It is not just the 4th, it is Independence Day!

July 4th 2013, the fireworks that I saw were provided free by the Taliban. The Taliban consider themselves purists. There version of purity created a world that even in a very conservative Islamic country like Afghanistan, people reject every time they have a free vote. It is a world without human rights, where women are to be hardly seen and not heard, where violence is celebrated, where joy is punished and where only the traditional leaders have a voice. They are not alone. Tyrants throughout history have sought to crush liberty.

In America, we choose a very path. Our founders had a theme, where the Spirit of the Lord is there is liberty. Americans would not even adopt a new Constitution without guarantees of what they called God given rights. Liberty was one of the 3 stools of any government. The founders believed that religion and morality governed people better from within than rules imposed from without. Government protected people from those who would harm their rights whether it be the criminal or the invader. The people then controlled the government. America was based upon Biblical principles but was not a theocracy. It was based upon freedom of conscience.

America became a beacon of hope for the world. It became strong, prosperous and the standard for personal liberty. The country has moved to broaden its liberty to all of its people. America is the country that has done more to liberate the human spirit than any other.

There are forces around the world that would return us to tyranny. All throughout human history, liberty has been crushed not encouraged. People have yearned to be free but empires, governments, and roving bands of thugs have suppressed it. The Pax Americana has spread liberty to more people than at anytime in history. Technology invented by free Americans is feeding the flame of freedom.

July 4 is a day hated by tyrants but loved by billions who are inspired by liberty. May Old Glory long fly over the land of the free. Happy Independence Day.