Join the Independent Alternative


By: Wolf von Baumgart, Staff Writer

With the current internal conflict and disarray in the Republican Party and increasing frustration of the American People, national politics is at a critical turning point. The GOP “establishment” is desperate to stop “insurgent” Donald Trump at all costs. Rumors and disinformation abound in a sea of tumult, personal attack and carefully crafted negative advertising instead of substantive debate on constructive solutions to the array of complex problems facing the American People in an unstable economic environment in the face of a massive national debt.

On the Democratic Party side of the presidential equation, the voters have an essential choice between a long-time Socialist and a former First Lady facing FBI investigation and possible indictment on serious national security charges.

We are approaching a critical psychological meltdown of the so-called “two-party” system as increasing numbers of voters are demanding straight answers to their increasingly critical questions and practical solutions to our problems over partisan polarization, rhetoric and slogans. This new high level of discontent, built up over the last decade, now fuels the independently critical “TRUMP Factor” that is straining the closed-loop pseudo-elite GOP hierarchy to its limits.

Realization of a problem is the first step towards its solution. As more people realize that “insider” special interest driven politics as usual is not ultimately in their best interests, a more open, constructive independent public interest alternative approach is forming on the post-political horizon. No single politician is the answer to our common problems. Solutions will require the proactive, freely focused, creative, and protracted, co-operative efforts of the American People working beyond partisan constraints.

The Independent Party of Delaware, dedicated to a more creative, constructive, trans-disciplinary and practical and commonsense approach to problem solving is holding its 2016 State Nominating Convention in the Capital Room of Grotto Pizza on 1519 North DuPont Highway in Dover, DE on Saturday, March 12 from 1-3 pm. We invite new people concerned with the future of our state and nation to join us in our efforts to restore the balance of power in favor of the People instead of special interests.

There is always room for more talent. Free ballot access is available to qualified candidates.

Call (302) 344-3344, e-mail: for further information or visit our website at: .