JFK Assassinated 50 years ago

50 years ago, an avowed Communist, and Castro sympathizer shot and killed an America President. I am not going to get into personal ruminations other than to say it was a shock at the time. There are many things I have to say about JFK, but today is just the time for some reflection on the sadness of death. I will have more to say later.

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  1. TW

    There are many theories about how the shooting happened and who done it. I for one don’t believe that Oswald,s shots was the one that killed President Kennedy. I’ve seen everything that’s been on each of the cable versions lately and they each have great points and although Oswald played a part, I don’t believe he was the main player.

  2. If you ever really dig through the stuff I think most of the conspiracy theory talking points tend to be more the result of incompetence rather than any sort of gigantic conspiracy. Much like 9/11.

    I do find it funny that a group of people who ramble on about how incompetent the government is all of a sudden think that it is capable of covering up the murder of a US President in broad daylight.

    It was definitely a world turning event, although I think the guy is lionized in death more than his actions really deserved.

  3. Falcor, I think you are right.

    John F. Kennedy was a conservative who was one of the first tea party candidates.

    John F. Kennedy would convert to the Republican Party if he were alive now (just as Ronald Reagan was a Democrat who woke up and became a Republican)

    John F. Kennedy could never win a nomination in today’s Democrat Party

    And I do believe that JFK was killed by a left-wing sympathizer of the Soviet Union who had defected to the USSR and returned to the USA as an agent of the communist movement.

  4. I do find it funny that a group of people who ramble on about how incompetent the government is all of a sudden think that it is capable of covering up the murder of a US President in broad daylight.

    It’s not necessarily the US government.

    And it doesn’t matter how incompetent people are if they can rely on others naturally “conspiring” with them due to an ingrained sense of tribalism and a siege mentality taught to them at birth. It doesn’t take a big elaborate conspiracy or a lot of competence when large aspects of it can be out in the open and people in the target nation can be looked on as assets.

    As one of the people working for Urban Moving Systems before 911 apparently put it: “Give us twenty years and we’ll take over your media and destroy your country.” Documented statement right in the police report. Etc.

    Facts. Logic. Evidence.

    Where are they in your view of these events and the conspiracies that brought them about? Or do you think that the US government and its “mainstream”/military industrial media are always telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

  5. “Or do you think that the US government and its “mainstream”/military industrial media are always telling you the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

    Of course not, I just don’t think you’ve got any clue what you’re talking about.

  6. Of course not, I just don’t think you’ve got any clue what you’re talking about.

    911 is the litmus test for being clueless, the beginnings of an overview: Alan Sobrosky, PhD. Marine veteran and director of the Army War College

    See also:
    (Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World by Christopher Lee Bollyn or Google: Bollyn.com)
    (9/11 Ten Years Later: When State Crimes against Democracy Succeed by David Ray Griffin)

    At least the war with Syria/Iran seems to be simmering down now, even if Zionists are still going ahead with the bombing of Syria by means of the Israeli government and basically beginning to throw a temper tantrum over the way things are going for them lately. (They can’t use the U.S. to wage a preemptive war or to try to find WMDs in the underpants of everyone but Zionists and Chertoff Inc. again. Boo. hoo.)

    But the lack of an escalation of the war against Syria/Iran is no thanks to you, it would seem. Why do you perceive me as clueless, again? Try to focus: Facts. Logic. Evidence. I don’t care about your opinions, given that you seem to be clueless with respect to what’s going on around you and “strategic objectives.”

  7. Of course not…

    Then give an example of an instance where you know that the corporate/military industrial media has misinformed or disinformed people.

  8. The end of “combat operations” in Afghanistan.

    The plan has been to stay until at least 2024 pending a SOFA all along, and “combat operations” is such a deliberately vague word it’s almost comical.

    Adviser teams living with ANA Kandaks that are increasingly susceptible to being overrun by the Taliban are not participating in a “combat operation” because they are in an adviser role. This despite the fact that they routinely get in firefights with Johnny Muj.

  9. It’s all based on lawlessness. And that aspect of it has more to do with the poppy fields along side of the yellow brick road than any politician/criminal incorporated in the oligarchy now wants to admit.

    Hopium Ben

    But if you’re like the corporate media, you’re not following the lies of “official sources are telling us” all the way through. Apparently you’re aware that someone, somewhere along the line of careerists in the military giving the official reports to the corporate media is lying again. Yet don’t know why.

    Another big ramble because I feel like it, you’ve been warned. So if anyone feels a little stressed when they have to read more than two sentences or take two seconds on the internet to research a few reference points for themselves, just stop reading now.

    Example of one layer of lies, the Banking/Corporate media on Afghanistan failing to follow through and pretending that it’s all just a bunch of incompetent humanitarians full of hopium and change trying to help people…. that wind up droning and terrorizing them instead (oops). All of which is supposedly creating more terrists* :

    “This has never been witnessed before in the history of Afghanistan,” said Jean-Luc Lemahieu, the departing leader of the Afghanistan office of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, which produces the annual survey.

    The record opium figures have come despite billions of dollars and years of effort by the international community to reduce the number of poppies grown in Afghanistan. NYT

    It’s another case of “Oops… we have the best of intentions again. But would you look at that, the poppy fields along side the yellow brick road just happen to be growing again… never mind the financial wizards behind the curtain!”

    *That’s the naive liberal “blow back” theory of terrism. But what usually happens is that people are trained by the intelligence agencies of oligarchs, like the older brother in the Boston boys case that apparently decided to work for the Russians when the Syria/Iran “We have one of your spies now.” fiasco was simmering and a “hot war” could have broken out. But not the younger brother, it would seem that he doesn’t know anything. Just being stupid, like other people in the cell with #1 Terrorist on their license plate. Real. Dumb. The FBI just went ahead and executed another one of the Boston boy’s associates. “He had a gun or somethin’. Just kidding.” Etc.

    Anyway, usually no random peasant (among the millions) will just self-radicalize out of nowhere and up and organizes a large act of terror, let alone a group of peasants supposedly spontaneously self radicalizing because they were inspired by a Youtube video. It’d be humorous what our oligarchs expect us to believe, if it wasn’t so tragic. Apparently, at this point our infighting oligarchs with their “It’s a case of national $ecurity, no investigative journalism allowed.” think that we’re all stupid. So we might even actually believe that it was a Youtube video and then if they could tamp down the infighting or “break the fever” in some way afterwards, it’d have been fine. After all, Cheney and Bush got away with far worse when they worked for and covered for Israeli interests.

    But they’re not “breaking the fever” to begin some bipartisan criminality again, at all. Who knows, maybe we’ll eventually be better of over all if they don’t.

    And if the whole thing “collapses” due to corruption more than it already has in another 2008 scenario soon, just remember if you join Occupy that people working for the criminal banker’s ponzi may be using counter “terrorism” drills against you just like the DHS has been “prepping” for Tea Party types. So just be careful if you decide to get upset enough to begin wandering around banging on drums or playing with arts and crafts again. (And be even more careful if you go the Tea Party or libertarian route of walking around with guns to try to demonstrate that power is still decentralized.)

    It would be simpler if people looked into the whole concept of the way that money/debt is being created out of nothing by private/hidden/occult bankers and lent to them as a form of “national debt” at interest and so forth But it looks like people aren’t going to do that. And they’re going to keep assuming what should be happening, that money is being spent into existence in the public interest on infrastructure and so on. So another Occupy or another Tea Party and stupidity all the way around is the most likely scenario… and never the twain of the Right/Left paradigm shall meet and give birth to intelligence?

  10. The Wizard of Oz – The Magic Spell of Poppies

    Whatever happened to America’s tradition of populism and politicians like William Jennings Bryan openly pointing to the bankers and saying: “You shall not crucify mankind on your cross of gold!!” and all the rest of it? Now we get Obama: “You didn’t built that.” But to bankers: “No one should begrudge them anything in a free market system… and here’s some new cuff links with the Presidential Seal of Approval on them for this banker too.”

    The satiric works of art, stories like the Wizard of Oz at the end of the yellow brick road and all the rest of it are still there as a part of American history. Anyone can look and see. And it has a lot to do with traditional American prosperity, which is now in decline. Pretty pathetic that American peasants are giving up their heritage of liberty and knowledge of the banksters for the sake of expertise in football or reality shows and so forth. I.e…. bread and circuses.

    Maybe there’s something to the conspiracy theorist’s idea that dumping toxic waste like fluoride in the water is making everyone stupid. Or maybe the conservative interpretation is true and it’s just the natural cycle of civilizations and empires, from dawn to decadence… to degeneracy and decay. Whatever the cause, most trajectories seem to be down.

  11. I was just watching this report from yet another whistle blower and she mentioned that they’re working with a lot of local* people in the states. There’s still time, from her perspective. And I think she’s probably right about that.

    When stuff starts blowing up (literally) and there’s the possibility of a hot war starting, that’s when it seems like there’s not much time. Either way, the debt/money system can’t go on… whether it’s actually corrected or obscured in war and more Murder Inc.

    Still waiting on more Toto’s to pull back the curtain on the financial Wizard of Oz/gold ounces, I guess. That’s another thing that whistle blower mentioned, a gold standard is not a good idea when the yellow brick road is already owned by banksters. Bitcoin is one idea. People could have already made a lot of “federal reserve notes” on it, if you’re still into ponzi.

    *Probably not in Delaware though, given that if someone so much as flicks a piece of paper the Sheriff apparently wants the power to arrest them for aggravated assault. Or something like that. Hopefully there are some Democrats or Republicans or whoever, who cares, out there that are more intelligent and more interested in representing the people than their own egos.

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