Ku Klux Klan in Delaware

We might be inclined to dismiss the September 8 Fox 29 report the Ku Klux Klan is recruiting new members in Wilmington’s back yard of Newport.

But the truth of the matter is that someone from the KKK, single nut case or not, has been driving by predominately white neighborhoods throwing plastic bags with notes saying “Fight illegal immigration.”

The source of the notes claims to be “Virgil’s White Knights,” and includes two phone numbers.

According to the Fox report, residents have expressed surprise their neighborhood has been targeted by the KKK as a likely breeding ground of recruits.

But this evening, Fox 29’s six o’clock report included among its news stories an interview with a Delaware Klan member, who said though he is not interested in violence like “hanging people,” he is interested in preserving the white race and ridding the world of Jewish influence.

The man interviewed seemed to be a handicapped white man wearing the KKK garb, including a white satin mask covering his face. He would not give his name.

A Klan group in Pennsylvania is also recruiting members, a few of which have been interviewed in Klansmen costumes by news reporters from Fox 29 News.

At its peak in the mid-1920s, the Klan claimed a membership of approximately 4–5 million men. It has gone through several permutations and when consdiered dead, has been resurrected time and again.

The Klan incidents in Delaware, coupled with the recent discovery of a white cross covered in anti-black graffiti, are worrisome indicators, no matter how seemingly isolated and insignificant, of the Klan’s resurrection in Delaware.

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  1. Where is Robert Byrd when you need him. By the way Just what is the voter registration like in the Newport area???

  2. I find it interesting that both incidents–the cross with the anit-black graffiti and the recruitment efforts for the KKK– have happened in New Castle county, not Sussex, which is still regarded by some Northern Delawareans as a hotbed of prejudice and provincialism.

    We can’t come to anything conclusive, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

  3. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Just folks exercising their Constitutional freedoms.

    A MORE dangerous gathering takes place every day that the General Assembly is in session.

  4. As black nationalism increases and becomes nominally mainstream (Van Jones, Farrakhan, Rev. Wright) , a KKK revival is to be expected. Neither movement will gain much traction.

  5. Well, I kind of see your point about the General Assembly. 😉

    However, the violence associated with and advocated by the KKK of the past is something to be considered, regardless of the group spokesman’s insistence that this time the KKK is going to achieve the “superiority of the white race and stop the Jews from running the world” without any violence.

    Maybe he’s thinking of lobbying General Assembly?

  6. Rick,

    I don’t know. When the times are as polarized as they presently are, extremists multiply and gain traction.

  7. he is interested in preserving the white race and ridding the world of Jewish influence..

    Just once I’d like to see the memes that emerge in the minds of those with brutal tendencies say that the Jewish race is superior or that the “Jewish influence,” whatever it may be, is a benevolent force in the world. After all, whatever happened to the Hittites, Philistines, Amalekites or any of the races that were once said to have descended from the “giants” of old? They’re all mostly forgotten except to the extent that the Jews remembered them because the Jews live and David killed a Goliath, etc.

    But memes still emerge from chaotic events in the world to say:
    “Jews are the eternal enemies of Islam.”

    “Jews are the eternal enemies of the German people.”

    “If we do not succeed in destroying the biological substance of the Jews, the Jews will some day destroy the German people.”


    But why not:
    “Jews are the eternal friends of the world.”


  8. Mynym,

    I am convinced that one of the greatest reasons for anti-semitism is pure jealousy.

    The facts of Jewish accomplishment are only too plain to ignore and incite resentment, alas.

    Individuals who are outstanding achievers, Jewish or not, often experience similar hatred–the “cut down the tall poppy” syndrome.

    What is terrifying is to see that syndrome applied to the entire populace by their own government.

  9. If they are looking for new members all they have to do go on the Bill Colley show and and there won’t be a white sheet letf in any wal-mart in Delaware.

  10. Just folks exercising their Constitutional freedoms.

    They’re free to be degenerate. But if everyone decides to turn a deaf ear to their better angels while giving in to their inner demons then the Constitution and freedom will no longer have meaning anyway.

  11. #12,


    Could you give us a link to a verifiable quote /radio broadcast from Bill Colley substantiating your accusation he is a racist?

    Intimating he supports the KKK is a a very serious accusation.

    I think you should supply some proof.

  12. I am convinced that one of the greatest reasons for anti-semitism is pure jealousy.

    I think it’s envy. I think I agree with a pastor who said:

    Jealousy says: “I want that thing.” And if it is given then it subsides. But Envy says, “I want that… and why do they have it when I do not?” It’s the murderous sin of Cain. It may have been fine that he didn’t give the first fruits. But when God lingered on the sacrifice of the Lamb and the way Able gave the first of the flock Cain turned envious. It’s an internal attitude that seems typical on the Left. It seems there is no external remedy so God says, ““Why are you angry? Why is your face downcast? If you do what is right, will you not be accepted? But if you do not do what is right, sin is crouching at your door; it desires to have you, but you must rule over it.”

    If Cain had not been marked and sent away then he would have killed everyone else too. If the National Socialists had killed every Jew that would not have been the final solution to their internal state. If other socialists are allowed to raise taxes to %100 on the rich that will not be enough to do away with their psychological dynamics. It’s something within our pattern of thought that has no solution in the body politic, final or otherwise. Instead, we must be “right”eous and rule over sin.

  13. “Envy says, “I want that… and why do they have it when I do not?” ”

    This is also a description of Greed.

    Greed looks at the paychecks and homes and pension funds of the middle class, and says “That is rightly my wealth. Why do they have it when I do not? “

  14. Mynym and Alpha,

    Your riffs on envy, greed and jealousy remind me of an essay I read a very long time ago in which the author used the term “Politics of Ressentment.” He used the French word “ressentment” deliberately, as he thought it encapsulated in one word what had to be translated into many words in English.

    His point, if I recall correctly, was that the combination of greed, envy, jealousy, and resentment the word “ressentment” connoted was useful as a political tool in that it proved effective in turning class against class.

    What he did not say was that once “ressentment” was institutionalized, warfare inevitably follows; warfare of the classes marked by “ressentment” against those deemed more privileged; warfare which can become violent.

    The insitutionalization of ressentment is ongoing in our own country, as the constant negativity toward the “rich” indicates, the “rich” who are characterized as possessing a larger measure of greed than the “poor.”

    What is missed is that sins of all kinds, including greed and resentment, are not confined to one class but are universal to humanity.

  15. This is also a description of Greed.

    There are some patterns of thought that are difficult to get at with words. But if envy is defined by more philosophical and internal “why” questions then it is more subtle than greed. It seems that greed has a more external and obvious answer. So after the politicians and the rich and powerful steal the wealth and loot the retirements of millions their greed is supposedly sated. But as someone in the movie Inside Job commented sometimes people have so much money that they become more interested in power. This indicates that they were motivated by something more internal and spiritual than something external all along.

  16. Alpha:

    Oh, dear. I am reminded once again why I was never a fan of Ted Kennedy, the veritable icon of the seven deadly sins… 😉


    I think you have gotten to a core issue; namely, the desire for power, which translates into the desire to be God.

  17. Yet Ted Kennedy’s question hangs in the air: “When does the greed stop?”

    In that clip Kennedy was rebuking Republicans for blocking a raise in the minimum wage. And now we have Republicans campaigning on totally abolishing the minimum wage.

    So I guess the answer to Kennedy’s question is: Not yet.

  18. He used the French word “ressentment” deliberately, as he thought it encapsulated in one word what had to be translated into many words in English.

    Philosophers have used that term to describe the way people transfer their own thoughts about failure or inferiority onto an external “scapegoat.” But there is no physical, final or external solution to it because it is an internal condition typical to socialists. If every Jew was killed then National Socialists would turn toward other scapegoats. If effete progressives are successful at taxing “the rich” at %100 to create jobs for “the poor” then they will not say: “That’s better. Now everything is good…” No, they’ll progressively think that there’s still something else external that’s getting their goat for as long as their internal condition continues. If this disabled KKK member who thinks that he’s a failure (Probably because he is a failure.) is successful in doing away with whatever he’s imagining to be the “Jewish influence” then he will need a different scapegoat.

    And as more people lack jobs or think of themselves as failures due to the decline of civilization, corruption, dependency, the absence of liberty based labor and so on… things tend to get more dangerous. But at least Obama has done a great job “doing something” with his idiotic part to play in it all. Is there a French word for a mix of stupidity and corruption that cannot be captured without using many English words?

  19. Well, the poor man is now dead, and I do want to respect his current status; but I do believe he could have made his point without leaving so much spittle on the lectern.


  20. “Is there a French word for a mix of stupidity and corruption that cannot be captured without using many English words?”



  21. “Is there a French word for a mix of stupidity and corruption that cannot be captured without using many English words?”

    les Américains

  22. ….the desire for power, which translates into the desire to be God.

    Perhaps at some point all that is left to be envious of is God and the rich and powerful become like the Pharaohs of old who declared themselves gods. Of course, they’re dead. Although at least the memes that caused ancient pyramid schemes based on towers of babble left us ruins to wonder about.

    In Egypt’s sandy silence, all alone,
    Stands a gigantic Leg, which far off throws
    The only shadow that the Desert knows:
    “I am great OZYMANDIAS,” saith the stone,
    “The King of Kings; this mighty City shows
    “The wonders of my hand.” The City’s gone,
    Nought but the Leg remaining to disclose
    The site of this forgotten Babylon.

    Our politicians are not far behind as they babble on about how they will save us and the whole planet from storms, the tides and so on while “saving” and creating labor… the sea of babble is rising these days.

    Let all men know how empty and worthless is the power of kings, for there is none worthy of the name, but He whom heaven, earth, and sea obey by eternal laws. –Cnut the Great

    It’s too bad our leaders show such little interest in controlling what they should control, thieves… and so much interest in controlling what they cannot control, the weather.

  23. Fay, I believe these types of groups grow from a frustration with a government that they see as failing them. The original Klan grew out of the Reconstruction era after the Civil War. People in the South felt abused by the Federal government, so they took matters into their own hands. In the thirties people were dealing with the effects of the Great Depression and again struck out at those who they saw as compotition for what few jobs there were. In the fifties and sixties the Klan again grew in power in response to the Civil Rights Movement. Currently we are seeing a response to the Federal government being seen as failing to create jobs and again allowing the illegal immigrant problem to compete for what jobs there are.
    Throughout history we have seen that there are people who will take advantage of people’s disatisfaction, to whip them into a frenzy, so as to gain power for themselves.
    Hitler used the Jews to gain power. Liberals are now attempting to use the TEA party to retain power. There are those within the conservative movement that would gladly use the racial hatred of others to gain power.
    There is a racial element to some of the rhetoric on both sides. On one side you have people who support liberalism who are constantly calling “RACIST”. On the otherside you have people using words like “THOSE PEOPLE”.
    Media does play a part in ramping up the rhetoric. On both sides of the political spectrum you have media playing the race card.
    Groups like the Klan appeal to weak minded, frustrated people. People who have low self esteem. People who feel a need to build themselves up by tearing others down. Let us not forget the original Klan was the illegal and violent arm of the Democrat Party. It is very telling that the Klan’s re-births are usually during economic down turns.

  24. Frank, don’t make excuses for evil. The Klan is not some political expression, they are just evil. You make it sound like there is some political rational for lynching people, and saying the white race should rule of others. You are talking like the guy who tries to make excuses for the serial killer, you know, he had an abusive father etc. etc. There is no equivalent among conservatives or liberals. The Klan is way beyond explanations of leftwing or rightwing. It’s just a sick way of thinking. In modern times that kind of thinking is aided and abetted by those who try to explain it, or justify it. It’s emboldened by those who do not call it what it is – evil.

  25. I’m not so sure the Klan and its modern manifestations transcend party affiliation.

    Frank has only half-learned his history. He left out the part where those racist Southern Klan Democrats became today’s conservative Southern Republicans.

  26. Frank,

    You’ve tackled a difficult issue; namely, what causes groups like the KKK to develop and matastacize, growing to an organization that at one time claimed 10-15% of the adult male population of our country.

    As the shadow used to say, “What evil lurks in the heart of men?”

    Therein lies the reason for the rise of groups like the KKK. The potential for great evil resides in the heart of all humans, and when it is fertilized by a godlike desire for superiority, revenge, power, it flowers into organizations whose ideological bent reflects the distortions of the heart.

    The worst are those who call evil good and good evil.

  27. Fay, Just like Bill, His guests or his callers never back up any of his or there shit they put out over the air, I shouldn’t have to but here it is open your ears and listen to him sometime and you will have all the evidece you need.

  28. I haven’t heard Bill’s show, to tell the truth. I just think that when accusations of racism are made, they should be backed up by a link to a specific talk show or a verifiable quote.

    There’s just too much unverifiable innuendo and mud throwing out there.

    And, truly, conservatives are tarred with the racist brush all the time–just for being conservative.

  29. I am not making excuses. I agree that the KKK is evil. But what allows it to attract members? People, who, in other times would never think of being a part of such an organization. When people are desperate, they do desperate things. Are those things still wrong and evil? Yes. If you are going to turn this into a spiritual question alone then we have to recognize that God gives us the choice to be good, or evil. I happen to believe that there is also a societal aspect as well. At times in our history there has been a societal acceptance of such behaviour. I again point to Hitler’s Germany. Were all the people of Germany evil? Possibly. But more likely we witnessed a people who were desperate due to their economic situation. So they fell prey to temptation. They looked the other way as those whom they put into power went about destroying a people. Hitler used the Jews as a common enemy to unite the German people by blaming the economic situation on the Jews.
    We are seeing the same type of minipulation on both sides of our political spectrum here in the USA today.
    On the left you have people saying that it is the fault of the radicals within the TEA movement and that they are motivated by racial hatred of Pres. Obama. They are attempting to motivate their base by painting the TEA movement as a racist movement. The left is currently attempting to make the TEA movement the common enemy. We have seen violent acts against TEA members, acts perpetrated by union members and others who see themselves as the “ARMY” of the left and the Democrat party. Are these union members evil?
    On the right we are seeing some who are using the liberals as the common enemy. We here that if the left wins, then there will be riots in the streets. These same people are quick to point out that the epicenter of the chaos will be the urban centers of the nation. Historically populated by minorities.
    Both sides are using fear and frustration to ramp up their bases. The results in both cases can be violent. The result in both cases are organizations such as the KKK and the Black Panthers. Or will you tell me that Panther members intimidating voters with pool cues is not the same as Klan members intimidating black voters in the 50’s and 60’s?
    It is up to society to not allow such organizations to be made respectable. They should be shown for what they are. Evil is a good description of what the Klan stands for. But do not be blind to the evil of others, just because they seem to support you political positions. This is exactly how the world ended up with Hitler as a world leader.

  30. Frank, there’s no comparing Black Panthers with KKK. In doing so you kind of diminish the historical evil of the KKK make it sound like maybe both sides have similar “problems”. Like well, the right has the KKK, but the left has the Panthers. Why stretch to find a place for the KKK to fit in? Trying to equate some lone “black panther” in Philadelphia with a pool cue to the KKK is going way out of your way to find a place for the KKK in the political spectrum.

    The KKK is in a league of their own. A white supremacist skin head klan of stupid white people that dates back to the Civil War. The KKK is a vestige from the time of slavery. They burned crosses a century ago , they burn them today.

    And yes, racism is real. Why, for the past two generations, do we ask “is America ready for a black president or a female president”? Because of racism. This is the melting pot. Racism is in our genes. Japan has no problem. They are one race. America is a very special non-homogeneous land. We have always had to deal with racism. It’s why we killed 500,000 of our brothers sons fathers and friends. We had a big war of racism. There are monuments all over America to the great war over race.

    Now what? We have folks talking like – racism in America? Racism in the Tea Party. How dare you. What racism? Prove it. There are not racist anywhere. No sir. Not in America. Certainly not in conservative southern circles. No siree.. .you got some nerve . .

    Meanwhile Newt says you can only understand Obama if you understanding Kenya anti-colonialism, Huckabee wonders about Obama growing up in Kenya Mau Mau, and even Fay here insists the Black President must be a kind of Black Liberation Theology kind of guy. And of course, one birth certificate, the kind white guys show, was not enough. We needed a double triple check – you know how slippery these people can be.

    Here’s some polling results from 2006:

    “Nearly two in three registered voters – 63 percent – say that most people they know would vote for a black president. But roughly one in four believe that most of the people they know would not.

    Democrats (at 67 percent) are slightly more likely than Republicans (at 61 percent) to say most people they know would vote for a black candidate. Older Americans are less likely to respond that people they know would do so: Just 58 percent of those 65 and older say most of the people they know would vote for a black candidate. By contrast, 70 percent of respondents under 30 years old said those they know would do so.”

    So as recently as 2006 just 65% of those polled said they would vote for a black President. Why did we have to ask? Why do the other 35% say no to a black President? I don’t have that much interest in the subject, but it is nuts to keep acting all surprised when people say “racism” plays a part in politics, especially Tea Party politics. Sure it does. I am not even condemning it – it’s just a fact of life. We have 35% who would not vote for a black President. You don’t think a lot of those folks love the Tea Party? Again, that’s not meant as an insult, just a reality check. I have plenty of old school buddies and I can tell you first hand they just don’t like it that a black guy with a big black wife is cavorting in the White House.

    Frank, the beef with the Tea Party is political. They seem all jazzed up to find a way out of Social Security and lot of other stuff many Americans hold sacred. Many of us non-Tea do not understand this Tea revulsion against what we think is the best government in the world. But it’s political. The Tea Party probably has the highest percentage of people who would not vote for a black President. That’s there deal. Why make pretent that’s not the case?

  31. Fay
    I listen to Bill’s show from time to time and I know him as well. I have never heard him spout racism, or be open to it on the air. His show, is a talk show and controversial issues are routinely discussed, but one would have to stretch the truth very far to say that he endorses racism.
    # 12 and 33, Real American, makes libelous statements using a pseudonym and with no actual proof or link to back his statements. It is like sewage emptying into an open street to poison everyone that listens.
    Real American didn’t even deserve an answer.

  32. Seems like the race issue has gotten worse under Obama when I thought the word was it would go away and for the most part is has. Think back a bit. Most popular athlete-Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, highest paid entertainer-Oprah Winfrey, most integrated entity in America- U S Armed Forces.

    I spent a lot of summers in Arkansas where I was born (1957) and the racist actions and attitudes were overt and real. Luckily my Mother who was born there also kept that sort of nonsense away from us. Much has changed since then and all for the good.

    The KKK is not a solution or an idea but a very small collection of people frustrated by a changing America they think they are not a part of anymore.

    Mike Protack

  33. Think123, you go to great lengths to twist what I have said. I have said in two comments that there are factions within both parties and both political ideologies that use race to ramp up thier bases.
    For you to ignore the fact that the Panthers and other radical leftist groups are racist, shows your agenda. But let me clarify, while the original Panthers were for black unity and the elimination of racism in general, the New Black Panthers, the people who were intimidating white voters in Philly, are even condemned as racist by original members of the original Panthers. The NBPP are anti-Semetic and anti-white. I am not justifying anything the KKK has done or that it stands for. But neither am I so partisan as to turn a blind eye towards the racism of others.
    Think123, you point out that due to the human nature of our melting pot society that there is naturally a percentage of racist within the TEA movement. Okay, then take that same thought process and look at the left. Should it not hold true that the same societal human nature would hold true within the liberal spectrum of that society as well.
    It seems as if, in the face of my honesty, you find it necessary to ignore the truth. This is a liberal disease. It is you inability to discuss issues honestly, that causes you to see that very trait in those you oppose. It’s called projection.

  34. Don,

    I hear you. I find myself wishing everyone would use his/ner own name instead of pseudonyms. I think the civility level would improve.

  35. Frank, sorry if I gave you the impression I think the left is not racist. Everybody is bigoted. It’s a human condition, not a political one. That’s why I think it’s crock for Tea to pretend there ain’t a racist bone in our political body.

    I still don’t understand your point about the KKK and black panthers. This post is about the rise of KKK.

    You are being defensive. I say how bad KKK is, and you say well how about the Black Panthers? Not sure what the point is. Like they are kinda the same. The descendants of ex-slaves and the descendants of ex-slave holders both have legitimate gripes?

  36. My point is not so much about the individual organizations, as it is about what allows them to attrack so called average citizens to join either. And yes, evil is evil. Your heritage does not justify evil. And yes it is political if it involves politics. It matters little if the people trying to incite hatred are decendents of slaves or slave holders. They are both attempting to win converts to their agenda by fostering hatred. The original post was about the KKK specifically, but that led to a broader discussion of hate groups in general. If you do not recognize the NBPP as a hate group simply because they are made up of decendents of slaves, well then you might want to re-examine your definition of a hate group.
    And while I am sure there are racist involved in the TEA movement, I don’t feel that it would be considered a hate group like the KKK and the NBPP. Anymore than the Democrat party would be considered a hate group because of the racist involved in it.

  37. Fay, Just like Bill, His guests or his callers never back up any of his or there shit…

    ‘Real American.’ What a joke. Doesn’t like free speech, requires profanity to attempt to communicate.

    Change your handle to ‘Real Jackass.’

  38. Fay:

    This is Bill Colley’s funny joke from Twitter:

    BumpColley Bill Colley
    9-12 Patriots’ meeting tonight. Per usual we’ll torch a hairdresser & string up a couple of Moors.
    1 Sep Favorite Retweet Reply

    And here is his wonderful wit again, on WGMD.com, you can search it on WGMD’s site:

    The Wilmington Daily Bolshevik didn’t make it for a number of reasons, first among those being the Claymont Muslim fashion show. There was also a conflict with the “undocumented” immigrant bean festival and a car-deer accident outside Odessa.

    A “hispanic bean festival” is right up there with an “African American watermelon eating contest” isn’t it?

  39. Hey anonymous, can’t you take a little Hispanic bean festival joke, or torch a gay hairdresser joke? It’s just a joke. Like “how many Tea Party members does it take to screw in a light bulb”, or “the Tea Party website has been renamed TEA.kkk”. All jokes. Lighten up. Liberal is Bolshevik. Conservative is Neo-Nazi. Obama is Communist. Palin is a Skinhead White Supremacist. Take a tip from the Tea Party. Lighten up.

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