Joe Loses School Name Vote

There will be no school named after Joe Biden anytime soon.  The Brandywine School District internet voters have picked the name Hanby for their new elementary school. Hanby is the name of a prominent farm family that goes back at least to the 18th century. Joe Biden was one of the choices for naming the school. Candidly, I was unaware of the internet voting process. I thought the decision was going to be made by the Brandywine School Board. Kudos to the district for involving the public in this decision and of course kudos to those who voted in the process.  The voters got it right on this one.

8 thoughts on “Joe Loses School Name Vote”

  1. Some day when your bored go to Kent’s Polytech.
    Taj Mahal is a good example. Since when did school’s need to palaces?

  2. maybe they will name the school O’donnell High. It’s filled with a bunch of losers….

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