Just a Reminder who the Taliban are

They sent a suicide bomber into a wedding party killing 40 including children. They hung a 7 year old boy for spying. They put AIDS infected needles and razors around bombs so the people decommissioning them may get infected if they are successful. Those are just the stories from the last two days. Some people say they do not want us there so we should leave. The Taliban received about 3% of the vote in the election. Almost no one wants them. Our allies received almost 90% of the vote. They are evil and walking away with them intact is not an option.

2 thoughts on “Just a Reminder who the Taliban are”

  1. “The operation to secure the Kandahar region will unfold more slowly and last longer than the military had planned, Gen. Stanley McChrystal said. The slower pace of the make-or-break operation reflects the reality that the Taliban is not a hated occupier in Kandahar, and the residents McChrystal is trying to protect do not universally want his help”. Our military is at great risk performing a Viet Nam era style “hearts and minds” campaign. It is a huge ante for an experiment. We are dying from a thousand cuts which originate in Tehran. There will only be continual setbacks in the war against radical Islam until we cut the head off that hydra.

  2. Should we stay there mere decades, or for centuries?

    We are wasting our time on the ground; our most effective tool is drones controlled from Nevada (or wherever).

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