Is Gun Control President Obama’s Social Security

President Bush decided to use the momentum gained from his reelection on a big idea, Social Security Reform.  It was an idea though popular among the young, was never going to see movement among Democrats and divided some in his own party.  He made road shows, but just ended up spending political capital that would have been better served on tax reform or balancing the budget through elimination of duplication. Why is President Obama spending his political capital on gun control where he divides his own party and unites the opposition. He will never get a proposal that bans guns through the Republican led House and if he forces the Senate to vote on it, he will either fail or endanger red state senators. He could very well hand over the senate next year. One has to wonder what is he thinking? Could this be the unforced error that the Republicans need?

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  1. You’re probably right.

    Even if there are more mass shootings so that the main stream media can try to manipulate the flow or style of trends again it would probably only result in more people focusing on guns as a technique to protect themselves (for obvious reasons). (I.e. to the extent that terrorism is a reality then people who can rule themselves are going to want some style of gun for themselves.)

    All the fight for gun control by corrupt politicians and banksters with their mercenaries (with guns) seems to do is strengthen the decentralized media and populist movements. Just the other day I was thinking that maybe I should become a member of the NRA, given that they stood up for people against the moral degenerates in the main stream media and the ruling class in general. (And I’ve always hated guns as a technique.)

    Plus, every time the main stream media begins to make a big theatrical production out of the style of things (Unlike their attitude toward swimming pools, stairs, cars, school buses, etc.) all it seems to do is to increase sales of guns and ammo while driving people toward the decentralized media for some semblance of investigative journalism. (It’s mainly because the main stream media is often entertaining but the style of its theatrics usually don’t really make all that much sense in reality.)

  2. No. For your title to be correct,….. back there in the Bush era there would have to have been a disaster involving Social Security that imprinted itself on the American psyche as did Newtown’s tragedy….. For example, perhaps if 20 some people died because they had heart attacks because Social Security was going to go bankrupt in 30 years…

    This is different. No one cared about Social Security enough to privatize it. A lot of people cared about doing away with Social Security to fight against it. This is backwards from today. Today, One third of one percent cares about assault weapons. 100% care about the shooting of little kids in school. To not do something in Obama’s case, would be his equivalent to Bush’s Social Security demise…..

  3. He made road shows, but just ended up spending political capital that would have been better served on tax reform or balancing the budget…

    Omaba doesn’t want ‘tax reform’- he wants tax increases.

    Omaba doesn’t want a ‘balanced’ budget- he wants limitless spending.

  4. I agree, he could be promoting in his case green energy and new government programs. Tax reform was the GOP agenda that never happened, but that paragraph was referring to Bush.

  5. David
    Obama has been playing Americans like a badly tuned guitar for a long time. He is so good at it that only a few realize what a master manipulator this man is. It’s really great to see a master in action.
    He doesn’t have a clue about the economy or foreign policy but thanks to Saul Alinsky, he knows people. This guy’s exceptionally dangerous and he’s already warned us, “he’s coming after us.”

  6. “He doesn’t have a clue about the economy or foreign policy”

    A better description of the author than the president.

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