Is Obama Hatred Becoming a Threat to Saving the Republic?

I know you read them too.  Obama has a secret plan to Islamize America by the end of his second term.  Why isn’t John Boehner investigating the serial forger (birth certificate) in the White House?  Obama (who doesn’t even want to jail terrorists) has a secret plan to round up conservatives into FEMA camps located around the country (they couldn’t exist to be ready in case of  a large scale regional natural disaster of course). I don’t think any one here doubts that I oppose the majority of the policies of President Obama and believe that his unconstitutional policies are indeed undermining the American Republic.  I believe we are being undermined culturally, economically, and constitutionally by a left wing regime called the progressive wing of the Democratic Party.    Therefore, I guess people must think that I will see the light about every conspiracy put out about the “usurper in the White House”.  Maybe I am just too naive.  Forgive me if I am, I mean well.  I have been a soldier in the Constitutional cause since I was 13–29 years.  I don’t intend to lose now. Consider my side for a moment before you make a judgement, my fellow conservatives.   Now this article is not for liberals, I am sure they will have their own take on it and I don’t care what it is, but I am writing to conservatives.    Could the enormous frustration that we have with slide toward statism be getting in the way of stopping it?  What image do we present when 25 million Americans are unemployed or underemployed and we want the Speaker to be investigating a 50 year old birth certificate from someone all the evidence says was born here and even if he wasn’t by law since his mother was a citizen it wouldn’t matter if he were born in Kenya or where ever on a vacation.  In what world does that even make sense?  Why won’t he do it?  He has common sense.   The Republican Party would take a blood bath the next election because voters would be so angry that we ignored the real problems of the country to go down a rabbit trail.  You say it is better to lose on principle than be afraid of doing the right thing.  I say it isn’t the right thing.  It is irrational and the irrational has no place in public policy when the nation is burning down around us. Besides we saw what happens when the Democrats have unfettered control of the government.  A Republican House is the only sure break we have to stop the slide.  Throwing that away is a kin to treason. I will give you another example that must really instill confidence in those independent voters who may annoy you but I am telling you that we need them.  They are good people who may not have a clear intellectual governing philosophy, but they care about this country.  It does not mean they are stupid or uninformed.  They just have not focused on thinking through public policy in a way that is comprehensive  to history, economics, and culture.  You can argue that they should and fine, do it one on one, but elections are not usually where such education occurs.  Elections are as much about feeling that you can trust a person as about issues. Look at this one and see if it engenders trust.  Obama’s Plan to Islamize America  We know this is true because the author went to an Eschatology conference where the organizers heard from a pastor who spoke to a UN representatives who claims to have spoken with President Obama.  The President spilled his guts on this top secret plan to this UN representative (who we don’t have any idea who he/she is) who then blabs it to the first Christian pastor he runs into at an orphanage.  We know that this has to be true because his father who the President can hardly remember was born a Muslim (even though he wasn’t practicing at the time and married an atheist).  Therefore Obama is a Muslim bent upon being their Manchurian candidate.  We got this at best 5th hand with at least one language change in between.  I am sure there was no opportunity for misinterpretation along the way.  If that becomes a prime point, how do you think the independent voter is going to respond?  I will tell you.  They will say those guys are nuts and may even be more dangerous than Obama.  At least we know he is safe with the Nukes. He will be reelected, regain the House and be along his merry way socializing huge portions of America, repealing the definition of marriage, funding abortions around the entire world, and giving our money away with apologies or excuse me borrowing in our name to give money away.  This nation will be so broke that it will take a generation to get back.  China will pass us and the Pax Americana will be over.  I am going to put this bluntly.  Don’t let a blind hatred of the President get in way of saving this Republic.  President Obama is not our enemy.  The enemy is a broken philosophy of progressivism.  If you truly are a patriot, you will control yourself and keep your eyes on the prize.  There are enough solid reasons to replace this administration.  How about we shout those from house tops with the same enthusiasm.

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  1. Since you are speaking to conspiracy conservatives, which does not include me, I keep my comment short.

    Sort of a nice post, but why now? Looks like political expediency to me. Kind of a call to the troops to stay on message and not provide any ammunition. You aren’t suggesting our local constitutional patriots be silent are you?

  2. I can never figure out if the Islamization thing comes after the gay marriage thing or before. Because once Obama has made the US an Islamic state, aren’t they going to have to get rid of gay marriage?

    But, it’s tough working to destroy the United States 24/7 when you are a do-nothing president who is always on vacation. I can never figure out how those two parts fit together either, but I’m sure someone will clear it up.

  3. David
    “Obama has a secret plan to Islamize America by the end of his second term.”
    I believe that for most people, “hatred of Obama,” isn’t the driving reason, they want him out of office.
    It is more than obvious, the statement quoted at the beginning of this comment is only one of the reasons that we want him GONE. I and many others believe that along with Islamizing America he wants to create a two class society of socialism that is dependent on the government for its very existence. I believe along with other Americans that Obama’s agenda is not what we signed up for.
    I talked to a steadfast democrat at the doctors office today while in the waiting room and he told me that if the republican party had a reasonable ticket in the 2012 election he was voting republican in 2012. “Obama scares the hell out of me,” he said.

  4. Obama scares the hell out of me because his policies have been too far Republican. That is why our economy has not been recovering.

  5. Obama hatred is not just limited to the fringe.

    Last night every time one of the Repub candidates referred to Obama as “This president…” that’s Obama hatred.

    And every Repub Congressman who doesn’t show up to the joint session of Congress tonight to hear the President’s jobs speech – that’ s Obama hatred.

    Not that they necessarily have the hatred themselves – they are trying to instill it in you. And it seems to be working.

  6. Alpha
    David didn’t write this for progressive liberals, which you are, because he knows that you would agree with nothing in its content, and you don’t.
    I don’t think that the candidates expressed hatred for Obama at last night’s debate in California, just stated the facts about his failed policies that are bringing America down.

  7. In their minds, Don, any disagreement with this President has to be rooted in hatred, racism, and fear. Why else would you oppose him? It can’t be the wrecking of the economy, culture, and constitution.

  8. Nitpicker, I have to basically agree with you. The level of frustration is so high at seeing this great country brought to its knees or should I say bowing, that some people are so angry they can’t see straight. It leads to sometimes contradictory statements which some uniformed observer may dismiss as nutty or irrational.

    That is why I call for people to take a breath and think it through then fire away. (metaphorically)

  9. Alpha,

    Please tell me you aren’t regurgitating Tina Dupuy’s idiocy from today’s News Urinal?

  10. Dave, it is not the first time. I have to do it a few times every year in one form or another. Usually, I take on one particular issue not the entire cottage industry, but I am really concerned that it has grown to a level that we cannot avoid it any longer. I remember having those debates last year, but I was a campaign spokesperson then and had to pull my punches so it did not negatively impact Glen. I do not now.

    You can call it political expediency. In some ways, you are right. I am not willing to lose this battle for the heart and soul of America because some people are fixated on 5th hand rumors and inuendo. If you are a patriot who truly believes the Czar regime is dismantling the Constitutional order, you cannot be distracted. It is a simple call. Winning is everything here because the stakes are too high. This is not some obsure senate race, this is for the whole government. If that gets me some criticism, so be it.

  11. BO lost the ‘independents’ long ago, and there isn’t a teleprompter on earth that can bring them back.

    “Bye-bye, Little Red Star…”

  12. David
    I agree with your prior assessment that we cannot take winning the 2012 Presidential Election for granted. Another four years of this regime, and when I say regime, I mean it in the extreme sense of the word, will create a third world nation out of America. We are being steered a into a two class society that only the very wealthy and privileged will have unlimited power and even the professional class will be pawns of the state, beholding to a socialist state even for their food and essentials. If you agree with their policies, you will be granted favor by small degrees and if you do not agree with their policies, you will be regulated out of existence.
    Just look at just happened to Gibson Guitars. They are being regulated harshly because they have supported Republican Candidates and don’t believe in Obama’s policies.
    Believe me folks, that’s only the beginning!!!

  13. You are right Don, the Gibson deal should send shivers down the spine of any freedom loving American. They found a law that hardly anyone knew existed and decided to selectively enforce it. I would love to see a post on it.

    Rick, I hope you are right, but they call them independents for a reason, they are unpredictable a year out.

  14. Yeah, hardly anyone knows it exists because only a few of us actually import wood from foreign countries. However, it isn’t an unknown law for people that do that for a living.

    But I guess you can just throw it into the pantheon of perceived slights.

  15. “However, it isn’t an unknown law for people that do that for a living.”

    Actually, there are internal emails that indicate that Gibson knew exactly what they were doing. The black market in tropical hardwoods supports terrorism, among other things, and Gibson was a knowing participant. But, as usual, some people read only one side of a story, and make up their minds on what they’ve been told by that side.

    Kinda odd how one of the other major guitar manufacturers has no problem with the law in question (not regulation, LAW, as in passed by Congress):

    Chris Martin, Chairman and CEO of the C.F. Martin Guitar Co. in Nazareth, Pa., says that when he first heard guitars built from Madagascar rosewood, he dreamed it might be the long-sought substitute for Brazilian rosewood, whose trade was banned in the 1990s due to over-harvest. Then the situation in Madagascar changed.

    “There was a coup,” Martin says. “What we heard was the international community has come to the conclusion that the coup created an illegitimate government. That’s when we said, ‘Okay, we can not buy any more of this wood.'”

    And while some say the Lacey Act is burdensome, Martin supports it: “I think it’s a wonderful thing. I think illegal logging is appalling. It should stop. And if this is what it takes unfortunately to stop unscrupulous operators, I’m all for it. It’s tedious, but we’re getting through it.”

  16. LG
    “But I guess you can just throw it into the pantheon of perceived slights.”

    But many people perceive this as more that a slight. I perceive it as a blatant misuse of power to show, “who in charge.”

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