Joy and Fear: President Elect Donald Trump

Joy and fear seem to be the two emotional poles that a President Donald Trump seems to evoke. May I say that the fear is overblown. The Democratic party has spent the last few months painting Trump to be a monster, KKK, sexual assaulter, and general bigot who is going to blow up the world. Some people actually believed it. He has to reassure them. He doesn’t have to win them over right now, just show that he won’t kill people, restore segregation, shutdown every mosque in America or round up people who look Hispanic. The 60 minutes interview Sunday was a good continuation of the tone he set with his victory speech and meeting with President Obama.

Back when I was young, I was concerned about Reagan then in a month, he showed me that all of the media hype was wrong. Within two months, I was on board the Reagan train and never got off. He represented my values. I see a crack in the Blue wall not just geographically. Three interesting facts, 1 in 7 Black men voted for Trump. That is the difference between winning and losing in Michigan and Pennsylvania. If Hillary Clinton carried white women instead of losing them (Trump had 53%) She would have carried Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin and Arizona. He picked up more Latino voters than expected and that was the difference in Florida. Not everyone in groups that were supposed to fear Trump bought into it. Now Trump has a chance to expand the base by keeping promises to rebuild our cities and make life better for working mothers.

An interesting by product of this election was the fact that non-southern white voters behaved like an ethnic voting group and voted their self interests. That is naturally condemned in the elite circles as something dark and foreboding. It is heralded when other groups do the same so I do not understand the issue. Could it be a bad thing for America? Yes, if it were misdirected or based upon racism and exclusion. While there are a few voices who favor such, they are few. Most want to build a new majority with similarly situated minorities. If you are black and laid off because of bad trade deals or if you are white and laid off, it doesn’t matter. The economic grievances are not racial. The solutions are not either. Fixing the problems in education, the cities, the economy and national security will win hearts and minds. If the party is satisfied with only 48%, then the victory won’t last long. If it expands, it will lock the Democrats out for another decade. It controls 69 and hopefully 70 statehouses and around 33 or 34 governorships. Democrats only control 6 states completely (hopefully 5 when we win the state senate early next year).

Democrats declared that the Obama coalition was the future and the GOP was dying. Republicans are far from dead. They are alive and well. Republicans should recognize that Democrats are down, but not out. Republicans need to meet expectations over the next two years and grow the base without losing the base. They cannot blow this two year gift of total control. They have to show that they are for the people.

2 thoughts on “Joy and Fear: President Elect Donald Trump”

  1. David
    All of the circumstances that you mention that caused Trump to win were in play in this election. First of all, only the truly dedicated to Hillary believed all of her hype. Many of her base finally saw her as totally corrupt and unable to serve as commander in chief for America, especially after the Benghazi debacle.

    The most important ingredient in Trump’s election stew was the fact that he offered a genuine hope to all Americans and stayed on target with his ideas to make America great again. His family is truly an inspiration to the American public. If a man is a good father, it says a lot about his inner character, no matter how rough he appears on the outside.

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