Is Obama Exploiting the Murder of Sandy Hook’s Children?

Republican Senator, Ted Cruz said President Barack Obama is “exploiting the murder of children” to push an extreme anti-gun agenda that much of the country opposes. Cruz told Laura Ingraham on her radio show that Obama was “high on his own power,” and that Democrats overall would pay a political price for the president’s crackdown on citizens that have not broken laws and are only exercising their constitutional rights. “There have got to be some Democrats who are up for reelection in 2014 who are very very nervous right now that President Obama is picking this fight,” Cruz said. In the president’s address to the nation, he used scripted testimony from letters of children he claims to have received, to gain sympathy for his execution of the executive orders he signed earlier this week, while a TV camera panned the children live for the nation. Later in the week the White House condemned the NRA’s ad that accused him of using secret service agents to protect his own children, while not affording protection to the nation’s children. What do you think, what is your opinion on this.

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  1. And this, from a women’s health clinic in Alabama:

    “Pro-choice marchers recalled a particularly painful event last month when a woman whose baby had died en utero was coming to the clinic to have it removed. In an awful coincidence, that was the day, Watters said, when the pro-life demonstrators collected a children’s choir on the sidewalk to sing “Happy Birthday Dead Baby” to anyone driving in.”

  2. Thanks Nitpicker
    but what in the hell does your comment have to do with the subject matter of this post.
    I understand that you might be attempting an analogy to minimize the affect of my post. give me a break!!!

  3. His point is that every politician in history has done this, and that you wouldn’t be saying anything if it was a Conservative.

    Is he exploiting Sandy Hook? Yes.
    Did GWB exploit 9/11? Yes.
    Did Giuliani? Yes.
    Did every president throughout the entire Cold War exploit the narrative of the big bad Russians? Yes.

    What’s your point? A politician is acting like a politician.

  4. Well Chris Christie called the NRA ad “reprehensible.” Further, the adjectives employed are prejorative. Is Obama using the Newtown murders to jump start change? Yes. Is that exploitation? I suppose if you want to spin it that way. Will the murders influence the public? Oh yeah, you bet. Is it proper to keep this in the public eye as a means of explaing what he believes needs to
    be done? Yes again. Personally, any President, would and should do this as a forcing function for change. So I have no quibble with it. He has neither proposed or has done anything unconstitutional. None of his proposals will have a negative affect on anyone’s rights.

  5. Falcor
    I find your point well taken but i find that even though you have a good point, it doesn’t excuse the problem. I am infuriated at the Public Relations BS that happens. I am also infuriated at the public that is so naive that they don’t understand that they are being fed a pure line of BS by both parties. Why is it that we don’t have the capacity to solve political problems between the two major parties.
    I believe we do have the ability because the power is ultimately with the people and power is an aphrodisiac and it is more powerful than money and once elected to a Federal position, people become easily entrapped in Washington’s cycle of corruption.

  6. Just like FDR shamelessly exploited the tragic event in Pearl Harbor, to ask Congress to declare war on the Axis!

    Ronald Reagan even exploited his own shooting to urge Congress to pass the Brady gun control bill!

  7. What we need are more leaders in this country who have the keen presence of mind in the face of tragedy to boldy shrug their shoulders and say, “Gosh, that sucks. S–t happens, I suppose. Oh, well…”

  8. Nitpicker
    “What we need are more leaders in this country who have the keen presence of mind in the face of tragedy to boldy shrug their shoulders and say, “Gosh, that sucks. S–t happens, I suppose. Oh, well…”

    Well I guess that’s a C’est la Vie attitude, but you’re entitled to it. S**t doesn’t just happen, somebody causes it to happen. Nobody here is boldly shrugging their shoulders and saying anything.
    What we’re saying is that even though the Sandy Hook incident is unbelievably tragic, it is not a reason for a full frontal attack on the Second Amendment.

  9. Oh, yes.. a “full frontal attack on the Second Amendment”.

    How DARE he nominate a director of an agency for which the Senate hasn’t approved a director for six years.

    Just who the heck does he think he is?

    How DARE he ask that Congress pass laws on things. Just like Stalin!

  10. Hey there Nitpicker
    That’s just my question, ‘just who does he think he is?” He thinks he can trump the constitution, just because of a national tragedy. Nice try Brack!!! he can do many things but he can’t violate the Second Amendment just because he gets a bunch of kids in front of a TV camera to back his play.

    Bad bad move B. Hussein Obama

  11. “Nice try Brack!!!”, “B. Hussein Obama”

    You can disagree with someone’s actions, but when you resort to intended derogatory identification of the person in an attempt to make a point, the point you intended to make fails. I dislike Obama’s middle name. Yeah, it’s kind of bigoted of me to say that, but there it is. However, he is the President of the United Sates of America and the Commander in Chief of our Armed Forces, the person who ultimately made the decision to take out enemy number one. I may not like him, but I will give him the respect that the office he holds deserves because he is my president. When he takes the oath of office tomorrow, I have no doubt that he will try his utmost to fulfill that oath. He deserves criticism, which I am happy to provide. But, I will never refer to the President in anything but a respectful manner as I have done for all my presidents.

  12. Nitpicker writes in #1: “And this, from a women’s health clinic in Alabama:”

    In other words its a lie. You don’t go to an abortion clinic (“women’s health clinic” is NewSpeak for abortion mill) for something like that. A pregnant woman wouldn’t KNOW that her child had died in utero without being under the care of an OB/GYN for her pregnancy, who would be the one to handle it properly. You wouldn’t go to butchers in a “women’s health clinic.”

    You have to consider that someone who will murder a child will just as easily murder the truth.

  13. 6Nitpicker

    Just like FDR shamelessly exploited the tragic event in Pearl Harbor, to ask Congress to declare war on the Axis!

    Again, “Nitpicker” is anything but.

    Japan declared war on the USA prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, but took so long to translate the delcaration of war and type it up (to avoid using untrusted secretaries) that it was not delivered until after the attack was underway.

    Congress declared war on Japan after the attack on Pearl Harbor, which liberals might not understand.

    Germany then declared war on the USA because of the mutual-defense pact among the Axis Powers.

    Germany never attacked the USA, yet we went to war against Germany. Liberals told us that before Bush the USA had never gone to war without beeing attacked. If you want to undestand history, listen to a liberal and believe the opposite.

  14. Okay then, Don.

    I understand you believe the purpose of the Second Amendment is to make sure that people can overthrow the government by force.

    I understand that you believe Obama to be a tyrant.

    So… Why are you sitting around doing nothing?

  15. “That’s just my question, ‘just who does he think he is?””

    The word is “uppity” I believe.

    He has appointed a nominee to direct an agency which hasn’t had one in six years, and he has asked Congress to consider debating, drafting and passing legislation. How is that an “attack” against anything, let alone the Constitution?

    I’ll bet you don’t even own a gun.

  16. “Germany never attacked the USA, yet we went to war against Germany. ”

    They declared war on us genius. They had also been sinking our ships left and right.

  17. Nitpicker
    “So… Why are you sitting around doing nothing?”

    I hope I just didn’t hear you advocate violent overthrow of the government by asking someone else to do it. Please tell me you are not advocating that.

  18. Actually, they were very careful NOT to attack US ships because they did not want to provoke the USA into joining the war.

    By contrast, the US Navy was actually “at war” with Germany for at least 6 months before Pearl Harbor.

    My Grandfather was patrolling the Atlantic Ocean on an aircraft carrier, the USS Intrepid (later on the USS Ranger) more than 6 months BEFORE Pearl Harbor as a Chief Petty Officer in charge of damage control for one section of the ship.

    The US Navy was actively supplying airplanes and supplies to England more than 6 months BEFORE Pearl Harbor.

    The USS Intrepid would sail over with every airplane it could carry, send the airplanes to British forces in North Africa or England, and then return home nearly empty.

    If FDR were a Republican, today’s Democrat Party would impeach FDR for this along the lines of the Iran-Contra events.

    The US Congress had explicitly forbidden by statute what FDR did. NO military assistance was permitted even to Canada.

    What Democrat FDR did BEFORE the USA entered World War II was far more extreme than what Ronald Reagan and Oliver North did.

    But that’s okay because FDR is a Democrat.

    The real sin is being a Republican. The real sin is “Governing while Republican” —

    It shall be unlawful while being a Republican to _____(anything, fill in the blank)_______

  19. “Actually, they were very careful NOT to attack US ships because they did not want to provoke the USA into joining the war.”

    Yeahhhh, that’s horrifically inaccurate.

    Google the SS Robin Moor.

  20. Mistakes are made in war.

    The day before the Israeli Air Force accidentally strafed the USS Liberty — deliberately strafed what it belieed tobe an Egyptian ship — ISRAEL’S AIR FORCE BOMBED ITS OWN ISRAELI TANK COLUMN on the front wth Egypt.

    In Afghanistan, the US Air Force bombed our British allies.

    In Iraq, the US Air Force bombed our Canadian allies.

    In Yugoslovia, the US Air Force bombed the Chinese Embassy.

    A Nazi submarine sunk a troop ship carrying Italian prisoners of war– their allies — and allowed them all to drwon.


    the SS Robin Moor was sailing to SOUTH AFRICA — then part of the United Kingdom, which had declared war against Germany.

    So while it does not excuse the mistake, the submarine saw a cargo ship appearing to be resupplying THE ENEMY of Germany, the United Kingdom.

    It is a tricky and problematic situation when a country watches ships sailing in to its enemy’s harbors resupplying its enemy and then claiming to be neutral.

  21. And in that split second they made the decision to fire. Maybe they were attacking a neutral country but in that moment it is hard to use 20/20 hindsi- oh wait.

    They stopped and searched the ship, ordered the crew into lifeboats, sunk the ship and left the crew to die at sea….

    You’re not entitled to your own version of history Moseley. They knew exactly what they were doing, it is absurd to think this is one of those in the heat of the moment mistakes.

  22. “Liberals told us that before Bush the USA had never gone to war without beeing attacked.”

    Perhaps A liberal told you that, but I never heard it as a reason not to invade Iraq. Are you sure you can tell the difference between the voices of other people and the voices in your head?

  23. Is he exploiting Sandy Hook? Yes.

    There are a lot of signs of foreknowledge: 7 Sandy Hook Facts You Can’t Ignore

    Not without precedent:

    Further evidence of foreknowledge of WTC 7’s collapse was provided by premature news reports, in which this building’s collapse was announced before it actually occurred. These reports evidently began “at about 4:15,” when CNN’s Aaron Brown said: “We are getting information now that… Building 7… has either collapsed or is collapsing.” This was over an hour before the building actually did collapse (at 5:21).
    Additional premature announcements came from the BBC.
    ….the premature announcements were not insignificant, because they revealed in a dramatic and memorable fashion the fact that someone knew in advance that Building 7 was going to collapse. This is important because, given the salient facts—that WTC 7 had not been hit by a plane, that no steel-framed high-rise building had ever collapsed because of fire alone, that WTC 7 had fires on only a few floors, and that some of the other still-standing WTC buildings had suffered far worse damage—there should have been no reason to expect WTC 7 to collapse. (The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False by David Ray Griffin: 114-116)

  24. Did Giuliani? Yes.


    It seems that he may have been the source of official stories too, sort of like his thug/felon that found the miraculous passport that apparently fell from the sky.

    Yet note:

    Having developed a theory of WTC 7’s collapse that did not allow for the building to enter into free fall, NIST denied in its Draft Report of August 2008 that WTC 7 had done so. But after evidence to the contrary was publicly presented, NIST admitted in its Final Report, issued in November, that the building had entered into free fall for over two seconds—even though NIST’s theory, by denying that explosives had been used to remove the steel columns, did not allow for free fall. NIST thereby implied that a miracle had happened. (The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False by David Ray Griffin :25)

    As with anything in the main stream (whether Blue Team or Red Team), keep an eye out for more miraculous events, I guess.

    Not sure about Sandy Hook… it seems unlikely that an autistic kid who was a vegan because he didn’t want to hurt animals fits the story that’s being told. Not that reality matters in a world where perceptions are reality. What did Rove say? “We’re inventing reality and you’re reacting to it, now.” Or something like that.

    What’s your point? A politician is acting like a politician.

    Maybe it’s time that they stopped acting like politicians and started being leaders, even if it puts their precious political careers or even their lives at risk.

  25. It’s not shocking mynym is a 9/11 truther, nor is it any less depressing that these morons still exist.

    Anybody who thinks our bureaucratic clustf–k could pull that one off is kidding themselves.

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