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I have been asked to weigh in on the issue due to the fact this site seems to taken it as a cause. I endorse the proposal. Do I have some questions or possible amendments? Yes. I am open to looking at different proposals. It is more the concept that I endorse though I do have to compliment the IPOD for a well researched proposal. I think we need an Inspector General because some of the issues that exist are more than financial. There are issues where there is not enough evidence to launch a criminal probe, but an ethical investigation would be appropriate. It appears that Delaware government needs an impartial arbiter. Our current situation is wasting money, and undermining respect for our government. This is one idea, but it seems to be the most viable one. Some suggest recall. I could support that, but the legislature will not give 2/3’s vote in two consecutive General Assemblies to let you vote them them out ahead of time. It won’t even come up for a vote. Some suggest a rash of new regulatory laws as if a $20 lunch is a corrupting issue. That is a joke and a distraction. We have enough rules and laws. We need someone who has the nerve and will to enforce sanctions of the serious violations. I think that we have gone beyond asking why should we have one to how should we do it. As a Republican, I am ready to steal the idea.

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  1. David
    Thank you for weighing in to the subject of an Inspector General. I agree that the idea needs to be worked and through about quite a bit, but at least it is on peoples minds. What seems to insurmountable corruption with no end, should be taken as a serious problem in Delaware.

  2. “I think that we have gone beyond asking why should we have one to how should we do it. As a Republican, I am ready to steal the idea.”

    Good ideas don’t just belong to one party. The people deserve good and honest representation no matter where the good ideas originate. Since we have a democratic majority in ,if they picked up the idea of an Inspector General and passed the necessary legislation, I would gladly give them credit because the people of Delaware would benefit.

    One could conquer the world if they didn’t care who got the credit!

  3. Good idea, I proposed an IG in 2008 and the DE GOP said it was unnecessary.
    Initiative, referendum and recall are also great ideas.

  4. Yeah Mike
    It doesn’t matter what party you’re in; Referendum, Recall, Election of Judiciary, Family Court Reform and the Office of Inspector General make sense. These issues should be non-partisan in nature and should be for the benefit of the people. That’s the way government should work. What we have now is a totally corrupt two-party system that doesn’t work for the people but instead works for the political “good ol boy’ system.

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