Republicans.

  33. Angus — Republicans win in Sussex because the voters are right-leaning, not because there’s some sort of Sussex machine electing them. And you couldn’t be more wrong about 2016. Biden’s in, 100%. Schwartzkopf will stay as Speaker. Denn will move to AG after Biden wins.

  34. anon Biden ranks in the bottom of the national list of AG’s tough on crime. His phony 98% conviction rate based on plea bargains with no jail time is not a sign of someone tough on crime.He’s ranked #1, in one category; “who’s the best looking AG” there’s some real criteria making him worthy of the Governors office.
    The fact that his father got Beau’s deployment in Iraq shortened to 1 year while other National Guard troops are deployed there for 2,3,4 -5 times as long will not play well at election time either.

    Schwartzkopf won’t get elected again, even his fellow legislators are questioning his irrational outbursts, and rants that are becoming more frequent. He won’t get the backing of the DSP, or FOP either. You can only threaten people so long before it comes back to bite you and the bite is usually real hard.

  35. Colonial Sussex County can get the republican votes for a worthy candidate in a statewide election. Kent county the same if the candidate gets the message out and is worthy enough. If that scenario plays out there wouldn’t be a need to take all of NCCo to win a governors election. IMHO if any republican gubernatorial candidate could get the backing of a former republican governor like Pete DuPont that would certainly tip the tables a bit more.
    Judge Lee damn near did it, and the state is a lot further in the toilet then it was when he made his bid.

  36. anon everyone knows Beau didn’t “win” that first AG election, that was political maneuvering to get former AG Brady out of the way so Beau take the position. Biden never would have become AG if Judge Brady hadn’t taken the judgeship.

  37. Angus – After reading your response to me and Colonial, I now realize that you don’t have the first clue what you’re talking about, and aren’t worth the time.

  38. Beau is running for Gov. Dad has ordained it.
    After he wins he’ll appoint Denn as AG. Dad has ordained that.
    Ted Kauffman will be Beau’s chief of staff.

    If Ms. Lafferty runs, good for her, I sure hope she can maintain fundraising that can compete with that of the Vice President.

  39. Dave
    Thanks for your encouraging support, I know that none of us could survive for long without your positive outlook and terrifically insightful sarcasm.

  40. Anon
    “You’re reading the reports wrong, moron. And I’m not going to teach you how ”

    Why is it, when you can’t think of appropriate response, you revert to an as homenim attack?

  41. “Why is it, when you can’t think of appropriate response, you revert to an as homenim attack?”

    Because as soon as you learn that 2 + 2 = 4, there’s no point respectfully arguing with people who think it equals five. Sometimes you gotta call a (redacted), especially in light of a blatant display of ignorance an arrogance.

    Sometimes you just have to call out a sock puppet while we allow 2 names per topic you anon/Anon are one in the same person. Ad homenim attacks of any type will not be tolerated. The policy is the agree to disagree with civility, no exceptions.

  42. Anon on May 18, 2013 at 21:07 said: “You’re reading the reports wrong, moron. And I’m not going to teach you how.”

    OKAY, FINE, remember when I asked:

    Jonathon Moseley on May 18, 2013 at 15:20 said:

    See for yourself. Tell me if I got the numbers wrong somehow:

    So tell us what the numbers are. How much — according to the campaign finance reports reported to the Delaware Department of Elections — did the moderate donors donate in the past?

    If they are going to withhold money they supposedly donated in the past, how much did they donate in the past?

    Why was Jan Ting’s TOTAL donations from all sources only $212,766 ???? That’s from the FEC, and I know I know how to read the FEC reports. I’ve filed them.

    If you are going to bluff your way into wanting to run the party, you are going to have to be more specific as to the donations that your moderates claim to be withholding –but apparently ALWAYS withheld, going back to 2000 or earlier.

    Anon on May 18, 2013 at 21:07 said: ‘ “Even so, $100,000 for Lavelle and Lopez is paltry. That’s supposed to be impressive?” They were two of the largest war chests in state legislative history here in Delaware, which you know nothing about.”

    AGAIN, it’s not my argument, it’s Dave Jones’ argument and Geezer’s argument and some others.

    Their argument is who raises the money should call the tune in the DEGOP.

    I seem to remember a $7.4 million warchest.

    So if it is YOUR theory — not mine — that whomever raises the most money should be in control of the DEGOP… well…. how does $7.4 million compare with $100,000?

    Just sayin’ Be careful what you ask… you might get it.

    IF you really want to say that those with the money should be put in charge of the DEGOP…

    Are you SURE that’s what you want to argue? SURE, now? For real?

    Okay… well, then, we have a winner.

    And last time I had dinner at her house and watched TV she was in the 19807 zip code.

    So EVERYONE’s HAPPY, Dave Jones!

    You can have a 19807 zip code person running the DEGOP !!! You should be delighted!

    19807 WINS with $7.4 million raised.

    OR….. Suppose everyone tries to grow up and act like adults? How about everyone TALKS to each other, gets over their darn selves, stops trying to take cheap shots to get your way and get MORE than your fair share, and start SHOWING people that you can be trusted to lead the State of Delaware?

    Would you hire someone to run a company who spends at least half his time squabbling with other people in the company?

  43. “anon” autocorrects to “Anon” on a mobile phone or tablet. That’s so, so, so weak, but typical.

    And I took lessons on civility from the guy who said this, earlier in the thread:

    “If the 19807 and 19803 people don’t like them cookies, they can shove their checkbooks up their arses.”

    Can’t remember which upstanding, respectful commenter it was that said that…

    The hypocrisy shown here on a daily basis is amazing. When you can’t compete on intelligence, you resort to censorship. A site that used to be one of the most respected blogs in Delaware is now a cesspool for malcontents.

  44. Jan Ting was not competitive.

    Christine O’Donnell did not raise that money. The conservative entertainment complex raised that money. And again, after raising millions — SHE LOST REALLY BADLY. And she hasn’t raised a notable amount for any other candidate, ever.

    Lopez and Lavelle won. You scoffed at their fundraising totals until you were informed of their relative historical success. Then you, instead of saying “Sorry, I was wrong,” try to glaze over your incompetence by saying it wasn’t your argument, when you clearly scoffed at their totals, calling them “paltry.”

    “So if it is YOUR theory — not mine — that whomever raises the most money should be in control of the DEGOP”

    It’s not my theory. It’s the theory you want me to have. My argument is that good, competitive Republican candidates who aren’t extremists have no problems raising money inside Delaware. And despite your inability to read DOE reports, and your lack of historical knowledge about a state you don’t live in, I’m certain you can still humble yourself and admit I’m right. I’ll be waiting.

  45. As for reading the reports wrong, the Delaware Department of Elections website shows:

    In 2008, Judge Bill Lee raised only $27,007.30 for Governor, and spent over $49,000.

    In 2008, Markell raised $198,976.00 and spent $313,844.78

    So we see a marked difference between the reports as I am reading them between Judge Bill Lee and Markell.

    Why would Judge Bill Lee be a bad candidate?

    What Republican candidate for Governor in recent memory– seriously under-funded has gotten 46% against 51% ?

    After his 46% to 51% showing in 2004, in 2008 the 19807 and 19803 zip code “folks” should have been cashing in their savings bonds, searching the four or five couches per house for pocket change, and skipping a few dinners at The Melting Pot, and showering money on Bill Lee.

    Yes, I was there at the May 2008 DEGOP convention where no one was running for Governor as the convention started but rumors were flying around the Rusty Rudder that Bill Lee might run.

    WHY did people want Bill Lee to run? Because 4 years earlier he had gotten 46% to 51%.

    If the 19803 and 19807 “folks” don’t donate to a Bill Lee after he achieved 46% to 51% last time, then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. If no one gives him money, he can’t win. So they don’t donate because he can’t win. Around and around the circle goes.

  46. Don,

    Why would you even care what a Republican thinks? I don’t care what any Independents think.

  47. Dave

    “Why would you even care what a Republican thinks? I don’t care what any Independents think.”

    You don’t care what anybody thinks except for yourself. I don’t care what you think but your use of sarcasm in the case of Lacey Lafferty’s race for the governor’s seat is uncalled for. I realize that your personality requires that you use sarcasm for points of view you don’t care for, but your negative attitude about almost everything is aggravating to everyone but you.

  48. I’ve watched Dave Jones give of himself selflessly for many years in service of GOP candidates. I have not seen that duration and dedication from anyone else in this thread, including Don.

    And Moseley, I have to say I have profound respect for your ability to get pummeled by the facts, simply ignore that you’ve been pummeled and then move on to your tertiary argument. But there’s no point debating someone who won’t admit defeat. Good day.

  49. Dear Anon,

    Thank you.

    Dear Don,
    Why be sarcastic when the truth is so much obvious?
    Vance is broke, Glen is done twice now, COD a late night talk show joke, gay marriage a reality, no elections have been won with thanks to your so called conservative views which begs me to ask what exactly has your cabal accomplished other then electing John Carney and Chris Coons?
    No legislative wins, no electoral wins and your groups such a F & F and DFPC are broke.
    You wanted a theocracy style of government and it didn’t happen.
    BTW: who are the I’s running for Governor? Upon researching no I has ever been elected in recent political history.
    Maybe COD will for as we all know she’s the best grifter going however, there will be no 7 million this time floating in.
    I sure do hope I don’t have to do a radio ad as a Republican for Coons if she is the nominee. She and her cohorts cost me 180 days of my life and the chance to get Terry Spence’s house seat back and I shall never forget nor forgive.
    Elephant’s never forget.

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