It’s Been Official!!! Bonini files Treasurer’s Race Committee

Colin Bonini Has filed the Statement of Organization to run for the Office of State Treasurer. This is the first step necessary for a viable campaign and allows Colin to raise money for this race. Colin made this move without fanfare.  His Organization Statement is dated 8-10-09. (The weekend after the Dover Tea Party event if my memory serves me well.) Anyone wishing to make a direct donation to Colin Bonini can do so by writing a check to “Colin Bonini for Delaware” and sending the check to 101 S. Main St. Camden De. 19934.   Colin has toyed with the idea of running for statewide office before and has been encouraged by many in years past. I believe that he will stay the course on this race.  For those of you who support Colin there is no better way to convince him to get in and stay in then a check of whatever you can afford. Colin’s fiscal conservatism is just what this state needs. He has been an outspoken voice for taxpayers while in the Senate.  He will also do so as our State Treasurer.

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  1. okay TW….tell me why I should support this guy.

    If he’s a Republican….that’s 75% of the battle. Bearing in mind that Mike Castle is too a Republican.

  2. Well Pat you have made my day. There are many reasons to support Colin Bonini. First Colin is a state senaor who represents a district that begins a few miles south of Dover and goes into Sussex County just outside of Milford. It encompasses the communitises of Harrington, Felton, Magnolia, Frederica, Bowers Beach, etc.
    Colin is an unabashed and unapologetic Conservative. He has consistently voted against the State Budget due to his belief that there has been no serious effort to reign in spending. At times he was the only legislator to make this stand. Colin has spoken to many groups including the Sussex Republicans to make the case that the Markell administration was overplaying the budget deficit issue last year in order to force tax raises. Colin will have the support of the Pro life movement and has always enjoyed their support.
    But the best reason for you to support Colin Bonini is that David Anderson has already endorsed him!!!!!

  3. He is a principled conservative leader in a state with a shortage of them. I will give you many political answers in the future when we work on our joint endorsement.

    I want to give you a personal one he and Melissa are great friends. I knew Colin back when he wasn’t a Senator or anyone outside his family, Clay Foltz, myself, and CR’s even noticed he might be that guy to make that difference. He was a real guy back then. What I like about him now is that he is a real guy. He needs to give up the sodas and the like, but that is about his only flaw. He is an incredible person. One time my family dropped by for a scheduled visit, but he had a death in family we did not his email in time canceling. When we showed up, Melissa welcomed us as her friends not just his. We visited at length and talked about life, politics, and yes her husband. The way the lady’s eyes light up when she talks about him even when he was 3000 miles away spoke more about the real man than anything else. They are real people who just are the picture of what people should be. When you see both of them with children that Melissa is teaching ride, you can see something genuine. He is a fun guy with a heart to make this state the best it can be. That is not enough for me, but it is a great place to start. I hope it gets you a little further along that 75%.

    Next time it will be about policy.

  4. I put a lot of stock in your endorsement Dave…and TW as well.

    I say to husband…”Hey, Colin Bonini is running for state treasurer. I asked the folks at to tell me about him.”

    “Pat, he was at the monthly GOP meeting…little chubby guy,” husband responds.

    Husband knows everyone, even more than me anymore. Poor guy survived a horrific brain infection…FIVE LESIONS and under Obamacare he’d be dead. The only way they could track the cure was by MRI…he had a hundred of them.

    I await more info on policy.

  5. Pat, I would not describe Colin as a “little” chubby guy. He may be chubby but he is at least 6’4″ and played some football in college. Consider him a bookend to Joe Booth and you will get an idea of Colin Bonini.

  6. Nice try FYI. Colin has been encouraged by folks like Pete duPont for years to run for State Office. He has in fact tested the waters, which is his right and then returned to the Senate.
    My prediction is he is in to stay. Care to make a wager??? or was your comment just another backhanded slap?

  7. It is easy to make up things to fit some talking points. As Tenn. said some years ago he was recruited to run for U. S. Senate office, but decided the support was for Ray Clatworthy who won the straw poll and threw his wholehearted support behind him in 1996. He has been mentioned for state treasurer by other people in the past, but was too smart to bite against a guy with a near unlimited budget. That was not him filing for office. The fact that people wanted to push his name for office is to his credit. The fact that now he is accepting will be better.

    Maybe FYI was confused and thought people expressing interest in the senator for statewide office equaled him filing for office. Otherwise it is another shill.

    Last election, he wanted to run for Lt. Governor making the case that we had better have a strong independent campaign, but party people told him that the presumed nominee should have a choice. Mr. Levin was said to have settled on someone else for strategic reasons. He decided to focus on being the best senator he could. He was being targeted in tough year and he knew he had to make a decision by January in order to raise money. It turns out that clearing the field not only for Mr. Levin but a blank check for Lt. Gov. may not have been the best strategy for the party but the Senator was happy enough to be a senator and took no offense. It was likely a very good call in 2008 anyway. Once Biden got on the ticket no newcomer to statewide office was winning as a Republican. The fact is if it were not for the fact that we have blogs and Delaware Grapevine the public wouldn’t even know he was interested because he never ran.

    With that door shut, he decided to ask for rehire to “the best job” that he has every had the privilege of having. Running for reelection for state senate was a great decision and he won overwhelmingly against a very high quality opponent.

    Somehow FYI creatively combines a few attempts at recruitment by others and his expression of interest in last year’s race not returned for strategic reasons which did not pan out and led to party upheaval is some sort of weakness. He/she wishes you to think that he “always” files for statewide office. While it may be true, people always want him to file he has been content to fight the good fight in the state senate.

    I have a feeling FYI knows that, but is playing some game. Why don’t you go on the open thread and tell us why our current treasurer is so great or give us who you want? It would be more interesting than petty distortions and silly gossip. Make your case proudly like we are making ours.

    Now of course there are so few Republicans that it pays to engage the people of the state directly. We have 3 conservative Republican Senators. He is not up in 2010 there is nothing to lose. He has an obligation as one of the few leaders left to take the case to the people for fiscal discipline. I am glad he is stepping up.

    The senator was elected in 1994. He has been reelected in Republican and Democratic years overwhelmingly. There is a reason for it. Let’s take it statewide and build a non left majority in Delaware again.

  8. Is the great Senator that you speak of up in 2010? if so, he will run for his senate seat, because its safe for him and he can’t win statewide….. and he knows it.

  9. Sen. Bonini won reelection to his Senate Seat in 2008. His term ends in 2012.
    With the current statewide registration advantage held by the Democrats, any statewide run by a Republican is an uphill climb.
    Senator Bonini believes he can win. No one in their right mind invests the time, energy and finances for a vigorous statewide run unless they believe they can win.
    Senator Bonini has said at numerous public events that the atmosphere for Republicans in 2010 is going to be much better than ’06 or ’08. I know that he believes this.
    I know his message of fiscal discipline will play out well in the current climate. Voters are of wasteful pork barrel spending that has gone on at the national and state level.

  10. Gee, go figure, Fish serves up some smelly nonsense again.

    ““Pat, he was at the monthly GOP meeting…little chubby guy,” husband responds.”

    Husband knows everyone, even more than me anymore. Poor guy survived a horrific brain infection…FIVE LESIONS and under Obamacare he’d be dead.”

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