Kasich Clear Winner In Thursday’s Presidential Debate?

While watching Foxnews last night, the only winner was clearly Gov. Kasich. He discussed the issues and didn’t take the bait from any of the moderators. Too bad his experience is going to waste. The other three in the GOP republican race, Donald Trump, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz have long ago stooped to name calling and expressing disparaging comments about their opponents private parts and hands.

John Kasich was clearly the presidential candidate on the stage Thursday night. I was suitably impressed at his abilities that included balancing a federal budget, his knowledge on foreign policy and amazing knowledge on how to fix a broken education system. He clearly articulated policy with substance and clarity, while not attacking any of his opponents.

Kudos for Kasich! while the world was laughing at the new Thursday night clown act on the parts of Donald Trump, Little Rubio and Liar Ted, Gov. Kasich was maintaining a presidential demeanor.

4 thoughts on “Kasich Clear Winner In Thursday’s Presidential Debate?”

  1. Clown act?

    Look, Rubio started the thing with the hands just a few days ago. Trump was merely responding to that.

    So you are saying, Don, that after months of Trump acting completely the same way, and racking up delegates in the primaries thus far, that you are finally going to let the GOP elite kick him to the curb, because you want a “sensible moderate” like Kasich?

    Kasich, who was all over the map on gay marriage and letting illegals stay here?

    Well, okay, all hail this years’ Bob Dole.

  2. @Nitpicker

    I’m not saying anything of that nature at all Nit. What I’m saying is; Donald needs to act more presidential and stop engaging in bullshit with the two losers, Little Marco and Liar Ted. When a man is running for president of the United States as Trump is. we expect a little more than attacks that are inappropriate.

  3. I thought the Fox News team did a horrible job, egging the candidates on, and unnecessarily injecting themselves into the conversation. At one point, Megyn Kelly spoke over Trump AND Rubio who were arguing about some arcane fact of what Better Business rating Trump University had. Essentially she asked the question, then began answering it herself based on Fox’s research – which later proved to be incomplete.

    As far as the four candidates go, I thought Kasich had the best night.

  4. @Mike
    I think you’re right, the GOP was almost worse than the candidates at producing the drama and attack situations during the debate. The only adult in the room was Kasich.

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